If Walls Could Talk

Chapter 1 - Talking to a Brick Wall

By Redrum

I watch as the blood begins to pool around me. I slit another cut, diagonal from the first one. This one spurts more blood. I watch sadly as my life is drained from me.

Having no more energy left in me, I silently fall to the concrete. Darkness surrounds me, I sigh in relief.

"Is he going to be okay docter?" We all swiftly got up as Dr.Kodawaki came into the room.

"He should be out for another week or so. He's lost alot of blood, and he's lucky that you found him when you did. But at the moment thats all I can get from him untill he wakes up." Dr.K walked out of the infimary room, leaving us to our privacy.

"So... why do you think he did it?" Quistis, straight to the point once again.

"He was bored?"


"Yeah I know, nows not the time to start. You know I don't mean it... why don't you guys get some rest and I'll stay here for the night."

Leaving no room for argument I quickly entered the room that Squall was now occupying. Closing the door behind me, I made my way over to the bed. Gingerly sitting down in the wooden chair beside it.

"So Leonhart, guess you finally managed to get the guts to try to kill yourself. I bet your thinking its to bad that I found you. Of course I couldn't let you die, only I'm allowed to kill the great Squall Leonhart." Taking one glance at Squall you would already think of him as dead. What with his pale skin, now even paler then before. His sculpted chest barely rising in an imitation of sleep. Cris-crossing red lines running up and down both of his muscular arms. And the battle scars along with some unknown scars lining his chest, and legs.

I was almost tempted to check his pulse, just to be sure he was still with me-us.

"Well come on Leonhart. Wake up. You know all your friends are waiting for you and there so worried it's making me sick. So either get up or I'll make you get up."

Watching for any reaction my head dropped in defeat. It was like talking to a brick wall.

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