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Last Update 9.12.2005

Last warning for people who don't like yaoi/slash. If this is you, you can exit here.

Multi-chaptered fics galore! All the stories in this archive have at least one chapter; if you want more, email the author and get ready to grovel, 'kay? :) Of course, sometimes even that doesn't work...

Submissions: If you'd like to submit a fic for this archive (please? Pretty please please?), or know of a fic that falls into this category and isn't here (horror of horrors), drop us a line and we'll see about getting it here.

NOTE: These fanfics all have ratings and classifications for their content, so if you don't know them, go to the Glossary. If you have any other questions it doesn't clear up, please refer to the FAQ - your question just might be there, before contacting us.

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I Love To Hate You
by Purple Penguin

[Summary] Zell takes a year out of garden and comes back to find one enemy is after him for a different reason.
[Pairing] Seifer X Zell, Irvine X Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon AU | Angst
[Added] 22 May 2004
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 29 April 2005

I Love To Hate You - Part 1

I Love To Hate You - Part 2

I Love To Hate You - Part 3

I Love To Hate You - Part 4

I Love To Hate You - Part 5

I Love To Hate You - Part 6

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I'm Not Just a Sniper
by Domino

[Summary] This is my story on how Irvine possibly grew up.
[Pairing] Zell X Irvine
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Language, serious shota in the beginning, angst
[Added] 10 September 2001
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 22 April 2002

I'm Not Just a Sniper - Prologue

I'm Not Just a Sniper - Part 1

I'm Not Just a Sniper - Part 2

I'm Not Just a Sniper - Part 3

I'm Not Just a Sniper - Part 4

I'm Not Just a Sniper - Part 5

I'm Not Just a Sniper - Part 6

I'm Not Just a Sniper - Part 7

I'm Not Just a Sniper - Part 8

I'm Not Just a Sniper - Part 9

I'm Not Just a Sniper - Part 10

I'm Not Just a Sniper - Part 11

I'm Not Just a Sniper - Part 12

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If Walls Could Talk
by Redrum

[Summary] Squall attempts suicide. Everyone wants to know why... Will Seifer be the one to find out?
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Notes] Part of the "If Walls Could Talk" story-arc
[Warning] R Non-consensual BDSM
[Added] 28 February 2003

Chapter 1 - Talking to a Brick Wall

Chapter 2 - Never-Never Land

Chapter 3 - Who Else Is This Handsome?
Chapter 4 - Squally-Poo

Chapter 5 - Made Contact

Chapter 6 - I failed Again

Chapter 7 - You Think you can Fly now?

Chapter 8 - Gold Ring

Chapter 9 - Run Away Lion

Chapter 10 - Reliving it Day In and Day Out

Chapter 11 - The End, and the Beginning of Something More

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by okanechan

[Summary] Squall rediscovers his feelings for Seifer after a therapy session, and goes to FH to find out if Seifer feels the same way...
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Angst
[Added] 10 August 2002
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 10 August 2002

Illumination - Part 1

Illumination - Part 2

Illumination - Part 3

Illumination - Part 4

Illumination - Part 5

Illumination - Part 6

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The "Illusion" series
by Sodoshiin

Illusion [Pairing] Seifer X Squall, Laguna X Kiros
[Summary] Seifer returns after six years...
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Angst, non-consensual
[Added] 14 November 2001
Illusion - Part 1

Illusion - Part 2

Illusion - Part 3

Illusion - Part 4

Illusion - Part 5

Illusion - Part 6

Illusion - Part 7

Illusion - Part 8

Illusion - Part 9

Illusion - Part 10

Reflections [Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Summary] Squall gets a surprise guest...takes place a year and a half after Illusion
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Angst, mild violence
[Added] 5 April 2002

Reflections - Part 1

Reflections - Part 2

Reflections - Part 3

Reflections - Part 4

Reflections - Part 5

Reflections - Part 6

Lasting Impressions [Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Summary] Final part to the Illusions series (i think) Squall brings a little surprise with him when he returns from a SeeD mission and boy Seifer's not a happy camper.
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Humour
[Added] 5 December 2002

Chapter 1 - My Big Surprise

Chapter 2 - Battle Lines Drawn

Chapter 3 - The Morning After

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Epilogue - Payback

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In The Cards
by Gardenís Gnome

[Summary] A new danger is threatening the Garden students. How will they win when the trouble comes from within?
[Pairing] Irvine X Squall, Seifer X Zell
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Pre-Slash | Implied drug use
[Added] 29 November 2004

In The Cards - Part 1

In The Cards - Part 2

In The Cards - Part 3

In The Cards - Part 4

In The Cards - Part 5

In The Cards - Part 6

In The Cards - Part 7

In The Cards - Part 8

In The Cards - Part 9

In The Cards - Part 10

In The Cards - Epilogue

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In the Name of Gods
by Sasha Petalinkar

[Summary] The last Sorceress waits on a dying world for her knight, before beginning her journey.
[Pairing] None yet
[Warning] M15 AU Crossover
[Added] 6 February 2001
[Status] Work In Progress

In the Name of Gods - Prologue

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In the Shadows
by Kursed SeeD

[Summary] Quistis' thoughts as she watches Squall and Seifer...
[Pairing] Squall X Seifer, Rinoa X Squall
[Notes] First in the "Honour Bound" Series
[Warning] R Deathfic POV | Mild spoilers
[Added] 22 May 2004

Chapter 1 - The Wedding

Chapter 2 - The Baby

Chapter 3 - The Accident

Chapter 4 - The Sickness

Chapter 5 - La Morte

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by Ashi

[Summary] Irvine notices something wrong with the commander, and it's more than just a case of insomnia...
[Pairing] Irvine X Squall, implied Seifer X Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Angst, disturbing content, non-consensual
[Added] 2 December 2002
[Status] Work in Progress | Updated: 5 December 2002

