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Just best friends

Chapter 6

By Purple Penguin

Squall sat on the beach. It was a nice day and he was with Seifer and Kurt, but this was serious business. At least Squall thought it was serious; the others didn’t seem to want to cooperate. Seifer relaxed around Kurt now and they acted like friends. Kurt actually was a lot like Zell. He was very lively and cheerful but he could be sensitive when he needed to be.

“I don’t understand,” Seifer said. “You’re a good guy and he’s an arse-hole. Forget about him and find someone else.”

“It’s not quite as simple as that.”

“Yeah, you were the sorceress’ knight and I never gave up on you.”

“Yes you did, you had Rinoa.”

Kurt jumped up suddenly. “Ohh, ice cream.” He ran off.

Seifer looked amused. “Doesn’t he remind you of someone?”

“You mean Zell?”

“Yeah. If he weren’t with Selphie I’d think perfect match. It would take his mind off Kane if he found a perfect likeness of himself.”

“I thought you were against all this match making stuff.”

Seifer shrugged. “I was, but I’m getting into it now. I don’t think we should be bringing Kurt and Kane together. I think we should be pulling them apart.”

“WHAT?! That makes no sense.”

“Kurt can do better.”

“He doesn’t want better!”

“He doesn’t know that. He’s too wrapped up in Kane to find anyone else. Kane isn’t interested in relationships. We should be realistic here.”

“Okay... I guess you’re right. But how would we split them up? Kane is Kurt’s best friend, so they’re together a lot.”

Seifer sat back. A party’s a good place to meet new people, but Kane would come too if it was here. Then it hit him, the perfect solution.

“I have an idea.” He grinned widely at Squall.

“Uh oh. I’m guessing it’s a bad one.”

“It’s brilliant. Selphie been bugging you for a party for ages right? Well we can take Kurt to that and Kane won’t show up, because it’ll be at Balamb Garden.”

Squall raised his eyebrows. “That is a good idea..... But Kurt will tell Kane about the party and if we tell him not to he’ll know that we’re trying to split them up.”

“Not necessarily. I’ll tell him I don’t want Kane there because he’s after you.”

“Hey.” They looked back as Kurt walked back towards them.

“They had a fast food van there so I brought a hot dog instead. I love hot dogs.” His maddening grin faltered as Seifer and Squall shared a look then burst out laughing.

“What? What’s so funny?”

“We have to introduce you to a friend of ours.” Squall managed barely to say.

Whilst leaving Kurt alone on the beach to sunbathe, the couple snuck off to do some swimming or as Seifer called it groping in the water.

Squall had his arms wrapped around his lover’s neck, they were in a fierce competition of tonsil tennis and Seifer seemed to be winning. He had one arm around the waist of his lover, and the other moved to the front as his hand touched the waistband of Squall swimming trunks.

Squall pulled back breaking the kiss as Seifer’s hand moved into his trunks.

“Seifer, what are you doing?”

The blonde smirked and wrapped his hand around Squall’s length.

“This is a public beach!” Squall hissed in alarm.

“Weren’t you the one who wanted to do it on the balcony last night?”

“That was different. I couldn’t actually see any people then and I can see lots now.”

Squall bit his lip as Seifer began to stroke him.

“It’s easy just kiss me.”

The water came up to their chests so all anyone could see was two guys kissing.

Squall moaned into Seifer mouth as he came.

Seifer removed his hand and all the evidence got washed away with the sea.

“So... Did you phone Selphie to tell her the party’s on?”

Squall slumped to Seifer’s chest. “Seif, if you want me to answer that then you’ll have to wait until the blood has returned to my head.”

His lover chuckled, planting a kiss on Squall’s head.

“I can’t wait to introduce Kurt to his freaky twin.”

“Don’t get any ideas. Zell’s with Selphie.”

“I know, I was just saying. Now that you’re more talkative do we still have to dress as characters from the Legend of Sephiroth?”

“Yep, and Selphie went into mad mode when I told her about the party. We have to tell Kurt soon so he can get a costume or Selphie’ll get mad at me.”

“Aww. Are you afraid of Selphie?”

“Yes.” Squall replied in a childlike voice.

“Come on. I want to tell Kurt the good news.”

“The Legend of Sephiroth? I haven’t heard of that movie.”

“Really? You haven’t? I thought everyone knew about that.”

“So I have to dress as a character found in a movie I know nothing about?”

“I’ll get you a list of the characters and what they look like okay?”

“Is there anyone who looks like me?”

“Not really.”

Squall bit his tongue. He could think of someone Kurt could go as with his short red, scruffy hair, it was a shame he didn’t have enough to pull back into a ponytail and his eyes were the wrong colour. Squall would never say any of this out loud. He smiled. His favourite characters were the Turks and he didn’t mind dying his hair and changing the leather for a blue suit if he got to be Reno for the evening.

“Okay. I’ll go, but you have to help me find someone to go as.”


“Who are you going as?” He asked Seifer.

“I’ve got it easy.” He turned to Squall. “Think Tall, green eyes, white coat, blonde and in charge of a very big company.”


“Rufus.” He confirmed.

“Good. I always did like him.”

“Seifer, I guess you don’t want me to tell Kane, right?”

“I’d rather you didn’t. Sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

“Shame though...”

Kurt and Seifer turned to Squall in alarm.

“...He’d make a good Vincent.”

Seifer smiled. “Will you stop giving people characters to go as?”

“I better call Selphie and ask her if there’s room for one more.”

Squall grabbed Seifer mobile out of his trench coat and dialled Selphie’s dorm number.


“Hi Selphie it’s Squall.”

“Hi.” She didn’t sound very Selphie-like at all.

“Is something wrong?”

“Me and Zell broke up.”

“What? YOU BROKE UP WITH ZELL?” He shouted it so Seifer could hear.

“Nah. He dumped me.”


"You know he thought he was Bi well he’s not. He’s gay.”

“Oh. I’m sorry Selphie.”

“It’s okay. There’s plenty more fish in the sea right?”

“Yeah. Listen I was wondering if I could bring someone who’s not from garden to the party is that okay?”

“Sure. Male or female?”







“No sorry.”

She sighed. “Are there no single, straight men left?”

“I’ll see ya when we get back the trains should be working by then so we’ll be back then.”

“Good. The party’s tomorrow night at 19:00hrs. Remember your costumes.”

Squall hung up the phone.

“Selphie and Zell broke up did they?”

“Yeah.” Squall turned to see a grinning Seifer.

“Don’t get any ideas! They only just broke up.”

“Even better Zell will be all upset over Selphie and Kurt can comfort him.”

“Zell broke up with Selphie so he won’t be upset and it’s never that simple.”

“Seifer we leave tomorrow so you go find Kurt and tell him the news and I’ll go do the packing.

Seifer watched his lover walk off as a thought occurred to him. What packing? They didn’t bring anything; they’d bought the swimming trunks. Seifer frowned knowing damn well Squall had just stuck him with the job of finding Kurt who had wandered off somewhere.


In case you didn’t notice Reno and Rufus are my fave FF7 couple.

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