Knowing You

Chapter 8

By Purple Penguin

Ships mechanics stood whispering in the ship yard, some glaring at the brunette who sat on top of his ship fixing some of the panels. Squall didn't really understand it all he'd done was ask for some tools, did they expect him to use his teeth to nibble the parts of his ship?

Now all he heard was rumours of 'spoilt president's son'. Half of them thought he'd give up after a few days of work. They seemed to think he didn't have to do work, did they think he sat behind a desk when someone else killed the sorceress? Did they think Lionheart was just for show?

Idiots. He hissed.

"What are you looking at?" He snapped at the two men that watched him.

"We're not leaving we have more right than you to be here."

"Stop staring at me!"

They stared a look and shuffled off leaving him to it.

Squall realized for the first time that he had no one to bitch at, once he had come out of his shell a little he enjoyed a good bitch with his friends. Back at garden Seifer and Zell were first class bitchers, mostly because they had had so much practice on each other.

He wondered if Kiros would mind, there wasn't a lot of choice for company round here. The dark man who was his father's best friend was mature, sensible, kind, smart, interesting and of course quite attractive. When he listed them like that he realized they were qualities that he looked for in potential boyfriends. He didn't know when he had started to think that way about Kiros but... He licked his lips, remembering that he had already had a taste of the older man.

Maybe he missed his friends and he was just looking elsewhere for companionship. Maybe it was because Laguna had practically forced them together putting them in same office and having Kiros be some sort of messenger between them.

Maybe he had real feeling for his father's best friend and was just in denial because of the situation. He liked Kiros' company he was good to talk to and he had started to think of the older man's hands on him, the thought definitely didn't turn him off.

The problem was: A- the other man would probably never see him as anything more than his best friend's son. B- Laguna would probably go mad if he knew how Squall was thinking about Kiros. And C there was the age gap thing not that he cared about that but Kiros and Laguna his friends and everything probably would care. He sighed, not a lot of good even thinking about it, nothing would ever come of his attractive to the older man. He hoped to be a friend at the least to Kiros, someone to talk to. He had borrowed DVDs from the dark man, Laguna had brought him three of his own collection and three from Kiros' collection he had gone an interesting pink colour and had mumbled somethings as he handed over two gay themed movies.

Squall had let him off easy with a roll of his blue eyes and accepted all six DVDs. He climbed down from his ship and made his way back to his room having had enough of the ship mechanics watching him like criminals. It was late so Kiros should have finished work and he could take back the DVD that he had watched last night and it would give him a reason to see the dark man.

DVD in hand, one hour later he hour on Kiros' door. He had stopped in at his apartment first for a shower and change of clothes. He felt a little silly standing in front of the mirror to try and look good for the older man when he had just decided to try and forget these silly feelings and here he was making an effort for Kiros' sake.

The door opened and the dark man looked quite surprised to see him.

"Didn't expect to see you here? Didn't expect you to leave the ship yard until it closed." He teased with a smile.

"I brought this back." Squall handed him the DVD.

The dark man eyes widened. "You- watched- this?"

A smirk slowly found its way to Squall's lips. "Yes." He knew what Kiros was thinking about, while most of the film was a story about a runaway with lots of action and plot there was an interesting and quite graphic sex scene in the middle of it between two men.

The scene had caught Squall by surprise, what he didn't mention to Kiros was that he had imagined the older man getting all hot under the collar while watching that scene and with that little fantasy he'd have a fun time in the shower with his hand.

"How did you- um-"

"Laguna brought it round along with some others."

"Oh." He paused. "Laguna gave you gay DVD?"

"I n an embarrassed red faced state but yes he did."

"Oh." He said again then realized they were still standing in the doorway. "Come in, did you want to get another film? Maybe a clean one this time?"

"What no porn?" Squall teased.

Kiros laughed. "No, I don't own any porn, sorry."

"Well if you want to borrow any of mine let me know."

Kiros shot his a shocked look then saw the smile. "Are you teasing me?"

"Me?" Squall looked innocent. "Maybe a little."

The dark man shook his head and lead him to the DVD sleeves.

Squall whistled. "You have a lot of DVDs."

"Well I stay in a lot."

Squall knelt to look on the bottom shelves.

