If Walls Could Talk

Chapter 9 - Run Away Lion

By Redrum


"Well, we've been here for an awful long time and I think it's time for some civilization." I really hope he's ready for this, but we have to get out of this room sometime. "Whatever." Already expecting that answer I watch him closely and find that he does want to go out but he's scared too. I place my hand on his shoulder and squeeze gently. "If you don't want to, we don't have to go out." The brunette brings his head up to look me in the eye.

"Let's go." I smirk slightly and rush to pull on some decent looking clothes before he can change his mind.

By the time I turn to face him, dressed neatly in faded blue jeans and a forest green sweatshirt, I find him already dressed in loose fitting black jeans and a grey sweatshirt. It's still talking some time to get used to seeing him look so casual. I didn't even know he had clothes other then his usual leather attire. Looks good on him though. He actually looks like his age, even if he does looks incredibly sexy in leather it's still good every now and then to see him with faded jeans and a baggy sweatshirt.

"What are you waiting for?" My eyes snap back to meet his, surprised at finding a slight rose tinge on his high cheek bones, I never thought he'd be the blushing type. Definitely looks good on him though, I'll have to try bringing it out in the near future. Holding back a smirk I make my way to the door where Squall is waiting.



It's been so long since I've stepped a foot outside Seifer's dorm that I almost forgot what the rest of the Garden looked like. And exactly how many people crowd the hall ways. I stumble slightly when a short blonde girl pushes past me, I feel a muscularr arm snake it's way around my shoulders and I smile in relief when Seifer pulls me close. It's sad how I can get jostled from some short girl when I use to be a brick wall. Oh well, I guess times change. I relax slightly with the heat of Seifer's body radiates through me and his protective arm warm and snug around my shoulders.



I pull him closer to my side to avoid any more push over's. It's kind of sad how someone as small as that can push him over, when I first met him and ran into him he barely moved. I'm hoping to bring that strength back, and the self confidence as well. He use to stride through garden, you had to have really long legs to keep pace with his fast strides. Though looking back on it he probably did that for a reason. Oh well, it's time to fill him up on good old cafeteria food and to reacquaint him with the 'Orphanage' gang. I'm hoping he can handle it. Boy do I hope. I think it won't take much to make him attempt again. And I can't afford to lose him.



We walk into the large cafeteria, I almost break into a run but Seifer's arm tightening around me stops me from moving anywhere but forward.



I wish I didn't feel like I was forcing him into this, but if it was up to him he'd never leave the room. No wait.. if it was up to him he'd be dead. He has to face them sometime though. He can't close himself off from the rest of the Garden just because he feels safer (at least I think he does) with me in my dorm.

Glancing around the room I finally find the orphanage gang plus Rinoa sitting around a large table in the back corner. Walking as quickly as possible with Squall stumbling beside me I make my way over to the table. Grabbing the two empty seats I set Squall in one while I plop myself down in the seat next to his.

"Squall!" Selphie squeals loudly, attracting the attention of everyone in the cafeteria. The rest of the group continue talking loudly, saying how much they miss him and catching him up on the Garden's gossip. Oddly enough Rinoa was the only one not smiling or chattering happily.

"So why did you do it?" The whole table goes quiet as the question they've all been wondering is asked. Rinoa stares intently into Squall's grey eyes. "Where you bored? Did you hate being a virgin so much that you thought you couldn't go on anymore? Did you feel like revenge for the way people have treated you? Or are you so selfish that you thought you would die and leave all your friends? Sometimes you can be such a cold hearted bastard Squall." Everyone's eyes widen as Rinoa finishes her little speech. I look worriedly at Squall, trying to gauze his reaction to the black haired girl. His jaw is tense, along with the rest of his body. His eyes are a dark grey, shimmering slightly. Everyone at the table thinks it's anger, but I know better. I've seen that look before. And judging by the way his adams apple is bobbing up and down and how hard he's breathing he's trying not to cry. I place a hand on his shoulder, trying to comfort him. He jerks away from me and stands up quickly, his chair sliding across the floor. Everyone in the cafeteria is waiting for Squall's response, with Rinoa saying it so loud even the people at the other end of the room heard it. And no one else knew that Squall had tried to kill himself.

Shaking his head slowly, Squall turns to face the rest of the cafeteria. Finding all eyes on him he gasps quietly and breaks into a run. Watching the grey sweatshirt billow behind him as he turns the corner I'm stunned to the spot. I can't believe Rinoa would do such a thing! Squall hates being called cold and heartless. He knows he's not and it hurts him when people call him Shiva's bitch. After I found that out I immediatly stopped calling him that. It's my fault the nickname was spread. Oh well, the past can't be changed. Feeling an elbow in the side, I turn to find Zell sitting beside me, his eyes locked on mine. "Go after him." His words jostle me from my jumbled thoughts, nodding in thanks I brake into a run and try to find the run away Lion.

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