Sections with names are presented in the character's POV. Not all of the sections are in specific POV. Most are narrative.

Semi Comedy, Semi Romance, Semi Angsty.....blah blah blah....has bits of other stuff...Lemon *cough* (Not until the later parts you hentais..)

Warnings - YAOI-YAOI-YAOI!!! Angst, Rape-not done by Seifer, Flashbacks, Mushiness, tiny amount of Laguna bashing- done by Seifer, Lots of lusting- done by Seifer, Rinoa bashing- done by everyone....

Most of the characters spend the entire story just wondering what the hell is going on.


Part Six

By Sodoshiin


My clothes were easy to take off seeing as how he'd already unbuttoned all of them. I watched him as he pulled off the t-shirt and old pair of jeans he'd worn to nap in and tossed them into a pile near the toilet.

I started the shower and knew his eyes were on me as I stood there, naked, waiting for the water to warm up. I felt his arms go around my waist and hug me from behind. Thank god his erection wasn't pressing against my ass or we'd be doing something else, and I'd be more than willing to let him be on top first.

But we REALLY weren't ready for that.

We WERE moving a heck of a lot faster than I thought we would though.

Shows you what I know about Squall.

"Hey, was that what you and Irvine were talking about today?" I asked, looking over my shoulder at him.

He shrugged. "It came up, briefly. Mostly we were talking about you."

I arched my eyebrows. "Really? Like what?"

"Just you in general. How you have a really nice ass, how you always manage to get yourself into trouble, how incredibly hot you are, how you're a great cook," he kissed me. "How I'm madly in love with you."

I swear I stopped breathing.


I felt him nod. "You'll probably think it's weird, but I can't remember NOT loving you..."

I turned and faced him. God, I almost started crying. But I was a man, I held it in.

Until he looked up at me and I just crumbled down like a woman.

Tears were leaking all over my face. "I love you, too."

He looked shocked through the wet fuzziness. "You're crying."

"Ya see?" I laughed, accusingly, pulling him against me as more tears fell. "You've turned me into a mushball. Now I can never be released into my natural habitat."

He laughed too, only his laugh was different. It had a whole other tone to it. "Are you sure you wanna take the shower NOW?"

It took me a second to realize what he meant and I swear my legs started to buckle.

Boy, Squall really IS full of surprises.

"Only if you are."

So, within five minutes of heading into the bathroom we were back out again and back on the bed.

We didn't talk for a minute or so, we just kind of lay there, watching each other.

"So, how do you want to do this?" I asked, for the first time in my life nervous about sex, my fingers tracing the hemline of his boxers. "I mean, it's up to you. I think doggie style is out."

Squall laughed. "There're other ways to do it?"

My face quirked. "Of course....but first...I have something to take care of. We gotta get these off." I winked at him and snapped the waistband of the boxers before I gently pushed him onto his back and slid down him. I slowly pulled the fabric down the length of his long legs, my hand brushing against his semi erection, causing him to gasp. I slid them past his feet, letting them fall to the floor. Then I was left there, just looking at him, naked and starting to breathe heavily, his lean body warm and enticing under my hands.

My mind started gibbering senselessly as I planted a kiss on the center of his chest. "Beautiful...."

I kissed my way down to his nipples, taking one in my mouth, suckling carefully, he tasted so sweet. My hands rested on the inside of his velvet soft thighs...stroking...teasing. He gasped, arching slightly, trying to get those hand to touch him were he needed it so badly.

I didn't want to tease him any longer so I moved lower, feeling the mattress dip under my weight.

He let out a tortured sigh when my breath danced along his sensitive flesh. I was deciding how to approach this without scaring him.

Head on is always best, pardon the pun..

I suckled at the tip, his hips jerks upwards almost of their own volition, seeking more friction, before falling back to the mattress. "Uhhhn!"

That was all the encouragement I needed, dipping my head, taking him all the way into my mouth. With slow, unhurried strokes, my tongue played along his length, eliciting even more sound from my writhing lover. Soon his slender hips jerked up again in my hands, desperate for the pace to quicken.

I gladly obliged.

He tasted wonderful. Everything about him was euphoria for the senses. The beauty of him, the musky scent that was left on almost everything he touched, the softness of his skin under my fingers.

I heard him moaning, felt him arching against me, his body trembling.

He came, arching up off the bed briefly, his body shaking slightly in the aftermath as I swallowed.

