"I'm Not Just a Sniper....."

Part Six

By Domino

Everyone hugs each other, elated to see the other alive and well. Zell hugs Quistis, Squall hugs Rinoa, and Irvine reluctantly hugs Selphie. "What happened, guys?" The normally brooding leader asks.

Selphie grins widely, "We blew up the Missile Base!"

Zell chimes in, "Yeah Leonhart! Mission accomplished!"

"Good work everyone. Let's go back to the Garden," Squall begins to walk off.

"But Squall, the Garden's in Balamb. We're in this.... fishing place," Quistis looks around. Being in that metal monstrosity has weakened her eyesight, but the smell of dead fish and sea air is a total giveaway.

"The Garden.. sort of crashed here. It's a long story," Rinoa smiles and grasps Squall's arm. "But we're okay.. We're all together again!"

The group begins to head back to the "docked" Garden, but Rinoa keeps Squall back. As they talk, Zell, Quistis, Irvine, and Selphie walk around the city named Fisherman's Horizon. They pass by a quaint cafe next to the FH hotel, where an older man sits reading his newspaper. He does a double take and licks his lips. Without hesitation he shouts out to the group, "Hey baby, how much?"

The girls turn around and give the man the most baneful glares they have ever given. Irvine tips his hat forward. "Gals, I'll take care of the pervert. You go on ahead without me." Selphie giggles and hugs her cowboy, "Thanks, Irvy!"

Irvine forces a fake smile, "Anytime." The girls go off with their now-chivalrous image of Irvine as the actual Irvine goes up to the older man and whispers, "Eight hundred gil an hour."

"Mmmm.. you drive a hard bargain cowboy."

"Take it or leave it."

"I think I'll indulge. You got a deal. I'm glad you answered, but I'm sorry if I insulted your friends."

"They'll live. Now, what do you want?" Irvine purrs and moves closer to the man, almost rubbing against him.

"Right now, I want a blowjob. But not here, in the hotel."

"Anything else?" Irvine licks his lips while following the older man to his hotel room.

"Let me test you, first. I'll give you the 800 gil for the blowjob. I only need you for the hour. By the way, my name is Mr. Cambrige."

"Mmmmmhmmm...." Irvine stuffs the man's cock down his throat.

The older man moans, "Ohhhh... Irvine..... suck it hard..."

Irvine lets the tip of the large organ reach the back of his hot mouth as his client pushes the younger man's head closer to his crotch. "Make me come, Irvine...."

A sudden rush of warmth enters Irvine's throat as he pulls away. The stream hits his face, coating it with streaks of white.

"I want you to swallow it," The client demands.

Irvine licks his lips and swallows the fluid in one quick gulp.

The man sits up and smiles, "You look hot like that."

"(Yeah, whatever.) Your taste.... it's addictive..." Irvine reaches up and touches the sticky cream on his face. "(Damn.... It's all over my cheeks....)"

"You're very talented. Would you like to wash up before you leave, sweetie?"

"Yes, please," Irvine sheepishly grins as his client points to the bathroom.

The cowboy washes his face of the white fluid, splashing the warm, soapy water over his cheeks and nose. Soon a hand slides down his back, reaching underneath his duster and burying itself between Irvine's lower cheeks. The invading hand lets a finger tease the boy's hole, circling it with a feather light touch. The man embraces Irvine from behind and lets his other hand dive into the front of his lover's pants.

"You're so hot...... Let me sample your body......"

Irvine's words grow slurred with soft moans. The finger slips inside, slowly plunging in and out. "I think I will need your services later on... You're so tight... and wet....." The man licks the outer rim of the escort's ear.

"Y.. yes sir..." Irvine sighs.

"But first.. I'll need your.. measurements."

"Pardon..?" Irvine blinks, "Why?"

"You'll find out later on this afternoon, along with all the other instructions," Cambrige lets go of the young cowboy and takes out a tailor's measuring tape. He quickly jots down Irvine's dimensions. "Thank you."

"No problem..." Irvine scratches his head.

Cambrige smiles, "No, thank you." He hands the boy his 800 gil and sends him on his way.

"That was weird," Irvine says to himself while entering the Garden's hallways. Squall then spots his new charge. "Hey Irvine.. I heard what you did for Quistis and Selphie. You're a brave guy."

"Yeah, thanks," Irvine blushes.

Squall then notices something out of place in Irvine's hair, "Hey, what's that stuff?"

"What stuff?"

"It looks like gel," Squall reaches for one strand of Irvine's bangs.

