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Summary of Archive: The Sensus Image Archives contains the images found from various sources of people, places and objects from the various Realms. This file index has been sorted to only show the image files for Realm designate R-FFVIII, discovered 578 P.E.D, Sol Sri'va.

Instructions: Click on the thumbnails in the galleries to view the full image. All images open in a new window which they share after the window's been activated, and require basic javascript to view. There's no need to close down the 'image' window when switching between archives.

Liberi Fatali The End
SeeD Ball Group Images
Miscellaneous Sorceress Adel
Seifer Almasy Zell Dincht
Sorceress Edea Ellone
Fujin Rinoa Heartilly
Irvine Kinneas Cid Kramer
Squall Leonhart Laguna Loire
Raijin Selphie Tilmitt
Quistis Trepe Sorceress Ultimecia

Special Credit:
Thanks to Namikata Kaoru, who kindly lent us the use of her images from her Final Fantasy VIII Image Archive: East of Eden, West of Winhill for use in the Image Archives and Character Profiles.

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