Knowing You

Chapter 5

By Purple Penguin

Lips on his, just the slightest touch. Warm heat pressed against him, another body, and another man in his arms. It was too dark to see this mystery man as he pressed his lips against his own again. Hair tickled his chin, a mop of brown hair.

He blinked clearing the darkness and gazing into deep stormy eyes that studied him and raked over his body.

He raised a hand to cup this beautiful young man's face and pulled him up for a kiss, a real kiss but the teasing light lingering kisses of the past. The shorter man wrapped arms around his neck, playing with his braided hair. He felt the young man shiver in his arms. His own hands ran over suddenly clothing less shoulders, arms, chest, and stomach. He pressed the leaner man into the bed. It wasn't his bed he realized it was too dark to be his room but he had been there before, recently too.

The younger man willing let himself be pushed into the sheets, suddenly naked now, completely bare and seemingly uncaring of that fact.

He studies him, wanting to memorize what he looked like, what he tasted like. He lowered his head to taste the other man's skin.

The brunette cocked his head at him when he stopped and he opened his mouth to explain to his lover.


Kiros eyes shot open and he stared at the ceiling in horror, panting slightly. He groaned. God, he hadn't had a dream like that in a while, probably because he had no one to dream about in the past. He rolled onto his side as the dream came back to his slowly.

God, he'd had a dream about a kid half his age and Laguna's son.

How could he even look Squall in the eyes again without thinking... bad, bad things?"

He sat up against the pillows. Really this was all Squall's fault though not his. If he hadn't got so drunk in the first place he wouldn't have kissed him and then none of this would be happening. Although he mussed. At his age he should have full control over his hormones. Not that this new development would change anything he wouldn't let it. Nothing would ever come of any feelings or attraction he might have for Squall and there was little point dwelling on it.

Kiros swung his legs over the side of the bed. It was true that he hadn't been out without his circle of friends in a while, he couldn't remember the last time he brought a man home or vice versa. He paused, wait a minute yes he did and Laguna had scared him away but even that had been a while. He had admitted to himself at least that he felt a little lonely maybe that's all this was. Even if he was drunk Squall was the only man to show interest in him in while, that was probably the source of his dreams.

He still had images of the younger man pressed against him, nuzzling into his throat warm breath against his skin and hands holding onto him. He had to remind himself that the other man was drunk and it would never have happened if he was sober and will never happen again and he shouldn't want it to happen again.

He dressed quickly with that thought in mind.

He decided to skip breakfast and have an early lunch to try and avoid Squall. He paused in the kitchen as he filled a glass of water when he realized Squall wouldn't have access to any form of pain relief and he probably felt like hell right now. His eyes felt drawn to the medicine cabinet maybe he could take a packet of pain killers to the younger man although then he would have gone against his plan to stay away from Squall already. He opened the cupboard and took out a box of painkillers; he removed one sheet and put the box back in the cupboard.

After giving these to Squall he would go straight back to his plan of not seeing Squall.

Kiros drunk his water then headed for the door, leaving his room packet in hand he headed for Squall's room.

He knocked on the door and waited when nothing happened.

"Who is it?"

"Squall? It's just me, I brought you some painkillers."

He waited again, receiving no reply.


The door opened to reveal the brunette wearing only a towel he tried to hide behind the door with little success. The dark man swallowed, eying the other man's bare torso and unconsciously made adjustments to what he had imaged in his dream about what Squall would look like.

His imaginary Squall had been leaner he realized how silly that was now. He'd seen the size of that weapon Squall carried with barely any effort, he was lightly muscled not overly so still able to appear lean and slim.

He forced a smile to his lips and held out the packet.

"Hi." Squall managed and took the packet. "Thanks."

"How do you feel?"


Kiros allowed a smile, suspecting that that was the truth. He opened his mouth to say... Something. Like goodbye or see you later or.... Something but no sound came out. And Squall was just standing there all wet and nicely muscled, lightly tanned and- Oh god. The other man was probably feeling completely embarrassed and rightly so and here he was making it worse.

