Lasting Impressions

Chapter 2 - Battle Lines Drawn

By Sodoshiin

It glared at me across the table in the booth we all sat at. Its eyes were almost unblinking, watching. We had only just met and already it hated me.

Well, I didn’t like it very much either. I was away from Squall, opposite him in the booth, seated beside Irvine. It was on the other side between Selphie and the love of my life.

So I scowled right back.

Something nudged me under the table and for a second I thought it had kicked me. I realized its legs were too short. Besides, a foot was gently sliding up and down my calf.

I smiled a little and eyed Squall.

He smiled back, his boot lightly nudging me.

I wanted to kiss him so badly...

“Wanna try one? “

A chicken tender was pushed into Squall’s face. He blinked at it for a second before smirking a little and taking a small bite.  “Mmmm good.”

It smiled happily.

I frowned again.

As soon as the door opened Squall was knocked to the floor. He sat there, dazed, as the giant beast attacked with sheer body mass and tongue.

Rufus had become a big boy.

To say the least.

The cretin was nowhere to be seen at first, but as Squall picked himself up, giving the dog a loving pat on the head I saw the little thing pressed against the wall by the door, staring at the monster dog.

“It’s okay Anthony, this is Rufus. He’s our dog.” Squall squatted down and rubbed behind the dog’s ears. The giant tongue lolled in doggy pleasure and the huge mass of fur and drool sprawled itself on the floor, looking for more attention.

I watched, picking up Squall’s fallen suitcase as my husband reached his hand out toward the creature and beckoned it forward.

I dragged the suitcases into the hall in front of the stairs and headed to the kitchen to make some coffee.

Our house was small, but it WAS a house. A nice one too. With the money coming in from Squall being a SeeD and me teaching a few classes at the local college we lived pretty well. Most of the items from Squall’s old apartment from Esthar were moved here, much to my delight.

The entertainment center had been upgraded. Didn’t have to worry about waking up the neighbors. The nearest one was a mile and a half away.

Which made it very convenient when we were having-


I straightened as something hit me in the back of my legs with a squeak and turned.

Just in time to see Rufus barreling at me.


And I was on the floor, the dog half on me half off me, chewing his santa clause doggy squeaker with stupid, oblivious happiness.

I looked through the kitchen doorway and into the hall to see who’d thrown the blasted toy at me.

There it was. Looking at me with its huge eyes, it’s arms at it’s sides, it’s head cocked to the side slightly.

So...he’d decided to attack eh? Didn’t expect so much from such a little sucker....well, if he wanted to play that game.

By all means.

“He’s a little monster!”

“Seifer....come on....” Squall was looking at me with that puppy dog expression he sometimes got that made my heart melt.  “He’s only four.”

“Where did your FIND this kid?”

Squall sighed and looked at me, his toothbrush hanging out of his mouth.  “Child labor ring.” he walked back into the bathroom and finished getting ready for bed.

My face softened as the words hit me.  “Are you serious? “

He nodded.  “There were hundreds of kids Seifer.” he sat down on the edge of the bed and looked pleadingly at me.  “It’ll only be for a little while until they find his parents or more permanent place to stay.” He lay down, resting his chin on my chest.  “Please? Just for a little while? “

I sighed, looking down into those blue-grey pools. I recalled how easy it was to get lost in them. I knew almost every stroke of color in them by now, but each time I looked, they always took my breath away.  “We’ll see how things work out...”

He grinned at me, wrapping his arms around my neck, kissing me, his chest pressed firmly against mine.

“I missed you.” his voice was low and quiet. Oh man, I missed hearing that.

“I missed you more.” I replied, trying to grab for him, to pull him up into a kiss.

I didn’t realize he’d snaked his way down my body until I felt his hands on my pants, starting to pull them away.

I was immediately fully awake. Hell, it had been three weeks since I’d gotten any. I was practically panting.

Most of his body had disappeared under the covers, which hung lightly at my waist. In the dark I could see brunet waves of hair, could feel it brush lightly against my stomach. His body was so warm and soft as it shifted between my thighs. He didn’t even bother to pull my pants completely off.

Hell, if this was the reward for letting the kid stay a few more days longer it was well worth it.

I released a small gasp as his fingers touched me, stroking teasingly.

Cocky little...

He knew he had me. I was aching, biting my lip to keep from crying out and waking the kid as he continued the torture.

Oh, he was gonna get it tonight.

He must have forgotten that I tend to take revenge. No matter what he did to me I could always do it right back later.

My time would come. I’d make him beg.

I gasped as soft lips pressed against me.

I could feel him smirk, MY damn smirk, as he felt me jump in response.

“Squall, please.....” I found myself whimpering at him.

Damn me for being so weak.

Squall had one hell of a mouth. Didn’t matter what he was doing with it.

But right now he was slowly engulfing me with it.

He didn’t go all the way down, he couldn’t while having a semi-sensitive gag reflex, but it was always enough. His fingers worked the rest of me while his head moved.

It was bliss, perfect and complete.

And mine, all mine.

I could already feel my orgasm coming on, finally, after three weeks of waiting. The heat in my groin increased in waves, almost in rhythm with Squall’s mouth.

Oh God, I was almost there-

“Uncle Squall?”

Squall choked, almost biting down on me as he jumped in surprise.

“Shit!” I whispered loudly, hitting the side of the bed with my fist.

Squall sat up, clearing his throat and wiping at his mouth. The sheet fell off his shoulders and I could see him blush as he attempted to place me, still ready, almost finished, back into my pants.

“What are you doing?” The little blonde head tilted at us from the doorway, giant blue eyes sleepily peering over the top of the moogle plush.

Squall straightened his pajama top as it had ridden up his chest during our intimacy.

I made a small, forlorn noise as his perfect nipples disappeared behind the cloth.

“Nothing honey. What’s wrong?” The deep sensually inviting tone had shifted to a lighter, more sympathetic one.

“I hadda bad dream.” The creature replied.  “Can I sleep with you?”


“Of course you can.”

I gawked at Squall, my eyes wide, my mouth hanging open.

He offered me a sheepish smile.

I merely scowled at him and started to throw away the blankets.  “I’m going to take a shower.”

“Honey, I’m sorry...” his voice called to me quietly.

I wanted to forgive him right there but my raging hard-on wouldn’t allow it. Not yet anyway.

I looked over my shoulder briefly and saw the kid had taken my spot on the bed.

Squall’s eyes were pitifully sorry, his cheeks still flushed, his lips slightly swollen.

Dammit!! I’d been so close!!!

I tried not to slam the door and stripped out of my bedpants, running the shower as cold as I could get it.

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