Lasting Impressions

Chapter 3 - The Morning After


Contemplating My Personal Hell

By Sodoshiin

In mid-sleep I felt a weight on my chest and smiled.


A dream, it was all a dream. I would wake up and I would be him and I alone in the house, still drowsy after hours of great lovemaking....that hopefully I would be remembering soon, in detail.

I shifted a little, murmuring his name. I went to wrap my arms around him but his head wasn’t where it was supposed to be.

My eyes opened a little, unfocused and sleepy. “Squall?”

Giant blue eyes glared at me.

“Ghaa!!” I cried out, nearly falling off the couch.

“Anthony.” Squall laughed lightly, pulling the little cretin from it’s sitting position on my chest.

I could feel my face go red, but for Squall’s sake I didn’t yell.

Just a few days.

I only had to deal with it for a few days.

“Why don’t you go play with Rufus for a little while okay hun?”


Apparently it had left because a moment later Squall was kneeling beside the couch, brushing back my hair with his long fingers.

“I’m sorry about last night.”

I made a noise but didn’t open my eyes.

He sighed and I could feel him lean against the couch. “I missed you a lot. I wanted last night just as much as you did... I didn’t know he was going to-”

“I know you didn’t.” I replied quietly, opening my eyes a little and running a hand up and down his back. “It’s okay.”

“I’m sorry I left you high and dry...literally...” his tone was playful but his eyes were serious. “Were you okay?”

I nodded. “Just a little cranky...” I touched his face.

“We can try again tonight if you want.” he offered.

I smiled. “Yeah, I owe you a little payback.” I pulled him down and kissed him, his lips warm and soft against mine. “Tease.”

I could feel him blush a little. “Learned from the best.”

“Can I have s’more cereal?”

For the second time in twenty four hours Squall jumped away from me as if I burned.

I peered around him at the creature I was sure had been sent up from hell to keep me from having any kind of intimacy with my husband.

It just stood there, blinking innocently…

Almost two weeks dragged on by...still no sex. Five weeks all together people, count ‘em. What had once been a nice little study was being converted into a, hopefully temporary, bedroom for our little guest. I could hardly walk around the house without stepping on a toy of some kind. Just a few days ago I almost killed myself by stepping on a little toy vacuum cleaner while going down the stairs.

The house was always filled with the noise of little feet and that irritatingly squeaky voice.

And almost worse of all…I had writer’s block.

I sat in front of my computer for hours at a time and nothing, not a single thing popped into my head.

Two weeks, and nothing.

Squall seemed rather unphased by my obvious dislike of the situation. He spoiled the little runt rotten. It didn’t even have to ask. There was always a plate full of cookies ready to be eaten, which wasn’t so bad, except I kept getting yelled at for grabbing them. Well, the hand slapping was kind of kinky but let’s not go there…

Rufus was usually found trailing after it, knowing it would drop some crumbs or stop to play with him, pat him on the head, rub behind his ears. Hell even the dog’s bed had been moved into its room.

I was the only one in the house with the problem.

I’d never wanted kids. I never expected Squall to want kids. We’re gay, kids don’t usually factor into the equation. I wasn’t having second thought about why I’d married Squall, I knew full well why. I loved him more than anything else on the face of the planet. Without him there was nothing. I wanted us to be happy together, to grow old together. But never, ever had I even thought about kids.

Even after all this time Squall was still a mystery to me. Just when I thought I had him figured out he found a new way to surprise me. Like while I was trying my hardest not to strangle the little thing in its sleep HE was turning into Mother Hen.

But he was happy...that’s what always stopped me from losing my temper. You could see it in his eyes. It was because of the critter. In the back of my mind I couldn’t quite understand why a whiney little runt could make him so happy. The kid WAS a monster. But how the hell could I say no?


I let out a sigh and raised my hand to wipe off the chocolate sauce that had covered my face.

It’s large blue eyes blinked at me, still holding the container of syrup over its large glass of milk.

“Sorry.” It squeaked, and turned the bottle a little so the nozzle was actually facing the glass this time.

I looked down at my newspaper and sighed, the article I’d been reading completely covered in a layer of chocolate…

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