If Walls Could Talk

Chapter 7 - You Think you can Fly now?

By Redrum


We were sitting in my room, Squall nestled in the corner of the large window seat. He's been staring outside for twenty minutes now, probably not even seeing anything as he looked to be in deep thought. Like always...

I on the other hand am currently lying comfortably on my sofa, my head resting on my fist and my body turned to face him. After I had found him I had brought him straight here instead of the infirmary. I fixed him up with magic but he still has some sores on him, I didn't have Full Cures so I could only heal the major injuries before I ran out of Cures.

Okay, this is enough. He's not going to sit there all day and not say a word. He's going to answer some questions first, and then he can go back to his internal monologue. That's the main reason why I didn't bring him to the infirmary. But also because he needs someone to watch him, and he needs to be comfortable. Well, as comfortable as he can get in my room. But I'm sure it's better then the infirmary. Okay time for question number one.

"So.. why'd you jump off the roof?" You can never be too blunt, Squall taught me that. "Did you suddenly come up with the idea that you could fly or were you supposed to end up looking like road kill?" Well, at least he's finally looking at me. Man, if I wasn't so use to the many glares of Squall, I'd definitely be shaking in my boots right about now.

"Why'd you bring me here?" Ahh, question for a question. Well it's not like I was expecting him to answer me so..

" 'cause I felt like it." Good enough answer I think. Squall snorts but doesn't say anything more. Damn, he's no fun.

"Oookay. Why'd you poison yourself?" Squall looks at me strangely.

"Why do you think? I'm sure the Great Alsmay can figure it out." Touchy..

"Well I'd have to say 'cause ya wanted to kill yourself. But what I want to know was why you seem so intent on doing so?" In all honesty I'm really worried about him. He seems so driven to kill himself, and it's sheer luck that I've managed to find him each time. I just wish he would answer me.

"Why do you seem so intent on helping me?" Fuck, he's really starting to piss me off.

"Okay, you don't want to talk. Fine. I'm tired so I'm going to crash. The bedroom is the door on your left, I'll be sleeping on the couch. And don't even try escaping at night, I have my ways of getting you back here." Actually I really didn't... but I'm hoping the empty threat will stop him from trying anything. Maybe I should have left him with a broken leg. Then he wouldn't be able to walk. Oh well, I'm not that sadistic.

"Whatever." He turns to look back out the window, and ignores me while I place blankets on the couch, along with my extra pillow. I take off my clothes, but leave on my boxers due to company. I notice that not all his attention is really on the window anymore, I can see slits of grey-blue looking out from beneath heavy lashes.

"Enjoying the show?" I smirk slightly as a faint blush forms on his cheeks. I settle myself down into the couch, and am glad to find it's not too uncomfortable. I take one last look at the brunette and drift off into sleep. Hoping that he'll still be here in the morning.


He looks so peaceful when he's sleeping. Even the light snoring isn't that bad. I turn my head to look back out the window, but I don't really see what's outside since it's so dark. It's actually starting to get pretty boring, just staring like this. I was only doing it when Seifer was awake because I didn't want to look him in the eye. And I definitely didn't want to tell him anything. Maybe someday I will, but I don't think I'm ready right now. Maybe he'll end up tricking me into telling him somehow.. Oh well, doesn't matter.

I debate leaving but considering how sore I feel at the moment I don't really feel like walking all the way to my dorm. Or even to the bedroom. I think Seifer purposefully did this, just so I didn't run away on him. Bastard.

I look around the room, or what I can see without craning my head too much. The walls are a dark blue, the carpet looks like it could be the kind where you would sink into it, the couch Seifer was sleeping on was a deep red and looked quite comfortable due to it's over use. He must have had it for a long time.

The room looks a lot better then mine anyway, the walls are painted a dull grey, the sofa is black, and the carpet is a dark green. Looks pretty bad, but it's not like I use it at all. I hardly ever sleep anymore, so what does it matter what my walls look like. Only Seifer would care about stuff like that. What's really weird, and oddly sentimental of him is that he has quite a few framed photos on the wide bookcase to my right.

