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Chapter Two

By Sodoshiin

I was called by a dim light.
There was a fleeting memory of my dream
and the voice whispering.

The strings of the past are now fading,
and they show me the image of scenery I
could no longer see in a present time.

The image is you, here beside me.....smiling.

Yes....I remember it like it was yesterday.
You looked at me and touched my soul
deeper inside than anybody could.

The joy of sharing,
and that fateful encouter with you,
even out tender memories,
everything leaves me behind and vanishes into the light.

Within my fading memories,
still, I wanted to hold you once again..
I keep on shouting your name, so sad and painfully
until my voice withers.

"Where in the world do human beings come from,
and where do they end up?
My precious loved one, only you are missing...."

You dropped your eyes and you were shuddering,
and I wanted to embrace you with my very own arms.
I realized that I wanted to protect you,
in this whole world,
and only you.

I will vanish in a moment but still,
I do not want to let you go.
So sad and painful, the days you hold me,
I will never forget....

- Translation of Sekai ~Story~ original song and lyrics by Gackt




Seifer and I kept our distance from on another for the next two days or so. For a little while I forgot he was even there, locked up in the lighthouse by himself.

I should have figured eventually he'd get hungry.

My cooking skills hadn't improved, both from lack of experience and lack of consumption.

I could hear Seifer hunting around downstairs for food.

I busied myself with folding laundry, but about half an hour later the most delicious smell I'd ever experienced wafted up the stairs.

My dormant tastebuds suddenly popped back to life and began to scream at me.

Damn Seifer and his gourmet cooking.

I swallowed the saliva that was beginning to accumulate all over my mouth and continued to fold.

I could fend for myself later.

I'd way until he's gone back to the lighthouse to avoid confrontation.

"Yo! Skeleton-boy! Come eat!"

I made a small noise, my body jumping in reaction to the loud shout.

I remained quiet. He'd eventually lose interest.

"I know you can hear me." his voice was more conversational now. "Come on, Twiggy, you look horrible. You need to eat something."

Well, FLATTERY wasn't going to get him anywhere.

My stomach started to growl.

Damn my body for teaming up against me.

The house was old, I imagined he could hear me moving around even before I'd gotten three steps away from the bed. I made my way down the stairs, my eyes aimed down at them as he watched me, leaning at the bottom of the stairway.

I brushed past him and looked around the kitchen. The table was set, the stove had been cleaned, heck, the kitchen looked cleaner. That wonderful smell was even stronger here.

He pulled out a chair for me and slide it back in as I sat.

I looked at my plate.

Seasoned chicken, brown rice with some kind of sauce, green salad with other vegetables.

It wasthe most beautiful display of food I'd seen in a long time.

I looked up as he sat down across from me. The chair squeaked a little under his form.

He started eating without looking at me.

I did the same for a while.

The food was a gift from God. Seifer's cooking abilities had only improved over time.

My fork was moving at a healthy speed, not rushing though, wanted to savor the taste.

Seifer was eating at the same speed, staring at his plate as he chewed, seemingly in deep thought.

He was exactly the way I remembered him.

In fact, he seemed healthier. Everyone must have been taking good care of him.

I smirked a little.

He looked more like the old Seifer.

And he was still beautiful.

The sadness and lonliness returned almost immediately. I looked at my food.

Seifer didn't want to be here, he would be leaving again...

"Something wrong with it?"

I looked back at him, shaking my head a little. "No, no....it's great.....thanks...."

"Yeah well, I didnt' want to starve." he told me. "And I guess I owe you for letting me stay in the room. Besides, you look like a small wind could blow you right apart."

"Did you know I was here?"

"What do ya mean?"

"Well..." I sighed. "When I came into the kitchen it seemed like you were expecting me...you didn't seem all that surprised or happy to see me.."

Seifer huffed. "Yeah, I mean, where else would you go. I got the impression you weren't all that happy to see me either."

"I didn't say that..."

"You didn't have to." the blonde replied. "No phone calls, no letters. Not even a get well card."

"You came here to yell at me?"

"Absolutely." Seifer scoffed. "You have everyone back in Esthar worrying the piss out of themselves."

"Well, now you know where I am and you've yelled at me." I eyed him. "Are you gonna go now?"

"Oh, I'm not done by a long shot." Seifer's eyes narrowed at me. "You owe me."

"For what?!"

"For ditching me with the Scooby Gang!"

"You could have left."

"Not without a chaperone wherever I went. It was a wonder I even got HERE without one of them tailing me." He blurted back. "Besides, where was I gonna go?"

"You can have my place."

"You're just gonna GIVE me you're place?"

"I don't need it anymore." I stood and brought my plate to the sink.

Seifer blinked. "So you're just gonna live here for the rest of your life?"

I sighed, feeling a headache coming on, closing my eyes and rubbing my forehead. "I don't know..."

"So.......you miss him?" He asked, taking his own plate to the sink and standing next to me.


Seifer shrugged. "You know....the other me...the one you had mad monkey sex with."

I glared at him. Subtle he was not...

Seifer scoffed and threw his hands in the air, suddently getting defensive. "Not my memories but I got 'em." He glared. "I was so brainwashed I made an easy fuck, didn't I?"

My hand flew, striking his face as hard as I could.

His eyes were wide in surprise, his face, turned to the side, his breath ragged. If I'd been healthier a blow like that would have knocked him to the floor. It still got the point across.

"Dont you EVER question my love for him!" I spat.

I was fuming, red hot anger boiling in me. I wanted to hit him again, hit him for not understanding, for betraying me even though he didn't know he was, for hurting me like no one else could.

And suddenly I was kissing him.

My heart told my head to shut up and go with it.

Everything at that moment revolved around that kiss. It was simple, just me pressing my lips to his, but for a brief second everything in the world was okay. I was complete again.

But soon it was all too much. I could feel my eyes start to unfocus and my knees buckled.

I gripped for the counter to steady myself as tears streamed down my face. My strength completely failed and I slid to the floor.

I coughed a few times, my hand over my mouth.

When I pulled it back, my fingers were coated in blood.

I sighed. "Not again..."

Seifer was crouching beside me, watching me. My eyes closed and I could still feel them, burning into me.

He'd probably hit me back eventually, but right now he just watched, watched me and waited.

Waited for what? I don't know...

He made a noise and stood, watching me for a few more moments.

Then he left. There was a draft as his body moved from mine and the sound of the door shutting.

When I opened my eyes I was alone.

I looked around. Light streamed in through the windows, birds chirped outside.

I stared, wanting to cry, wanting to scream, wanting to shake him and ask why...

But I just sat there.

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