If Walls Could Talk

Chapter 11 - The End, and the Beginning of Something More

By Redrum


Blood pours down my thighs. It oozes out of the large gashes on my back and chest. The only sounds in the room echo throughout the large uncarpeted bedroom. Torture chamber is more like it.

I'm lying on a cross of all things. Sharp cracks of a whip can be heard meeting flesh. Blood splatters against the closest wall and to the cold cement floor. Blood drips down the wooden cross and pools onto the concrete. Sharp splinters dig into my chest and legs when ever I struggle against the bonds. The spikes lining the metal cuffs dig into my fragile wrists. My lips are painted a a deep red from biting back screams. The man above me mocks me with every whip crack, he tells me that everyone I know has abandoned me, everyone I've loved has left me. I believe him. I believe him with every drop of blood that continues to ooze out of my abused flesh.

"Squall." He only calls me by my name when he wants me to do something even more degrading. "Squall!" Oh shut up, just stop talking. "Leonhart, get up now! Your going to bring yourself out of this and your going to do it now!" My mind is a blank as I try not to cry from the pain inflicted on my back and mind. It's not his voice, it can't be. It's always in my head. Always there, always taunting. Can't he just leave me alone, does he have to haunt me in my dreams too? He's always pulled me out of it before, but I don't think it's going to work now. It can't be him for real. He's not real. The man said so, I believe him.

I can hear a quiet whimper in the back of my mind. What the hell? "Please.. Squall. You gotta get up. The doctor said you won't live unless you get up. So please.. wake up. Please Squall..." The blackness lifts. My eyes slide open slightly, I'm blinded by a head of blonde.



"Your hair is blinding me, shut it off." I chuckle slightly, tears escape my eyes at seeing him awake. I don't hesitate in pulling him into a bone crushing hug. He grunts quietly, but I feel him smile against me. "Hey, I don't think he's up to your bear hugs just yet Seifer. He did almost die after all. Why don't you give him a rest."

"Yeah, can't you keep your hands off him for more then five seconds?" I let Squall go gently, settling him back against the headboard. Turning around I find Zell and Quistis standing there smiling.

"His vitals are fine, Dr.Kadowaki said he's good enough to go." We all smile and look at Squall. Seeing the bandages my face turns serious again. "That's excellent news. But could you guys leave us for a few minutes?" Zell and Quistis share a knowing look and exit the room. Turning back to face the brunette I sit on the bed and place my hand in his.

"Squall you can't do this anymore. Can't you just wait until your time comes instead of tempting fate?" Squall's eyes refuse to meet mine. His chestnut strands cover half of his face from my view. "You don't get it. I can't live with my memories. I can't live with what I did." I squeeze his hand gently and with my left hand I tuck his hair behind his ear, leaving his face free of a shield. "I don't think you told me enough. I think your going to need to tell me everything for me to understand." Squall looks up at me, bright storm blue eyes glisten with tears.

"You don't get it! I can't tell you. I can't.." I see the pain in his eyes and I really do think it's not possible for him to tell me. Maybe he could show me? "Squall what would you say to showing me?" He looks at me strangely and I elaborate "You know how Ellone can take people into someone else's past and watch the events that take place?" He nods slightly "Maybe we could have Ellone take me into your memories so I can actually see and understand what you went through." His eyes widen in fear "But Ellone.. she'll know." Anticipating this answer I continue on

"If you don't want her to know then there are spells that we have that can make her forget what she saw." The brunette nods slowly "I don't want her pity, and I don't want her to know. You can go ahead and do it but you have to promise not to tell anyone else." I smile slightly

"I promise. And you also have to promise not to try to kill yourself in the future. Plus if you did kill yourself it be like killing me." He looks at me quizzically "You share some of my blood now Squally. So no matter what you do I'll always be there for you, in you, reather you like it or not."

His bright blues eyes twinkle and crease at the corners, the next thing I know Squall Leonhart is laughing. I thought he was beautiful before, but he's gorgeous when he laughs. And the way his eyes change to a bright blue that complements him so perfectly it's truly a beautiful sight.

Not bothering to think about the consequences I lean over slightly and cover his mouth with mine. He stiffens underneath me, but soon relaxes and a lets out a slight moan against my lips. There's no words to describe the emotions that I feel coursing through me.



That's the first time I've laughed in years. And that's the first time I've been kissed and have actually wanted it. Seifer's lips on mine at first reminded me off all those other times. But feeling the softness and pleasant feeling of his tongue gently coaxing my mouth open, it's different from all the others. I really want this, I've wanted it ever since I first saw him. I didn't know it then of course, I just thought the feelings I was experiencing was hate. How wrong I was.

Opening my mouth to Seifer's probing tongue I gently meet his with my own. We both moan at the meeting, and the feelings that come with it. I feel my groin tingle slightly, and feeling the hardness in my thigh I moan again at knowing the feelings are definitely returned. Wrapping my arms around Seifer I grant permission for Seifer to know me inside and out. I open myself completely for him, and I know things won't always be perfect between us but I'm willing to risk it for the feelings he gives me. And the love I get to experience for the first time in my life.


The End.

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