Irvine reaches it first, realizing what it is, "Um, it's nothing.. really... I gotta go.." He suddenly trots off toward the dorm wing of the Garden, but before he's too far, "Um, Squall? When are the repairs gonna be done?"

Squall blinks, "I think another two days at least."

"Good! Later!" Irvine vanishes around the corridor from Squall's sight. "(Damn... he came on my hair too...)" he thinks as he rubs the slicked substance on his bangs.

Someone knocks on the cowboy's dorm. "Who is it?" Irvine asks sort of loud.

"Mr. Cambrige sent me."

"(Shit!)" Irvine jumps up and answers the door. A well dressed man stands in the doorway, and he's holding a big, white box, "Are you Irvine?"

"Y.. yeah."

"Mr. Cambrige wanted me to give this to you. It includes instructions on where to meet him tonight. Please sign here." He hands the student a clipboard. Irvine signs it and hands the man a few gil for his trouble. "Thank you, sir," the deliveryman smiles. Irvine places the box on the bed and opens it.

"A.. it's a tuxedo..." Irvine's eyes go wide. He feels the soft, luxurious fabric, "This is Trabian wool.... must've cost a fortune...." He finds a note under the tuxedo's coat.

Dear Irvine,

Inside this box you will find my gifts to you: A full tuxedo with bowtie and vest, shoes, and a little something extra for our night together. I would like for you to meet with my guards at the F.H. hotel at 9:00 P.M. They will escort you to the ballroom at the Timber Hotel. I'll pay you for a total of five hours, plus a special bonus if you show up. I look forward to having your company, my young, delicious cowboy....

-Mr. Adrian Cambrige

Within seconds Irvine jumps into the shower to wash up. It takes him about two minutes to decide to take the job. "Four thousand gil... I could use the cash.." He dries off and discovers what Mr. Cambrige left him underneath the tuxedo....

"What the....? A black garter belt, thigh-high stockings, and.." He holds up a very skimpy, black silk thong with lace. "It's so damn.... tiny..." Irvine blinks, then checks the time. "I need to get dressed." He dries his hair with his hairdryer, and begins his lengthy preparation. First he brushes his hair and put it in a ponytail. Then he puts on his makeup, but only some foundation and a bit of tinted lipgloss. After a splash of cologne, he gets dressed in his assigned outfit, starting with those naughty items left for him by Mr. Cambrige. He gives himself a final check-up in the mirror. "If I don't knock him dead.... I'm not sure what will..."

After sneaking out of the Garden, Irvine meets with his client's bodyguards outside the FH hotel. They load him into a helicoptor and fly him into Timber. Soon he is escorted into the hotel's ballroom.. and a very high-class party. Mr. Cambrige walks up to Irvine, "You made it..."

Irvine tips his ever-present cowboy hat, "Of course."

He takes Irvine to meet with some other people, "This is my nephew from Winhill... Irvine."

The group looks at him and smiles, "Nice to meet you," One man introduces himself. Mr. Cambrige goes on to rant about how his "nephew" attends the Garden and how he's going to be a SeeD. All Irvine has to do is to stand there and smile. This goes on for about two hours, and then.....

"I should turn in for the night. I'm going to show Irvine to his room. Good night," Mr. Cambrige bows and escorts Irvine to the main hotel. Once they get to the suite, Adrian opens the door, "Here you go."

Irvine enters the room, "So, how was my performance, 'uncle'?"

"Oh, shut up...." He smiles, closing and locking the door. He wraps his arms around Irvine's slim waist, "You're so beautiful... almost feminine... no offense..." He kisses him, "and you're flavored..."

Irvine blushes, "Thanks... I did put on the items you specified.." He steps back and unfastens his pants. Soon they're pooled around his ankles, and he's standing there with thigh-high stockings, garter, and the silk thong. "You like what you see...?"

"Very much so... My, don't you look naughty..." He picks Irvine up and lays him on the bed. Several hours pass. Over and over Adrian penetrates the young cowboy, enjoying his young escort. He knows Irvine's experienced at his young age, but still... Irvine.... a beauty..... Shouldn't he have a better life? Something he, Adrian Cambrige, can give him? He comes suddenly, pulling out and discarding the condom. He watches Irvine drift off to sleep in his arms. He looks so innocent, despite his job. He hates what he has to do, but he calls his bouncers, dressing Irvine back up and taking him back to the Garden. "I'll be in touch..." He whispers as they leave with his escort.


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