Part 2

By okanechan

In six hours, I’ll be at the door of the FH Military Academy. I wonder if Quistis thought to call and let Seifer know that I was arriving. I didn’t even think of that; I just wanted to get going before I changed my mind. I know that if I had a whole internal monologue about it, I would have chickened out.  There’s no chance of that now; I’m already on the train. Maybe I can just rent a hotel room for a night and take the next train back to Balamb…No! I can’t back out of this now! It’s funny; all these years, Seifer called Zell “Chicken-wuss,” but at least Zell had the guts to tell people how he felt. At least he wasn’t afraid to admit that he had feelings in the first place.  I may not have the feathery hairstyle, but I’m definitely more of a wuss than Zell is. I should probably get some sleep; I finished the newest Weapons Monthly half an hour ago, and stressing out about seeing Seifer again is not going to do me any good.  I wasn’t even this nervous when I had to fight Ultimecia, but then again, my feelings didn’t really matter at the time. Maybe I should have stopped in Esthar first; I could use one of my father’s uplifting speeches about friendship, love and whatnot. The guy may seem like an idiot at first, but I’m beginning to understand why he people consider him such a great leader.

Let me make myself comfortable; this may be the SeeD suite, but the beds are still small and uncomfortable. There, that’s probably as good as it’s going to get. Now, let me cast Sleep on myself…

Something’s wrong. The lack of light from the window tells me that it’s still nighttime. We’re not supposed to get to FH until morning. Even though the suite is pitch black, I can sense somebody’s presence.  “Who is it?” I shout. This is too strange; the presence is familiar in some way. Why isn’t the person answering? He or she, no, definitely he, must have shaken me awake, since there’s no way the Sleep spell could have worn out this quickly. In an attempt to get out of the bed, I realized that I was tied down. “What the fuck?! “ I exclaimed. “Who are you, and what do you want?”

“Oh, I think you know.”

What the fuck? I definitely know that voice. I’ve heard it taunt and mock me for years. I’ve heard it, subdued and sexy, in my dreams. What the fuck was Seifer doing on this train?

It was almost as if he read my mind. “I got on in Timber,” he said, while caressing my cheek with his finger, “and I decided to see which of my old schoolmates was heading to the Horizon. You can’t be on a mission; FH doesn’t need SeeD assistance. So tell me,” he purred in my ear. “What are you planning on doing in FH?”

Part of me wants to scream for help; another’s warning me to stay silent, yet an overwhelming part of me wants to answer “you.” I hear a startled gasp. I didn’t say that out loud, did I?

“Very funny, Leonhart. I’m supposed to believe that the Ice Prince is trekking all the way out to FH to see little old me?”

Since he thinks I’m being sarcastic, I might as well run with it. “No, actually, I’m coming to see Martine. I’ve wanted to jump his bones ever since I met him in G-Garden.” I knew I was smirking, even though it’s too dark for anyone to see it.

“What’s this? Leonheartless found a sense of humor?” he scoffed. “Maybe that Rinoa slut was good for something after all. Tell me, was she a good lay?”

I know what he’s trying to do. He wants to get me all riled up; for some reason, he’s always liked to do that.  Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t know that I don’t really care for Rinoa that way. He also doesn’t know that I’ve never banged her. “I wouldn’t know. Is she?” I countered.

“Tch, how the fuck would I know? We never had that sort of relationship. I was in love with someone else.” His hand somehow ended up at the back of my neck. Damn, that feels good, almost good enough to forget the purpose of my trip, and the fact that I am still tied to this bed. Almost.

I have to will my voice to remain emotionless, though I’m nervous as hell. “Oh? And who might that be?” I asked.

"Oh, I don’t know,” he replied, “someone I’ve wanted for almost a decade. Someone who never acknowledged my existence unless we were kicking each other’s asses.” His face was inches from mine. If I reached just a little bit, I could kiss away the sneer on his otherwise beautiful face.

He’s gotta be kidding me. He must have found out from Quistis or Kadowaki, and now just wants to torture me. This time, it’s worse than any physical torture he dealt me at the Desert Prison. Please don’t tell me this is all a joke…

All of a sudden, his lips are touching mine. I’m not even sure if he initiated it or I did. I honestly don’t care, because it’s so fucking sweet, so much better than I ever imagined. I decide to run my hands through his short blond hair. Wait a minute; when did he untie me? I must have been so concentrated on the kiss that I didn’t even notice. I don’t bother giving it a second thought as I started removing his clothes.

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