"Right- Well- I-err- have to umm- have to get to- get to work now." He finally managed to say and turned, walking away.

"Bye." He heard Squall almost whisper.

He sighed. Maybe breakfast wasn't such a bad idea after all, Squall would be in his room for a while yet if he felt bad and wasn't dressed yet.

The dark man headed of the kitchen in search of food.

A full stomach later and coffee in hand he was ready for work. He hadn't seen Squall since he left his room and it was looking good for not seeing him the rest off the day.

The door to his office was shut, which was strange because unless he was in there he had it open or at least ajar.

He raised a hand to knock, which felt silly who would be in there?

"Hang on a minute." Laguna answered.

There was the sound of furniture being moved around then the door opened a little and he was met with his friend's cheery grin.

"Hi Kiros." He greeted.

"What's going on?"

"Oh I had to move a desk before I could let you in." He answered as if that explained everything.

"Why was there a desk in the way?"

"Because I've been moving the furniture."

The dark man frowned. "Can I come in?"

"Sure." Laguna moved back to let his friend inside. Kiros raised a hand to open the door further but it seemed to be stuck, he moved side-ways through the door and stopped when he saw his desk with Squall perched on it. He still looked a little worse for wear and he swung his bare feet slightly. He brunette looked up at him but quickly glanced away again.

Laguna had moved another desk into his room, which was currently sitting in the middle of the room wedging the door part way closed.

"Kiros give me a hand with this will you?" Laguna called

"What are we doing with it?" The two men took an end of the desk each.

"I was thinking it would look best against that wall over there."

"So it's staying?"


"The desk."

"Yes of course."

Kiros let go of his end. "Okay what's going on?" He asked Squall as Laguna didn't seem to give him an answer.

"Another of Laguna's hare brained ideas."

"It's a good idea, you said you wanted to feel useful and have more to do so it's perfect."

"I still don't see why I can't have my own office."

"We don't have the space."

"Well can't I share with Ward? It'll be quieter he can't speak."

Laguna chuckled. "Trust me when Kiros is working he doesn't say much either."

Kiros looked between the two. "Is he moving into my office?"

"Yes isn't it great?" Laguna grinned.

The other two looked at each other and glanced away quickly. Laguna frowned. "What happened? I thought you got on."

They both stayed silent.

"Why can't he share your office?" Kiros asked.

Squall started to shake his head continuously behind Laguna back.

"Well every time I have a meeting I'd have to kick him out, not very practical."

His friend turned on the puppy dog eyes look. "Please Kiros, just give him a chance, give him a day please."

Kiros sighed. "Fine."

Laguna grinned and they picked up the desk again moving it to where Laguna wanted it. A chair was put between the wall and the desk. A pot of pens, an in tray and an out tray were placed on Squall's new desk.

Laguna motioned Squall over. The brunette gingerly slipped off the desk and walked slowly across the room taking a seat at his new desk.

Laguna picked up a few pieces of paperwork. "I got these things to start you off on."

Squall eyed the four pieces of paperwork, at garden he managed a whole tray in a day- Well a day and half the night then he fell sleep at his desk and woke up ready to start a new tray the next day.

"What do I do when I finish these?"

Laguna blinked. "If you finish those? Well I'm sure Kiros would like a hand." He beamed.

Squall got the feeling that Laguna didn't do all that much paperwork if he though four was a lot.

"Right well I'm leave you to get settled in." Laguna said with a cheery grin.

Squall glanced up warily at Kiros who looked back at him awkwardly before heading for his desk to start on some work.

He looked up later to find Squall still watching him. "What?"

"I'm sorry."


"For last night... I'm sorry."

"For kissing me?"

The brunette looked a little embarrassed, blushing lightly. "For everything."

The older man smiled. "It's okay."

"So... friends right?" Squall asked.


The brunette nodded, picking up his pen to do some work.

"Do you miss your friends at garden?"

Squall frowned. He hadn't really thought about it much. "I don't know."

"Maybe you will later when you get bored with us old folks." He joked.



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