A few pictures show him fishing with Fujin and Rajin, another of the whole gang celebrating his birthday, a few pictures of the dog he use to own (which is actually cute really), and surprisingly enough a picture of the whole gang back in the orphanage gang. I wonder how he got it. Cid or Edea must have took the photo. A miniature version of Irvine holding a smaller Selphie in bright yellow around the waist, Quistis smiling slightly at Zell who's butt is sticking half up in the air (he probably fell somehow, that or Seifer pushed him), and Seifer with his arm slung over mine. Surprisingly enough I was smiling slightly, but not as much as Seifer who had a broad grin on his face. With his other hand he was giving me a noogie. Messing up my already messy hair. From what I do remember from back then, I know he did that a lot. Just like he pushed Zell over a lot, though we always got a laugh out of it. Even Zell wasn't that much of a cry-baby once he got use to it. Which is actually pretty sad really, but whatever.

It's weird how we were all so innocent and happy back then. Some of us are still happy now, while others... Shaking my head at my useless train of thoughts I rest my head gently against the cool glass. I take one last look at Seifer, hoping to dream of him. Anything but my usual dreams. Or should I say nightmares.

A trail of blood descends from the wound on my chest, and many more places I'm sure. Groaning I try to sit up, big mistake there. I yelp as I feel something pop in my efforts.

My skull is suddenly burning as a chunk of my hair is yanked from the roots. I try to focus on my surroundings but before I can a large hand blurs my vision. My head hits the wooden floor with a sickening crack, and I can tell I'm going to have a hard time covering up the forming hand shaped bruise on my cheekbone.

"Who the hell told you, you could get up!?" If I was capable of doing so, I would have punched this guy a long time ago. Considering one of my arms are dislocated and the other is sore as hell I can't really sum up the strength to get up, none-the-lone punch the guy.

"Pathetic slave!" A large steel toed boot slams into my side. I can feel my ribs cave as I hurl more blood then I thought was humanly possible.

Fuck, I can't take this agony anymore. Lifting my head as high as I can, I bring it down swiftly. I welcome the sweet blackness that overtakes my vision and mind.


I stretch and hear the satisfying 'pop' of my spine, I open my eyes slowly. The ray of the sun bounces of the walls, and catches on the brunette's slim form. I sit up quickly, I can't believe he's sleeping there! I'm sure he's sore enough as it is, now he's going to have kinks in his neck from sleeping so awkwardly. Oh well, at least he's sleeping. And by the looks of it dreaming too.

His charcoal lashes flutter against his high cheekbones rapidly, hmm... maybe I should wake him up. I'm startled out of my thoughts when Squall's eyes open with a snap. His pupils are dilated and his breathing is harsh. Shit, he must have been having another nightmare! Why didn't I think of that before, I'm so fucking stupid!

I rush over to him quickly, and watch in surprise as his head snaps towards me. He looks like he isn't really seeing me, when suddenly he lets out a ear piercing scream. There's so much agony in that scream that I almost have to fight not to winch as I take him in my arms.

He's tense as hell, but as the minutes drag on his body slowly relaxes in my embrace and his breathing becomes more steady. Hopefully he doesn't dream of that nightmare again. I pick him up and head towards the bedroom. I gently place him on the bed, and pull the warm comforter up around him. His pale form clashes against the black background of the king sized bed. I lean over slightly and smooth back his silky hair away from his face. I sigh quietly as I make my way out of the bedroom, I keep the door open just incase he has another nightmare like the last.

I make my way quickly out of my dorm room and locking the door behind me I go down to the cafeteria to bring back some breakfast for Squall and I.

By the time I make it back to my dorm half an hour has passed. I would have been here quicker if it weren't for Zell and his stupid rambling about hot dogs, or something like that. I finally got rid of him by calling him Chickie and making a run for it before he could start up again. I unlock the door, being as quiet as possible I set the paper bag down on the coffee table. Crossing the room I go to wake Squall up. I know he needs to sleep, but he also needs to eat.


