If Walls Could Talk

Chapter 4 - Squally-Poo

By Redrum

"Why won't he talk to me?" Seifer, Quistis, Rinoa and Zell were seated around one of the many tables in the cafeteria. Seifer at the moment was trying to keep his voice down, so as not to draw any attention.

"I'm sure he will when he is ready. Their must be an explanation behind it. And until then we should try to make him as comfortable as possible. I want him to know that he can trust us." Quistis looked directly at Seifer as she completed her statement, "Physically 'making' him talk is not an option. He will when he is ready. Just try to be supportive until then. If not for him then for the rest of us. We don't need him to brake down again." Finishing her speech Quistis leaned back crossing her arms, she waited for any argument. Hearing none she let out a small sigh.

"I can make him better again! Just you wait!" Rinoa leapt out of her seat, blue duster trailing in her wake as she ran out of the cafeteria. Unfortunately, not hearing the voices of her friends calling her back frustrated.

"What the hell! She's the last person he's going to want to see!" Zell exclaimed, not bothering to lower his voice. Jumping out of his chair he raced to catch up with Rinoa. But hearing the lunch lady announce that the hot dogs were finally in, Zell changed directions quickly. Cutting off the people already in line.

"Stupid Chicken-Wuss." Seifer sighed "But he's right. No way in hell is Squall going to want to see Rinoa of all people. I better go." Getting out of his chair more respectably then the the other two, he bid fare well to Quistis and headed out of the cafeteria.

"I hope Seifer can catch Rinoa before she gets to Squall. God knows what could happen. But I think I'm more worried about what Squall could do to her then what she can do." Quistis shook her head, and continued eating what was left of her salad.

//If anyone can get him out of his funk, I can!// Rinoa raced down the boy's corridor and stood outside of Squall's dorm room. Catching her breath she entered the code to activate the door //it's a good thing I watched my Squally when he did this, otherwise he never would have given me his code// Giggling happily as the door swooshed open she stepped inside with a flourish. "Squally, I'm here for you!" Announcing her presence she scanned the room but found only immobile objects. //Where's Squally-poo?// Huffing in annoyance she crossed the room to sit upon the uncomfortable SeeD standard bed.

Two minutes passed, but to Rinoa it felt like hours. And she had forgot what she came here for in the first place. Standing up she marched out of the dorm and proceeded down the hall. Turning a corner sharply to get to her own dorm, she bumped into a brick wall. Crashing to the floor she looked up to see who had dared to stop the Princess.

"May I ask what the hell your doing in the guy's wing?" Seifer looked down at the toppled blue mass that was favoring her left arm. The fall was sure to leave a few bruises, but nothing he really cared about. He just hoped that she hadn't seen Squall yet. A high pitched sob interrupted his train of thought, and he looked down to see that Rinoa had tears pouring down her face and a small drop of blood was on her knee.

"You hurt me you meany!" Seifer shook his head and proceeded to step over the blue mass. Knowing that she was going to be down for at least an hour sobbing to who ever would listen, he decided to head to his dorm room to get some well needed rest. Rinoa had obviously been heading from Squall's dorm, so that meant the he wasn't there. Maybe he was still in the infirmary, or hiding some where to get away from people like Rinoa. Ridding himself of all thoughts Seifer flopped onto his bed, and fell into a troubled sleep.

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