I could feel him settling in my stomach as I moved back up and smiled, wrapping my arms around him.

He was breathing almost evenly again when he nuzzled my nose with his. "It won't hurt too much, will it?"

I touched his face and rested my forehead against his. "No, I'll be careful. I promise. If you're sure that's the way you want to do it...You know, I thought you wouldn't want to be the uke...."

He blinked. "Uke?"

I smirked, enjoying the suddenly innocent look he had on his head. "Bottom."

He laughed nervously. "Oh."

I sat up on one elbow, planting a kiss on his shoulder. I reached behind me and took the bottle I had carried in from the bathroom from the top of the dresser.

"Roll onto your stomach."

Hesitantly, he did.

I winced.

The scars were as pronounced as they day he'd first gotten the bandages off.

Tears threatened my eyes, remembering his screams of terror and pain. I sat there, just looking at them.

"Seifer, it's okay," he told me, feeling one drop of water land in the small of his back, looking over his shoulder, drawing me with one arm into another kiss.

We continued to kiss, not really helping me regain my bearings.

The kiss went on and I poured some of the lotion into my hand. It was the same stuff he used when he gave me backrubs, or vice-versa. It didn't smell like anything, but it felt warm when you put it on.

I figured it was better than the other stuff I could have grabbed. It was freezing cold no matter where you kept it. I'd only used it once with a guy from...Dollet was it? Eh, I couldn't remember.

Didn't really want to either. Only Squall mattered.

He made a surprised sound in his throat when I put one lotioned finger in him. "Shit, that's cold."

I laughed lightly. "It should get warmer in a few seconds."

He relaxed a little as my words became truth, but was still slightly tense, uncomfortable. I whispered gently to him that it was me and things would be alright. He forced himself to relax completely.

Soon two, then three fingers were in him and he was starting to breath faster, his body moving a little as I brushed against the spot that made him forget about everything else.

"Okay, roll over," I whispered, watching him as he did so.

He looked up at me as I moved over him, kissing him. I reached one hand down and pulled his legs apart and up carefully, then positioned myself over him. "Are you ready?"

He nodded, blinking nervously as he felt me against him.

I moved slowly, pressing myself gently.

He made a sound and tensed up as the pain hit him.

I hesitated, letting him get used to it, letting him relax as it subsided. This repeated a few times before I was completely in him, my body pressed up against his, our faces only inches away.

I watched him, making sure he was ready before I moved.

He gripped onto me, wincing at the first few, slow thrusts.

He started to shake a little, still unsure, still feeling pain. For me it was wonderful, being buried within his lithe body. He was so warm, his skin was so soft under my fingers...

But he wasn't enjoying it yet so I paused again, my hands on his hips, managing to make out a few words. "Do you want me to stop?"

Still shaking a little he shook his head, determined. "No, keep going..."

Despite how good it felt for me I was hesitant, waiting a few more seconds for him to get more used to me before I moved again.

Then I hit it.

He let out a moan and clung to me.

I moved, hitting that spot in him over and over. His breath was ragged as I quickened my pace, my body shuddering when his airy mewl chanted my name against my ear. We were both clinging to one another, panting, moaning and sweating. I didn't know how long my arms would hold me up.

His legs were around my waist under the blanket, trying to push me in deeper while his hips moved upward to do the same.

He came first, holding out as long as he could for his first time. I didn't last much longer, for the first time feeling completely satisfied, emptying myself in him.

We lay there for a few moments, panting. I lay partially collasped on his chest, his hands around my neck, his chest heaving.

Only when we were both breathing normally did I carefully remove myself and curl up beside him.

He moved onto his side, facing me, and pulled the blanket around us before falling asleep with his head against mine.

I watched him for a few moments, the love of my life.

He DID look like a child now that I watched him. A beautiful, haunting little reminder of the little boy he used to be with only a shade of what he had become.

He really, truly was beautiful.

It didn't take long before I followed him in sleep.

We both woke around two in the morning and made love again, this time with me still in him, him on top, naked and straddling me. I could hardly think, looking up at him, hips moving, his back arched. I was still hesitant about hurting him, but his confidence and libido had grown during the few hours of rest, much to my amazement and partial delight.

We rested again before doing it one last time that night.

He looked a little scared when I told him how I suggested we do it. He was afraid of hurting me, I told him not to worry.

