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Chapter Four

By Sodoshiin

I was called by a dim light.
There was a fleeting memory of my dream
and the voice whispering.

The strings of the past are now fading,
and they show me the image of scenery I
could no longer see in a present time.

The image is you, here beside me.....smiling.

Yes....I remember it like it was yesterday.
You looked at me and touched my soul
deeper inside than anybody could.

The joy of sharing,
and that fateful encouter with you,
even out tender memories,
everything leaves me behind and vanishes into the light.

Within my fading memories,
still, I wanted to hold you once again..
I keep on shouting your name, so sad and painfully
until my voice withers.

"Where in the world do human beings come from,
and where do they end up?
My precious loved one, only you are missing...."

You dropped your eyes and you were shuddering,
and I wanted to embrace you with my very own arms.
I realized that I wanted to protect you,
in this whole world,
and only you.

I will vanish in a moment but still,
I do not want to let you go.
So sad and painful, the days you hold me,
I will never forget....

- Translation of Sekai ~Story~ original song and lyrics by Gackt




I was staring up at a spiral staircase, the sun shining in through small windows alone the cylinder shaped walls.

The sounds of the ocean, the water, the birds, with wind, echoed outside.

I was in the lighthouse.

My head turned weakly to the side, trying to get bearings of my surroundings and found that I was on the bed along the side of the wall.

The door sat a few feet away, and if I'd had the strength he could have gone to it.

At the moment I couldn't even lift my head.

I was alone.

I felt nothing. Not numb, just nothing.

For the first time in as long as I could remember I was comfortable.

The door opened from the outside and a figure, Seifer, stepped in.

His clothes were flecked with spots of white, some larger than others. A faded gray bandanna covered his hair, another around his neck, which was pulled away for one to assume he'd had it over his face.

He didn't seem to notice I was awake and began to remove his clothing, tossing, first his shirt into a pile on the hay, followed by the bandanas.

He started to work on his pants when I went to clear my throat, realizing that my voice seemed to have disappeared.

So I closed my eyes instead and pretended to sleep.

I heard a rustle of more clothing and a few moments later I felt a hand brush against my forehead.

I opened my eyes slowly, seeing he looked slightly surprised at my response.

"Welcome back." he smiled slightly. He was clothed now, in a blue work shirt and a pair or light colored pants.

I managed to return it with my own slight upward lip curve.

He seemed to accept that. "How long have you been awake?"

"Not long..." I replied.

His hand remained on my forehead. "Your fever's gone. How do you feel?"


He smirked a little.

"How long have I been here?"

"About a four days." he told me.

"You smell like paint." I told him.

"Yeah, I'll tell you all about that later." He watched me. "Are you hungry?"

I nodded.

"Good." he seemed happy with that and stood, walking to the other side of the room with his back to me.



"What happened to them?"

He looked over his shoulder slightly, not questioning who I was talking about. "Don't worry about them....they won't bother you ever again."

"You killed them?"

He sighed. "A few got away."

"I didn't think you cared." I told him weakly.

He turned abruptly and faced me. "How could you even-" he sighed, looking at the wall. "I couldn't just let them..."

A change of conversation was in order before I got him angry. "....Food?"

He nodded and walked to me with a plate.

"...mm......fruit..." I gave a small smile.

"Yeah," he told me, sitting on the edge of the bed. "I've been heading into town almost every day for the past week and a half. Fresh food is a must."

He popped a piece of apple into my mouth and watched me chew. "Okay?"

I gave a slight nod.

"So who were they anyway?"

"Some goons Ginny....the lady that brought you in, was telling me about...." I sighed. "Looks like we won't have to worry about them anymore..."

"Are you sad I killed some?"

"No....not really...." I sighed. "It's just..."

"You wish I'd let them kill you?"

I looked at him, blinking. "I didn't say that." But I wasn't sure WHAT I meant....for a moment, his words seemed to make sense.

"Man, what the hell happened to you...."

I didn't reply. He already knew.

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