"Coffee?" Kiros asked.

"Please." He answered, hearing the older man leave the room. "Don't you go out to see films?" Squall asked, following Kiros into the kitchen.

"Not so much these days."

Squall leant on the wall in the doorway. "I found this one." He held up a DVD."

"I'm not sure you should have that one."


"No." He chuckled. "Well- maybe borderline."

Squall made an interested noise in his throat.

"Don't tell Laguna that I'm supplying you with borderline gay porn movies."

"I won't."

Kiros set the mugs on the counter and gestured to the stools for Squall to sit with him. "So how come you're not still working? Thought you were a regular workaholic."

Squall grimaced. "I'm not well liked at the ship yard."

The older man raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

"Normally I wouldn't mind one quick glare everyone runs a mile anyway but these guys seem to think I'm a spoiled brat because Laguna gifted me an airship."

"Ah." Kiros said. "I could have a word if you want?"

"No it's make things worse, besides I'm not two I can fight my own battles." He took a sip of his coffee. "It's just that- they think they're better than me! I could kill them all without breaking into a sweat!"

Kiros raised an eyebrow. "Okay so maybe filling you up with caffeine wasn't such a good idea."

Squall managed a slight smile. "Don't worry I'm not going all homicidal just yet."

The dark gave him a look.


"You're a lot more... talkative than I expected, getting to like Esthar are we?"

Squall shrugged. "It's not so bad, at least Laguna entertainment value."

Kiros chuckled. "Yeah I know what you mean."

"And if I wanted to talk to someone that actually makes sense... I can always hang around with you right?"

"Who actually makes sense? Wow high praise there." He teased, he took a sip of his drink. "Oh I've just remembered something I was going to show you way back when I had just heard that Laguna had a son." He put donw his cup and disappeared into the bedroom. Squall got up to follow leaning in the doorway again watching Kiros dig around under the bed. He pulled out a small wooden decorated box.

"That's sneaky, nothing naughty in there I hope."

Kiros smiled. "Unfortunately no." He placed the box on the bed and sat beside it.

Squall came into the room, sitting on the foot of the mattress.

"Here, this is a nice one." He handed Squall a small photo.

Raine stood behind the bar with a glass and tea towel in her hand, smiling at whoever held the camera. Squall blinked at those blue/grey of the woman in the picture that matched his own.

"Don't you want to keep it to remember her by?"

"She was a good friend but she's your mother, you should keep it."

Squall looked back at the photo not knowing what to say.

"You look a lot like her."

Squall nodded. "Laguna tells me that all the time."

"Hmm he misses her even if he has someone new he still misses her.

Squall fell silent.

"I have others, would you like to see?"

The brunette nodded.

Kiros picked out one and handed it to Squall. In this one Raine was posing for the camera, standing under a tree, hands clasped together at her waist and she smiled.

The next picture made Squall smile. "What's going on here?"

"Oh." Kiros chuckled at the memory. "We wants a picture of all four of us so I had set the camera up and we waited but nothing happened and I was just going to check on it when it took the picture." He explained.

Raine was sat down but looking in the wrong direction, Ellone had got up and was talking to Laguna who had an arm in front of his face to scratch his forehead and Kiros was striding towards the camera to check on it.

"I like it." Squall said. "It looks more real.

"Keep it."


"Yeah if you like."

Squall glanced at him. "Thank you."

"No problem." He smiled, locking eyes with Squall.

The brunette liked watching Kiros, he liked knowing that Kiros was watching him like he was at the moment. The dark man looked away first, leaving Squall feeling a little unsure about himself suddenly.


"Huh?" Squall asked.

"I just wondered if you'd eaten yet?"

"Oh no I haven't."

"Want dinner? Nothing fancy, maybe an omelette or something?"

Squall smiled. "Sounds good, thanks."

Kiros walked to the kitchen with Squall following. "I'll handle the cooking, I don't really want food poisoning right now." He teased.


Kiros laughed.

"That's the last time I tell you something like that."

"Like what?"

"That you can use against me."

"Sorry I'm use to teasing people, I have so much to use against Laguna."

"I know but that's fun, picking on me is less fun."

"If you say so." He smiled and stated to make omelettes.


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