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"I'm Not Just a Sniper....."

Part Four

By Domino

"(It hurt so much, but why did it feel so damn good?)" Irvine recalled how he moaned and ached for more as he walked away from his first actual client. "(Desmond made me bleed.... but I.... I want more....!)" He reached into his pocket and pulled out his payment.

"(I made 1,500 gil tonight... Darlene said I could make more with experience.... and longer dates..... But do I have to sleep with all of them? Not that I'd mind, of course...)" He chuckled and walked out of the lavish Galbadia Hotel. He took a bus back to the establishment and met with Darlene.

"Oh, I'm so glad you made it back okay, Irvine! How did your date go?"

"It went okay.. we did.... you know..."

"Oh, Irvine.... I guess it was inevitable..."

"I'm not hurt... It actually felt good."

"You don't say.... Listen then, I have a potential client that's interested in an escort for the whole night. They want to give the chosen escort to a friend of theirs as a birthday present. They want someone young.. and it pays very well... five thousand gil..."

"F.. Five thousand?! That'll cover my weapons expenses! I'll do it!"

"But Irvine... It's eight hours. You can back out anytime during the assigned hours, but the difference is you won't get paid."

"Really..? Oh...." Irvine frowned slightly.

"But what's important to me is that you stay safe."

"I promise. Now what do I need to do?" Irvine asked.

"They're staying at the Galbadia Hotel, penthouse suite. You'll need to arrive at 9:00 PM tomorrow night. Come by here first for your costume fitting."

"Fitting? Oh, geez..." Irvine winced.

That following night....

"Wow... he's gorgeous! Thanks guys!" Brendan shouted when he "opened" his gracious present showered upon him by his friends. He reached up and took his gift by the hips and had him straddle his lap. The gift was dressed in a thong, chaps, and a very skimpy vest. As always, Irvine had on his cowboy hat.

"What's your name, cutie?"

"Irvine," the boy answered with a huge smile.

"Suits you, cowboy."

"Thanks," Irvine winked.

The other men began to leave the room. "Remember," one of them chimed in, "You have him for the whole night... so enjoy!"

The other men left to allow their friend and his birthday gift some much deserved privacy. "So," Brendan started, "You're gonna let me ravish you for the whole night?"

Irvine blushed, "Yep. Anything you want to do...."

The man looked into his gift's eyes, "Just how old are you?"

"I'm eighteen," Irvine responded as his fifteen-year-old body quivered to his client's gentle touch.

"Hmmm.. you look much younger."

"I get that a lot.. but yeah, I'm really eighteen," Irvine sighed and dropped himself down on the soft bed. "(That was too close...) So, about you ravishing me...."

"Yeah? What about it?" Brendan smirked.

Irvine unbuttoned his shirt, "Do it......."

Brendan blinked on how responsive the young escort was, "You really want this, don't you?"

Irvine smiled, "What can I say? I'm horny."

The older man grinned, "I can see that, cowpoke." He slid out of his shirt and proceeded to undress his little gift. "I promise I won't hurt you.."

The cowboy flashed his passionate, but innocent, smile, "Thanks."

The client parted Irvine's legs and showed him a bottle of lubricant. He slid its tip into his tiny entrance. Irvine winced slightly, "What is.. that stuff..? Feels warm...."

"It's lube.. and my favorite brand.. those guys thought of everything!" He chuckled and squeezed the bottle, coating his present's insides with a scented oil. Irvine moaned and enjoyed the silky feel of the lube inside of him. "Smells.. nice..."

"It's freesia..." Brendan grinned and sunk between Irvine's legs, taking out the bottle lapping at the tiny hole, "And it's flavored..."

Irvine let out a soft moan, "Mmmmmm..." His legs spread wider. He grabbed the older man's hair gently and pushed him closer.

"You like this cowboy?" Brendan asks.

"Yeah....." Irvine sighed while his hole was gently licked.

"I'm glad..." Brendan slinked up between Irvine's legs, letting his pants drop to his knees and allowing his large tip nuzzle the boy's entrance. He kissed the cowboy with the flavor of the lubricant and the boy's body still fresh on his lips.

A large, tender hand grasped Irvine's cock, "You'll enjoy this too, okay little cowboy?" He held Irvine close and slipped himself into the tight entrance.

For several hours Brendan drug out the session of lovemaking, slowly getting the most out of his precious gift. Irvine went along, secretly loving every minute. This one was more passionate, more affectionate than Desmond. Brendan treated Irvine like a god, making sure he enjoyed it as much as the client did. After many hours of what could be called "Tantric sex", Brendan finally came, flooding Irvine's body with seed. The cowboy soon came, and he blushed when Brendan withdrew his hand from his cock. He lapped the white from his hand, "You're sweeter than the lube, cowboy."

"Th... thank you..." Irvine blushed even more.

Brendan gathered Irvine in his arms and pulled him underneath the silk sheets, "I'm beat. What about you, my precious gift?"

"I am... Mr. Brendan..." He chuckled as he lay his head on Brendan's chest. He wrapped his arms around the older body, "I liked it.. I really did..."

"No problem... Irvine..." Brendan kissed Irvine's lips then his forehead. Soon both of them drifted off to sleep, not wanting this moment to end.

Unfortunately, morning came, and it was time for Irvine to leave. He stirred Brendan awake, "It it morning already...?"

Irvine nodded while he got up and went to the bathroom. Soon he was dressed, but with an overcoat over his costume. "I'm sorry... but I am an..."

"I know," Brendan replied quietly, "But I'll never forget this night. Here... so you won't forget what a good person you really are.." The older man sat up and took something off the dresser: a silver and ruby studded bolo necklace. "I took it off before we got it on. I want you to have it."

Irvine blinked, "I... I can't take this.." His hands shook while holding the handsome piece of jewelry.

"It's yours. Consider it as an extra bonus. Thank you for everything, little Irvine," Brendan winked and then handed him the payment. "You deserve more. You made me feel young again."

Irvine took the envelope and smiled, "You're not that old."

"Perhaps. You'd better go. My buddies will be back soon, and the service will be looking for you. Thank you again," He blew a kiss to Irvine as he left the suite.

Irvine could only stare at the ruby bolo before finally putting it on. "That was amazing...." He said to himself as he counted down the money. "Five thousand.. but he said I deserved more.." Irvine smiled at the thought. He now knew he could get used to making older men happy with his new talents....


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