"I'm Not Just a Sniper....."

Part Nine

By Domino

"I don't believe this.... Look, come inside," Zell invites Irvine into his home and quickly shuts and locks the door. Irvine sits down on the couch, "What's wrong? I'm good at what I do."

Zell blinks, looking at him, "So you're... an escort..."


"Do you... have sex with clients?"

"Yeah.... that's what they pay me for."

The shorter blonde shakes his head, "Irvine.... I don't want you to do this anymore."

Irvine looks at him, "Pardon? I'm sorry, but you're not my mom. I'm old enough to make my own decisions. I do this so I can have the cash to make it into SeeD. I'm what guys want.... I'm young, tight, and very submissive."

Zell stands in front of his friend, "That doesn't bother you? That all you are to them is a good lay? Do you enjoy this? Every man you're with, every night you do it.... do you like it, being treated like a sex toy?"

Irvine holds his head down a bit, "It's a job. Just like you, Squall, Selphie, and Quistis...."

Zell paces around, "You know why I hired an escort? Because I was lonely. Squall's a fucking iceberg, Selphie's stuck on you, and Quistis is just not interested in me."

Irvine smiles, "That's what I'm here for."

"I didn't know it was you... I thought I hired a Galbadian cowboy."

"Don't think of me as Irvine the sniper... think of me as your dream lover.... You can sleep with me... no strings attached. I won't tell anyone," Irvine winks and takes off his hat, untying his soft hair. Zell blinks, "I can't..... I respect you too much to take you like this."

"This has nothing to do with respect..."

"That's the problem Irvine. You're willing to throw out your dignity at the drop of a hat. You're my friend, and I can't sleep with you, not like this."

Irvine just looks at him, "You mean I came all this way with the hopes of making ten thousand gil just to be dumped?! I want to get paid!"

"You think this is a joke? So what you're saying is that money is all you fucking care about. You're more shallow than I thought. If it means that much to you, then do it. Fuck me," Zell begins to undress.

The younger cowboy smirks, "Now you're bein' reasonable." He pulls the zipper down on his vest as he leans forward to cup his friend's buldge, "I'll make you feel incredible...."

"Irvine, I want you to pleasure me.. that means, I'm letting you fuck me. You're on top," Zell demands.

Irvine blinks, "I'm not paid to be on top, Dincht... Unless I get to ride...."

"Like I said, if money's the only point to this.. then I'll double your pay..."

"Twenty thousand...?!"

"Yep... or is that not enough? Fifty thousand.... Or are you worth less than that...?" He begins to mock the young hooker while his heart aches. Irvine backs off, "You don't have that kind of money.. Even if you are a SeeD."

"You don't know that.. my father owns a casino in Dollet... I'm more well of than you think... seventy-five thousand... for you to take my virginity.."

"V.. Virginity?!" Irvine's eyes go wide, "You're paying to have someone take your...? Zell.... That's not right.. you'll find someone you love..."

Zell begins to tear up, "I already have..... Irvine, I love you. I can take you away from all of this.."

"(That's what Cambrige said...)" Irvine shivers.

"Please.... I'll take care of you."

"Zell... Stop it... Look, keep your money... I'm gone.." Irvine zips his vest up and leaves, forgetting his hair band and cowboy hat. The small blonde watches him leave, "(Irvine.... I do love you.. but do you love youself...?)"


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