Note: The characters in this fic do not belong to me (except for the socialite and the clients). Please don't sue me. This is my story, though, and it contains graphic yaoi and a little shota sex. Do not read if under 18 or offended. Thank you.

"I'm Not Just a Sniper....."

Part One

By Domino

After a long day of tests and paperwork, Irvine Kinneas took a deep breath and went back to his dorm room. His older roommate was gone for the weekend, so he place was all his. He didn't have the time to enjoy having the dorm since he had an orientation meeting with his new company in an hour. Irvine hastily wriggled his way out of his uniform and jumped into the bathroom for a quick shower. Within minutes he got dressed in a dressy pair of black pants and white button-down shirt and ran to the train station outside Galbadia Garden. His destination was Deling City.

"Hello, Irvine... I've been expecting you.....," Darlene cooed when Irvine walked through those frosted glass doors. Her demeanor was so different from what Irvine was used to: heavy, expensive perfume, designer dresses, and a professional makeup job. She was not a bad looking woman, but she looked sort of older for her age, something which she never revealed. She tucked her brown hair behind an ear while she perused Irvine's tall frame. "You said you were how old?" she asked politely.

"I'm fourteen." He sheepishly replied.

Darlene smiled, "Well, with a little work you can present yourself in a more mature manner." She took him to meet the other workers, but soon after their introduction is cut short with a phone call. "Hello, Deling Escort Service, how may I help you?" Ms. Darlene answers. Irvine stares, "(E... Escort service?)" The young student just stared into the space around Darlene when she finished with her phone call. She noticed Irvine's frightened look. "What's wrong?" Darlene asked.

"This is an escort service?! Like a brothel?" He asked back.

"Oh, Irvine.... come here...." The matronly woman cooed. She kissed Irvine's forehead and gave him a reassuring hug. "There isn't much difference between the two, my boy..... but I offer only the highest service and selection... and I cater to only civilized individuals... none of these psychos who could hurt any of my escorts."

"But still......," Irvine bit his lip, chewing curiously.

"I know what you're thinking....... but I have one special rule that applies to all my workers.. 'you don't have to do anything you don't feel comfortable about'."

"Well.. I was thinking... do your workers.... have.. sex....?"

Darlene peered into Irvine's innocent green eyes. "My.. workers do offer sexual favors to paying clients.... I won't lie to you Irvine.. eventually you'll be having clients who will want to sleep with you.... but I want you to make the choice when you're older.. and ready...."

Irvine stayed silent, but his fear shone on his face. "You have nothing to fear Irvine," Darlene reassured. "Now, let me go arrange an escort for the young man that just called."

Irvine smiled. "Um, Ms. Darlene...... I'll go."


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