If Walls Could Talk

Chapter 6 - I failed Again

By Redrum


Fuck. Damn snow. I shouldn't be alive right now, I shouldn't be able to feel the cold seeping into my back, the chilling bite of the wind. I just jumped off a four story building, shouldn't I be dead? Of all the things to fail in life, after saving the world I can't even fucking manage to kill myself?!

Cutting didn't work, Seifer fucking found me. And I was so close..

Poison didn't do dick all, Seifer found me again! Fucking bastard gave me an antidote. Or rather, shoved it down my throat since I refused to take it any other way.

Of course I got put into tight security. Bastards following me around wherever I go. Trying to make it look like they just wanted to be my friend. If they really were my friends they'd let me die! Goddamit!

Security got lax after awhile, so the first chance I got I climbed to the nearest and tallest building and jumped. Little did I know the snow would cushion my fall.

Instead of dying I ended up with a broken leg and a fucking broken arm. Damnit. Well.. it's not like I don't deserve it.

"Squall! Fuck man, what the hell are you doing?"

"Oh, just lying here is all." Seifer continues, either not hearing me or not caring. "I turn my back for one second, and you jump of a building?! What the hell is wrong with you?!" Damn. Seifer to the rescue again. "Don't you ever stop playing knight?" He flinches slightly at the memory, but strides over to check the damage. His emerald eyes widen in surprise when he finally sees me. Damn, must look worse then I feel. No wait.. I probably feel worse then I look.


Oh my fucking God! What the hell was he thinking, jumping like that? First the cutting, then the poison, now this?

My anger subsides as soon as I catch full site of his body. Blood pools around his leather clad form, seeping into the virgin snow. His right leg was bent at an odd angle, his other leg was mangled and bloody. His breathing was shallow, his chest barely rising. He probably has a few cracked ribs, though I was definitely surprised when he used his good arm (as good as it can be considering how bloody it looked) to turn himself over.

I watch as he holds back a scream of pain and closes his eyes tightly. His breathing was becoming more shallow so I stopped gawking at him and bent down to his level, not caring of the blood and snow seeping into my pant leg. I guess I never do get tired of playing the knight. But Squall needs a knight, no matter what he says.

He's so busy helping other people he never has time to help himself. Instead he resorts to trying to kill himself. I really wish I knew why he was doing this. Though the scars I found on his arms awhile back tell me he's been doing it for awhile now (probably since we were both in school and around thirteen), but he's never tried this hard before. Maybe I should just let him kill himself... No I can't do that. If no one else is going to help him, then it's up to me.

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