A Knight's Destiny

Chapter 1: Beginnings

By Anonymous



The time has come.

I can feel it in the depths of my soul.

My powers have finally reached their peak after three long years.

Three years since they destroyed her.

"Sorceress Cannaire, the preperations are complete. What are your orders?"

"I want my knight."

"As you wish."

He turned to leave.

"Oh and Galen?"

"Yes?" He says as he turned back to me.

"I want him delivered to me unharmed, if possible."

"Yes my sorceress."

I am left alone with my thoughts.

Soon I will have my knight and reap my vengence upon this world.

Yes, the time had come.



"Irvine get your ass back here NOW!!!"

"Selphy, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'll never flirt with other girls again!!!"

A frantic Irvine could be seen running down the halls of Balamb Garden followed by a very angry and persistent Selphy. Among the mass of curious onlookers were Seifer and Squall. Seeing them, Irvine pivoted around the crowd of people and attempted to hide behind them.

"Seifer, Squall, ya gotta help me! She just went berserk on my ass!!"

Squall gave him a skeptical look.

"What the hell did you do this time Irvine?"

"Nothing! Selphy just got it into her head that I was flirting with some of the girls I was talking to in the cafeteria. How absurd is that!?!"

"Oh yeah, I just couldn't imagine you ever doing a thing like that." said Seifer, his tone dripping with sarcasm.

"Come on you guys! You gotta help me out here!"

Irvine was on his knees and begging as he said this.

"All right, all right. Follow us."

They led him down the opposite corridor and into Seifers room.

"Hide in here and don't make a sound." Seifer said as he shoved Irvine into his closet. Squall looked over to Seifer.

"So, how long do you think it will take for Selphy to realize we're stowing him in here?"

As if on que, there was a loud banging on the door.

"Seifer! Squall! Open this damn door now!"

Seifer looked back to Squall.

"Apparently not long at all." he replied.

Squall opened the door and let in the furious hurricane aka: Selphy.

"Where is he!?!" she screeched at the top of her lungs. "Before we rat out Irvine, can I ask you something?"

She glared at Seifer.

"Better make it quick Almasy."

"What the hell did he do?"

"I caught the bastard flirting with some girls in the cafeteria and when I asked him about it, he denied it."

"That's it?" asked Squall.

"Oh, it gets better. As we were walking back to our dorm earlier, some bitch walks over to him and says she'll take him up on his offer. So, I ask him "what offer?" and he said it was nothing. So, I track her down and ask her what the hell's going on and she says "Irvine offered to have a threesome with you and me." So, I went over to Quistis' and asked her if I could borrow her whip. Then, I went back to my dorm and kind of interrogated him. He finally confessed to it and then bolted when I pulled out the whip. And the rest you know."

"Damn," said Seifer. "oh well, he's in the closet."

"You'd better stand by the door in case he decides to run." said Squall.

Selphy positioned herself by the door as Seifer opened the closet. Just as expected, Irvine ran for the door but was tripped by Seifer.

"Thank you Squall, Seifer." she said as she began to drag Irvine out by his feet.

In a last attempt to escape, Irvine grabbed the doorframe and held on for all he was worth.

"Seifer! Squall! You can't let her take me! She'll do horrible things to me! I'll forever owe you guys if you save my ass!!!"

"Come along Irvy, it's time for your medicine."

"Seifer! Squall! HELP!!!!"

Those were his last words as he was dragged into their room.

"Now that, was entertaining." Seifer said.

"Yeah, I almost feel bad for Irvine."

"Well, whatever she does to him, you gotta admit he deserves it for doing that."

Squall gave him a sly look.

"And what would you do if you caught me asking someone to have a threesome with us, Mr. Almasy?"

"Well Squall, I'd say that I would have to beat your ass black and blue if I caught you doing that."

"Sounds interesting," he said as he smiled at Seifer. "you think that's what Selphy's doing to Irvine right now?"

"I wouldn't be in the least bit suprised."

Seifer pushed Squall against the wall as he began to nibble on his neck.





He kicked the door shut then picked up Squall and carried him to his bed. After about five minutes, most of which were used getting Squalls belts off, they lay naked before each other.

Seifer then reached down and began to slowly stroke Squall.

"Holy shit Seifer." he said as he was being gently caressed.

"Would you like me to do more, Squally?"

"Yes, please."

Squall began to tremble as Seifer continued in his slow rythem.

"Seifer, please, you're torturing me!" Squall screamed as his hips began to buck into Seifers hand.