I didn't have the heart to tell him it was my first time with someone in me. That would probably would have only scared him more. It hurt a little, not as much as I thought it would, probably because he was being so gentle.

I gripped onto him as he moved in me over and over again, growing bolder with ever thrust he made. We were both sweating like crazy by then.

I don't think I ever moaned as loud as I did that night. I was surprised I didn't hurt my voice.

I suppose we would have taken a shower if we weren't so tired afterward. We both curled up against one another and slept.


I woke up with Squall hopping around on one foot, trying to get the other into a pair of pants. He'd managed to get a pair of boxers on. I THINK they were on forward.

I was laughing as I looked at the clock. We were over an hour and a half late. "Just call in sick."

"I can't, I have that meeting with the ambassador." He ran into the bathroom and grabbed his toothbrush.

"Oh, shit." I remembered. "Well, that's not until this afternoon."

He stopped at the foot of the bed with the toothbrush still in his mouth. "Oh yeah."

I smirked. "Get over here."

Pulling him across the bed I dragged him beside me, taking the toothbrush from his mouth and setting it on the nightstand, kissing him.

"I need to spits," he muttered, worming from my grip and crawling off the bed toward the bathroom.

I sat up, leaning my back against the headboard and watched him.

When he was done he crawled back over the bed and lay on top of me over the blanket. "How do you feel?"

"Mmmm...." I muttered, resting my forehead against his, my hands in his hair. "Madly in love."

"I was thinking 'hungry' but 'in love' is good." he laughed, his lips meeting mine briefly. "So, you want food?"

My hands traveled down his body as I gave him a suggestive look. "Not really. Although, hungry would be a good word for it."

He smirked. "Still horny are we?"

I nuzzled his cheek. "You wanna be on top?"

He shook his head unbuttoning his pants.

Well, now that Squall was more comfortable during sex it was a little different than the night before.

I think it may have felt better because his body was growing used to it. His short nails digging into my back felt kinda good with his wrapped his legs around me. I dared to thrust harder than I had the night before, he seemed to enjoy it.

I came first this time, continuing on him until he came.

We DID take a shower this time, and after that we had to take another one.

I was starting to think I'd created a monster.

I wasn't complaining at all.

Thank god the dog was still asleep.

The doorbell rang around ten-thirty, interupting either the fifth or sixth time we'd gone at it that morning. That particular time we'd left breakfast on the kitchen table and headed straight for the bedroom.

I looked up from the curve of Squall's shoulder as noise came again and swore loudly. Squall laughed lightly and planted a kiss on my sweat beaded forehead, his erection pressing firmly against my stomach while mine...well.........yeah.....

"Go away!" I shouted, loud enough for whoever the hell it was to hear.

"I was just wondering where you guys were," Fujin called back. "Can I come in?"

"Yeah, we'll be out in a minute," Squall replied, then looked at me, hovering over him, trying to keep myself from pounding into him again. "Make that five minutes."

As I heard the front door open I started again, picking up where we'd left off. The interuption had taken some of the heat out of it and it took a couple seconds for Squall to get back into it.

I was fine. In fact the intermission made me hornier that ever.

I came in thirty seconds flat, moaning so loud the neighbors probably heard it.

HE had restarted.

Well, with Fujin waiting in the other room I wasn't just gonna start again, so instead I moved down and started sucking him off.

Doesn't sound very romantic does it. Well, we were in a hurry and I didn't want him to have to take care of it himself. It's much better when I do it for him.

I didn't let myself get TOO into it or we would have been there a lot longer. Just as long as he enjoyed it, which he did because he was writhing around pretty good and the moans were getting louder by the second.

He came loudly and I swallowed, kissing the bone of his hip and sitting up while he caught his breath. "Come on, we have to get dressed."

"Should we take another shower?" he winked at me, still panting.

"Yeah, but it'll have to be a quick one."

We were in and out in less than five minutes.

Our third shower that morning.

I pulled on a pair of pants, putting the towel over my shoulders and headed out to greet Fujin while he got dressed.

She was sitting stiffly on the couch, blushing. "That was quick."

I shrugged, smiling. "I'm not complaining."

She laughed. "I bet you aren't. Have you guys been at it all morning?"

"Since last night." I told her, looking back at the bedroom door. I could hear Squall walking around and figured it was only a few seconds before he made his appearance. I sat down beside her on the couch, sighing happily. "It was great... I love him."