Chapter 1 - Bedtime Story

Chapter 2 - Static of the Mind

Chapter 3 - Absence of Light

Chapter 4 - On the Brink

Chapter 5 - Slow Burn

Chapter 6 - The Walking Wounded

Chapter 7 - Sticks and Stones

Chapter 8 - A Thousand Miles

Chapter 9 - At the Gallows

Chapter 10 - Butterfly in a Jar

Chapter 11 - For Aslan to Cry

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Irresistible Hunger
by Sukunami

[Summary] An indian sacrifices his body and blood to keep his people safe.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon AU | Mild language
[Added] 29 November 2004 | Completed: 29 April 2005

Irresistible Hunger - Part 1

Irresistible Hunger - Part 2

Irresistible Hunger - Part 3

Irresistible Hunger - Part 4

Irresistible Hunger - Part 5

story divider

Judgment of Worth
by Sukunami

[Summary] A mercenary leader makes an interesting find in the dungeons.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon AU Deathfic | Mild language, mild violence
[Added] 2 December 2002

Judgment of Worth - Part 1

Judgment of Worth - Part 2

Judgment of Worth - Part 3

story divider

Just Another Day
by Balinese no Neko

[Summary] Zell finds his friendship with Squall in danger because of a jealous Rinoa.
[Pairing] Zell X Squall
[Warning] PG-13 Songfic
[Added] 28 February 2003
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 28 February 2003

Just Another Day - Part 1

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Just best friends
by Purple Penguin

[Summary] Seifer and Squall are the best of friends, but it that all they really are?
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall, Irvine X Quistis, Zell X OC
[Warning] M15 Lime Angst
[Added] 18 June 2002

Just best friends - Chapter 1

Just best friends - Chapter 2

Just best friends - Chapter 3

Just best friends - Chapter 4

Just best friends - Chapter 5

Just best friends - Chapter 6

Just best friends - Chapter 7

Just best friends - Chapter 8

Just best friends - Chapter 9

Just best friends - Chapter 10

Just best friends - Chapter 11

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Just Breathe
by Koorime

[Summary] Squall has amnesia that has somehow been caused by Time Compression. A trip to Balamb in an effort to prompt his memory results in the revelation of more than just his past 18 years. The former SeeD is at a loss of who he can trust... and who he can love.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] R Language, angst
[Added] 18 June 2002

Just Breathe - Chapter 1

story divider

by Seshat

[Summary] Six years after the defeat of Ultimecia, a new threat emerges. Things have changed; old friends and lovers are now enemies, and nothing is quite what it seems...
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall | Seifer X Irvine | Squall X Irvine implied | Zell + Quistis
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Deathfic | Angst, violence, language, mild spolers, disturbing content
[Added] 22 February 2002
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 10 August 2002

Keepers - Chapter 1

Keepers - Chapter 2

Keepers - Chapter 3

Keepers - Chapter 4

Keepers - Chapter 5

Keepers - Chapter 6

Keepers - Chapter 7

Keepers - Chapter 8

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A Knight's Destiny
by Anonymous

[Summary] Another sorceress wants to take over the world, but first, she wants her knight.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall, Laguna X Kiros
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Violence, non-consensual, language, OC
[Added] 19 May 2003
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 24 August 2003

Chapter 1 - Beginnings

Chapter 2 - The Sorceress' Knight

Chapter 3 - The Fall of Galbadia

story divider

Knowing Innocence
by Purple Penguin

[Summary] Seifer finds out what's wrong with Zell.
[Pairing] Seifer X Zell
[Warning] PG-13 POV AU | Angst
[Added] 18 June 2002
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 28 February 2003

Knowing Innocence - Part 1

Knowing Innocence - Part 2

Knowing Innocence - Part 3

Knowing Innocence - Part 4

Knowing Innocence - Part 5

Knowing Innocence - Part 6

Knowing Innocence - Part 7

Knowing Innocence - Part 8
Knowing Innocence - Part 9

Knowing Innocence - Part 10

Knowing Innocence - Part 11

Knowing Innocence - Part 12

Knowing Innocence - Part 13

Knowing Innocence - Part 14

story divider

New Knowing You New
by Purple Penguin

[Summary] Squall gets forced to spend his vacation time in Esthar toget to know his father even though he really doesn't want to. He ends up finding out that the only person who doesn't drive him mad is fellow serious workaholic Kiros.
[Pairing] Kiros X Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Slight OOC
[Added] 9 December 2005
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 9 December 2005

Knowing You - Part 1

Knowing You - Part 2

Knowing You - Part 3

Knowing You - Part 4

Knowing You - Part 5

Knowing You - Part 6

Knowing You - Part 7

Knowing You - Part 8

Knowing You - Part 9

Knowing You - Part 10

Knowing You - Part 11

Knowing You - Part 12

Knowing You - Part 13

Knowing You - Part 14

Knowing You - Part 15

story divider

Kurai Kaze
by FlyGirl

[Summary] SeeD, under the leadership of Squall Leonhart, faces a devastating new monster after the Lunar Cry.  Squall fights a war on all fronts, finding himself responsible for the safety of the planet and torn between two loves.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall, Squall X Rinoa
[Warning] R Lime Language, angst, violence, sexual themes
[Added] 17 April 2001
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 9 January 2002

Chapter 1 - Steel and Silk

Chapter 2 - Bedside Manner

Chapter 3 - Phantom Pain

Chapter 4 - A Debriefing

Chapter 5 - If Only

Chapter 6 - Helped and Helpless

Chapter 7 - Missing Chances

Chapter 8 - Frozen


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