"Easy there Squall."

He kissed Squall full on the lips as his pace quickened. Squalls breathing became ragged as he neared his release.

As quickly as Seifer had begun, he stopped.

Squalls body began to quivered as his orgasm was just out of his reach. He looked up to Seifer to see him staring down at him.

"Hyne Squall, you're beautiful."

Squalls face turned beet red. Seifer always knew the right words to make him blush. Squall then refocused his attention on his aching member. He whimpered to show his distress.

"Just a little longer Love." he smoothed Squalls hair back out of his face.

"If you don't hurry up I'm gonna burst."

"Ever heard of the phrase: Patience is a virtue?"

"Screw you Seifer."

"Believe me Squall, I plan to."

As he was waiting, Squall sat back and admired Seifer.

Finely chisled muscles. Short golden hair. Green eyes the color of emeralds. And a huge cock that he wanted deep inside of him.

Seifer reached into his drawer and pulled out a bottle of lubricant. Pouring a dab of it into his hands, he applied it to himself and Squalls tight entrance.

Squall moaned as he felt Seifers fingers probe and stretch him.

Seifer then pulled his fingers out and mounted him.

"You ready Squall?"

"Shut up and fuck me Seifer."

Seifer enter Squall up to the hilt in one thrust. After Squall had adjusted to the intrusion, he began to thrust in and out of him. His thrusts started out slow, but he was soon pounding against Squalls ass.

Loud moans began escaping from Squalls lips as he was in a state of bliss. He let out a short cry as he felt Seifers penis hit his prostate. His moans became louder as he neared his climax.

Seifers breathing became ragged as he began pounding with enough force to break the bed. He gave one final thrust and emptied his seed into Squall.

Squalls muscles constricted around his lover as Seifer came. He literally saw stars in his eyes as he reached his peak. Seifer collapsed ontop of him and they both fell into a deep sleep.



"Sorceress Cennaire."

The sorceress turned to Galen as he kneeled before her.

"What is it Galen?"

"He wasn't there."

"Did you search all of Balamb Garden?"

"We searched all of the places he would have been."

"But did you search the whole garden?"

She glared at him knowing what his answer would be.

"Forgive me Sorceress Cennaire, but the garden is so big that it would have taken us time we didn't have to find him."

"Enough of your excusses, I will find him myself."

She reached out with her mind and searched the whole of Balamb in seconds, only stopping in the room that held her knight.

"There you are."



'Where am I?'

He was lost in a vast open space of nothingness, where not even light could touch him.


'Who's there?'


'Where are you?'

'Look behind you.'

Squall turned to see a blinding flash of light. In the midst of it stood a woman with auburn hair and purple eyes.

She beckoned him to come to her as she held out her hand.

'Come Squall, and fulfill your destiny.'

Without giving it a second thought, he reached out and took her hand. And then, there was darkness.



"Hey Chicken Wuss, open up!"

Seifer waited for about a minute before Zell came to the door.

"What do you want Seifer?"

"Have you seen Squall?"

"I thought he was with you."

"I woke up this morning and he wasn't there."

Zell pondered for a moment.

"Well, did you check his room?"

"That's what got me worried. I checked there earlier, but he wasn't there. His gunblade and most of his things are gone too."

"Maybe he was sent on a mission?"

"I don't think so, he would have told me."

"Why don't you go and ask Quistis about it?"

"Best idea you've had all day Chicken Wuss."

"Don't call me CHICKEN WUSS!!!"

Seifer ignored him as he walked down the hall towards Quistis' room.

"Hey, Quistis."

The tall blonde was more punctual than the hyperactive Zell.

"What is it Seifer?"

"Do you know if Squall's been sent out on a mission today?"

"I don't think he has, but we can double check. Come on in."

As he entered her room, she walked over to her computer.

"It'll be a minute while I log on. Have a seat."

Seifer pulled up a chair and watched as she went through all of the mission statements and information that was recently posted.

"Well Seifer, I don't see anything with Squall's name mentioned."

Now he was worried. Squall would never just get up and leave without so much as a note. The blonde knew there was something wrong when he felt the knots in his stomach.

"If you're that worried about him, we could go check the security monitors and see if he shows up."

That would have been a good idea had he not already known the truth. Ever since they were kids, Squall and Seifer always had this connection and were able to sense where the other was located for a short distance. Their ability only intensified when they became lovers and now they were able to sense each other from thirty miles away.

Seifer knew, for a fact, that Squall Leonhart was not within thirty miles of Balamb Garden.

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