"Did you tell him."

I nodded.

"What did he say?"

"The feeling's completely mutual." I felt arms go around my neck and lips press against my cheek.

I lifted one hand of his and pressed it against my lips. "Are you dressed?"



"So, Squall." Fujin winked. "That's a decent set of vocal cords you have there."

I could feel Squall blushing and I patted his arm, which looked like it too was growing red. "Oh come on, I was soooo much louder last night."

"I REALLY didn't wanna know that." Fujin rolled her eyes.

I heard Squall laugh. "Hey, our breakfast is still out, you want some?"

"Who? Him or me?" Fujin asked.


"Sure." Fujin nodded. "Hey, when were you actually planning on going into work?" She called, standing up. I followed, my eyes traveling down the pair of pants and the shirt Squall hadn't buttoned up. I smirked devilishily and danced toward him, laughing evilly as I pulled him in for a kiss.

"Whenever he lets me." Squall replied, looking up at me, blue gray eyes smiling happily. "I really should get ready to go, shouldn't I..."

I made a pouty face, then grinned. "Hey, when the meeting is over I'll be in your office..." I arched my eyebrows.

I could tell he was considering it.

Squall and Fujin walked into the presidential office just before the meeting started. The room was packed with his Laguna's aids and attendants.

No one seemed to notice they were late.

Apparantly the ambassador hadn't arrived yet either.

Fujin took a seat beside Squall and waited. The other members of the committee were talking amongst themselves.

"You know, I bet he won't even show up. I could have just stayed home with Seifer," Squall whispered folding his arms over his chest, looking up at the wall-clock.

1:20 pm.

"Yeah, and you would have been asleep for two days afterwards." she assured him quietly. "I swear, from what I heard, you two'd both be dead by the end of the week."

"I take it your talking about Michael?" Kiros asked, smirking. "Didn't realize you two were together."

"I just learned about it...what...two, three weeks ago?" Laguna added. "You guys are already goin' at it?"

Squall rolled his eyes, glad the other members were caught up in their own conversation about the Dollet deligacy. "So?"

"Sorry for the inconvinience," a voice called. The room turned face toward the door where Chancellor Kay stood.

Squall was shaking his head as his father patted him on the back before going up to shake the man's hand.

Only then did Squall look up.

And almost died in his chair.

His face paled as he looked back at the surface of the table, his eyes wide.

Fujin looked at him, her face heavy with concern. "Squall, what's wrong?"

"It's him," he muttered.

While the chancellor was busy greeting the rest of the committee, Laguna looked over, his smile fading. He walked over, resting a hand on Squall's shoulder.

"Dad, I need to be excused," he muttered, standing.

Laguna didn't question it, he just nodded, allowing his son to pass.

'Go with him' he mouthed to Fujin.

Fujin led him out.

"Ah," the Kay called out, looking at the retreating duo. "this must be...." He paused, studying the brunet as he glanced up then away as Fujin took him out the door. He couldn't quite place the face at first, but the eyes....the eyes were full of the same terror.... He grinned. My, you've grown... "...your son..."

Seifer looked around Squall's office, his finger brushing over the desk top, removing three or four layers of dust. In his other hand he held a purple stress ball, tossing it up and down, resting his feet on the top of the desk. He looked at his watch, the meeting was probably just getting started.

He sighed then paused.

There was a framed photo on the surface of Squall's desk and as he picked it up he smiled.

There were three figures, one was a young version of the president, smiling and throwing out a peace sign with one hand.

Seifer smirked. He was kinda hot back in his day. Looked a lot like Squall-

"Aw!" Seifer laughed out loud, seeing the small child Laguna was holding.

A three year old Squall, laughing happily as he sat on his father's shoulders in a scruffy little yellow Garfield t-shirt. Beside Laguna stood a pretty, young woman in a blue sweater with a young Ellone beside her.

That must be his mom... He remembered Squall telling him that she'd died when he was three. The picture must have been taken just before. That means this was just before the two met at the orphanage. Laguna had been afraid that with all the enemies he'd had the children would have been harmed.

Squall had been harmed anyway.

Just as those words had entered his mind the door was thrown open.

Seifer looked up abruptly, his eyes falling on the entering two.

Fujin leading a grief stricken and terrified eyed Squall into the office.