Oh hyne.. not again. I don't need to remember. Please, get out of my head.

The images of blood, chains, flesh and voices slowly fades from my mind as I feel a hand on my shoulder.

"Hey Squall, come on wake up. I brought breakfast." Mmmm.. breakfast. I am pretty hungry right now. I open my eyes to see the large blond leaning over the bed slightly, his face looks concerned for some reason. Wait... I hope I didn't talk in my sleep. Wait a minute.. how the hell did I get in here? My face must have shown my confusion as Seifer answers my unspoken question.

"I carried you in here when I woke up. Which by the way you should have already been in here sleeping instead of on the window seat." He tsks quietly. "Come on, go take a shower and come out to eat. The towels are in the bathroom, along with a spare change of clothes. I don't have anything of yours yet so you'll have to make due with the smallest pair of pants, shirt and boxers I have." He smiles slightly and heads out into the living room. Tch.. I hate being smaller then him. He always seems to rub it in.

Getting up slowly doesn't stop the head rush I get, but I shake it off and make my way to the bathroom. A shower definitely sounds good right about now. I feel like I haven't showered in three weeks, hopefully what I feel like isn't really true. I use to have a shower every day, and I don't remember if I have showered or not. Ugh, whatever.


Hearing the water running I make my way to the table to take the food out of the bag. Setting it on paper plates I plop down onto the couch and begin eating. Ugh, cafeteria food tastes so disgusting..


Damn, Seifer sure has a lot of hair care products. I choose the strawberry smelling shampoo and conditioner and lather up my hair. The sweet smell soon fills the room and it sooths me somewhat. While letting the shampoo sink into my scalp I wash the rest of my body with a lavender soap bar, I usually just use dove. The kind with the white and pink stripes. I found it works well. But since the lavender bar is the only thing here I make sure to carefully wash every part of me. I keep my eyes on the turqoise tiles and refuse to look anywhere else.

Rinsing the shampoo off my hair and body, I step out of the shower and search for the towels Seifer was talking about. Ahh, there it is. I grab a large fluffy blue towel and dry my body off, tossing it in the hamper I grab another towel and dry my hair. Tossing that too in the hamper, I grab the blue cotton sweat pants and pull them on over my slightly damp legs. Quickly grabbing the loose navy top I pull it on and make my way out of the bathroom into the living room where I see Seifer just finishing breakfast.

Plopping myself down into the couch I find that it is quite comfortable. Taking the paper plate that is still full I don't even look at the contents, I just start shoveling. God I was so hungry! When I look back up I find Seifer trying hard not to laugh. I frown slightly, what the hell?


I can't help it. He looks like a little kid. His thick hair is all puffy and messier then usual, the pants I gave him are incredibly close to falling off. And something tells me he didn't bother wearing my boxers. The shirt is so big that the collar is lying on only one shoulder while the other side shows his pale shoulder. Very bony might I add. Oh well, he won't be like that for long.

Shit, he's looking at me. Oh hyne! He looks like a child that's about to through a tantrum! No longer able to stifle the sounds of laughter, I burst out laughing. Clutching my stomach I feel tears run down my face as I try hard to stop laughing.


Oookay. What the hell is he laughing at?

"Have.. Have you looked... at.." He brakes off in mid sentence and goes into another round of laughter. Ugh, shut up. He finally seems to get control of himself as his breathing slows, but there's still a gigantic smile on his lips.

"Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?" I shake my head. I don't look in mirrors anymore.

"My clothes look like their about to fall of you. Even the shirt looks like it's going to slip down you!" He chuckles slightly, but thankfully doesn't start laughing out loud again.

So what? It's not my fault Seifer is bigger then me, and the only clothes he has that he's grown out of is what I'm wearing and this is as small as it gets. Man, I must be a lot smaller then I though. Oh well. Doesn't matter. I just hate being made fun of like that. Damn Seifer.

"Their your clothes. Of course their big you idiot." He just smiles and goes to clean up the mess we made with our food.

"Since when did you clean up after yourself and others?" He smirks slightly.

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