"What happened?" Seifer was on his feet moving toward the two. He winced when he saw Squall shy away from his touch. He looked up at Fujin. "Can you get him a glass of water?"

Fujin nodded seeing he wanted some time alone and walked out.

"Squall?"Seifer rested his hands on Squall's arms, bading him to look up.

Squall looked up at him. "He's here."


"Chancellor's him."

Seifer didn't quite understand until he felt Squall shaking. "You mean HIM."

Squall nodded, rubbing his forehead. "He's the ambassador."

Seifer released Squall, feeling his blood raging as he paced back and forth. "I knew it. I KNEW there was something wrong about that guy..." He likes his brunnettes, he remembered Hilde saying.

"What am I gonna do? I can't say anything. He's the Magi ambassador, he's the only chance we can make peace with the Magi."

"We have to tell your dad."

Squall's eyes widened. "No!"

"Squall." Seifer sighed gently, handing him the picture, watching as Squall looked at it, his shoulders hunching. "He deserves to know." Squall looked at the floor, closing his eyes as he nodded, letting Seifer pull him into a hug.

Just as a loud explosion rang through the palace.


I was running. It didn't even seem like I was running but I was, my feet were hardly touching the floor. I don't even think I was in control of it. At least I knew where I was going. Through the chaos and debris of the halls I was running toward the meeting. People were running in the opposite direction, trying to get out, but I heard someone behind me.

Seifer. He was trying to keep up, I could his boots following me.

Fujin was at the end of the hallway with a few men, trying to pry open the door to the conference room.

I was the first one in.

"Help me!" I yelled to the others in the doorway. Seifer was already beside me, helping me to lift the the heavy wooden conference table. People were being pulled out of the room, some alive some dead.

None of them were my father.

I was searching frantically.

I found Kiros pinned under one of the overhangs. I pulled out the half-alive form of my father's lover and placed him into the care of Fujin who enlisted the aid of two others to pull him to safety.

Then I saw it, covered in grime and soot, buried under scraps of charred paper.

It was still sparkling despite the smoke and dirt, that's how I found it.

My father's wedding ring. The one he'd worn for my mother.

With no father attached to it.

I felt myself fall backward onto my rear, staring at it.

"Squall, he's not here." I heard Seifer tell me, feeling his arms pull me up, leading me out.


People were rushing everywhere, some going in, fire men, others rushing out to get to safety, to find out what had happened.

He was running toward Ward who was standing near an ambulance, where Kiros was being loaded in.

I kept my distance as I saw Ward shake his head sadly.

Squall's face paled. I watched him as he raced from person to person, my heart sinking.

"There was a bomb lining three rooms under the conference room..." I heard Hilde say after I stood there for an hour, watching Squall as he hunted for his father. "At least, that's what I heard.....No sign of the president?"

I slowly shook my head watching as Squall stopped, shoulders hunched.

As another ambulance moved away I walked to him, putting my arms around him.

I held him for what seemed like hours, the Presidential Palace smoldering behind us.

He didn't move, hardly breathed.

I think he was in shock.

My eyes fell and I saw drops of red land on the dark pavement. Squall held onto his father's ring, it's shape imprinting deeply in his hand. He was shaking, sobbing as he collasped against me.

Crying for his daddy.

A shadow passed over me and I looked up.

I didn't recognize the man, but I didn't really like what he said next.

"Seifer Almasy?"

My throat clenched as I nodded. Squall turned a little, looking up too.

The officer gestured behind him.

And I was being pulled from Squall by several pairs of hands.

"What are you doing?!" I shouted, feeling handcuffs binding my wrists behind me.

"Seifer Almasy, you're under arrest."

"For what?!" Squall, still dazed, sat there as he tried to comprehend what was going on.

"For terrorism on the presidential palace and the murder of President Loire."

"Squall!!!!" I heard a scream and through the window of the transport I was pined against I saw Squall collapse onto the ground.

"SQUALL!!!" I fought against the gaurds but there were too many of them.

They pushed me roughly into the transport.

I pounded against the door with my body, seeing Fujin bending over Squall.

The transport began to pull away as she looked back.

Take-care-of-him, I mouthed, tears streaming down my face. I didn't know what was going on, but I knew it would probably be a long time before I saw either of them again.

She nodded.

The last thing I saw was Squall's unconcious face as the ambulance pulled up.

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