Part 5 already?!

"I'm Not Just a Sniper....."

Part Five

By Domino

After those two sexual encounters, Irvine Kinneas became one of the most requested escorts of the Deling Escort Service. He went from a naive, young boy to a seasoned escort within three years. Every man, from someone who just wanted a quick fling to middle-aged businessmen who wanted someone to shower their attention on, wanted, and still want Irvine as their date! Now seventeen, Irvine is ready to move on and spread the word of his escort service to other countries. Of course he still has SeeD training to complete. After all this is why he became an escort in the first place, right? He sits up and meets with his new teammates.....

That night the group sits down in the Galbadia Hotel lounge to discuss strategy. The dark-haired leader speaks up, "According to the guard outside the mansion, General Caraway wants us to prove ourselves with finding this student's ID card in the Tomb of the Unknown King. Selphie, Rinoa, you're coming with me. Irvine, since you're the sniper for the mission, I want you to rest up for tomorrow night. Quistis, Zell, you rest up too."

The girl in yellow sulks, "Awwww!! How come Irvy Kinnea-poo can't go with us? Come on, Squall!"

"I told you, Selphie, he is to rest. Now let's move out," Squall stands up. He is followed out by Rinoa and Selphie. Irvine grins, "Leaves me more time for you Quistis."

The older blonde rolls her eyes, "Yeah, right...." she adjusts her glasses. Suddenly a phone rings, "What's that? A cellular?" The former instuctor asks.

Irvine blinks and takes a small phone from his pocket, "Must be mine." He looks at the ID and gulps, "Sorry.. I gotta take this." He excuses himself and takes the call in the corridor of the restrooms.


"Irvine, it's Darlene."

"Hey! How are ya?"

"I'm well... I saw you coming out of the train this afternoon. Are you on a big SeeD mission?"

"Kinda.. can't really say. I'm close to bein' in SeeD, though."

"I'm so proud of you! But that's not why I'm calling."

"Oh? What's up?"

"I have a client who's interested in meeting you."

"For how long?"

"He's willing to pay for the whole night."

"Damn... must be loaded......"

"You okay, Irvine? You sound nervous."

"A bit... but it's about the mission. Okay, Darlene, where does he want to meet?"

"In front of the Galbadia Hotel. His name is Mr. Forrester."

"The big CEO from Dollet?!"

"I think so... he's looking forward to meeting you."

"I won't let you down... I promise."

"You be careful and have fun Irvine, okay?"

"I will."

"Take care now.. bye."

"Bye." Irvine hangs up his cellular.

"Who was that?" Quistis asks as she walks in on her new ally.

Irvine turns around, "It was my aunt.. Darlene..."

"What did she say?"

"She said she found an old family friend and she wanted me to have dinner with them. Is it okay that I take the night off?"

Quistis smiles, "Okay Irvine. Squall and the others aren't due back until later tomorrow. Be sure to be back by then, or else we'll both be suffering the wrath of Leonhart."

"Trust me, I won't be late," he grins back and walks out of the lounge.

Once Irvine's out of sight, Quistis goes back over to Zell, "I'm going after Irvine."

The spiked blonde looks up, "Why? You just let him go out. If that was me you'd smack me upside my head! Must be because he's cute. Typical."

Quistis glares, "Not like that. Something's wrong. I'll be back in a few hours." She only takes a few types of ID along with her room key and whip and walks out of the lounge. "Where can that cowboy be..?"

Irvine smoothes out the wrinkles in his coat and waits for his client outside the hotel. Within a few minutes a man walks up. He seems to be in his mid-40's, greying brown hair, glasses, and dressed in a tuxedo. "You Irvine?" he asks.

"That's me," Irvine looks up, smiling.

The older man gazes up and down Irvine's frame, "I'm Mr. Forrester. Mmmm... You come just as advertised."

Irvine tips his hat, "Well, I aim to please."

"I bet you do," The man steps closer, unzipping Irvine's vest partway and slipping a hand inside. His fingertips brush against a nipple. Irvine sighs softly, "Mmmm..."

Forrester smiles, "Your skin is so soft Irvine.. I can't wait to sample more of it... but first.. care for some dinner?"

"Sure.." Irvine grins and zips his vest back up. Mr. Forrester takes Irvine's hand and walks him to a posh restaurant up the street.

While the walk into the restaurant Quistis spots Irvine, and the much older man with him, with his arm around the cowboy's waist. She blinks and follows them in.

Irvine walks back from the bathroom, "Sorry.. I had to take care of something."

Mr. Forrester nods, "That's okay. I didn't know what you like to eat, so I ordered everything on the menu."

"You... did..?" Irvine's eyes widen when all this food arrives. You're.. very generous.... er... I didn't catch your first name."

"Call me Morigan," He chuckles, placing a hand on Irvine's knee. The young cowboy blushes and chews on some teryaki chicken. "You're incredibly sexy..." He whispers into Irvine's ear.

Quistis listens in from a table nearby. She hides herself behind the restaurant's large menu, "(Who is that guy...?)"

Irvine smiles, but then looks over to where Quistis is sitting, "Hmmm..?"

She quickly ducks, "(Too close.. I'm no good at this under-cover shit..)"

"Is something wrong, Irvine?" Morigan asks.

He shakes his head, "No..... Thought I saw someone I knew..."

"I'll take care of the bill," Morigan has Irvine wait at the front of the restaurant. Soon they take the older man's limousine to his penthouse apartment outside the city. This is where Quistis loses them, "Irvine's a...."

Irvine overlooks the city from a large window, "Wow... it looks so peaceful from up here..." The older man nods and wraps his arms around Irvine's lithe waist, "You like it..? Then you'll love my bedroom.." He picks Irvine up with incredible ease and carries him to the oversized bedroom. Soon their clothes lie on the floor as the older man penetrates his cowboy from behind. Irvine cries out in pleasure, feeling his length sheathed in his client's hand. The older man slides a sex toy inside of Irvine while penetrating. Such a feeling drives Irvine over the edge, making him come all over his client's hand. The man comes as well, smiling when he sees his essence drip down Irvine's toned thighs. He picks Irvine up and rolls onto his back, laying the cowboy on top of him, "Are you ready to ride, cowboy?"

Irvine nods, kissing Morigan's lips, "I sure am..." The older man grins and enters the younger man again, wanting to flood this boy once more in his essence.

A steady dose of sunlight causes Irvine's eyes to flutter open. His green eyes sparkle, "M.. Mornin' already..?" A strong aroma of coffee wafts through to his nose, "Mmmm... Mountain blend..." He gets up and throws on only his trench coat for lack of any kind of robe. Morigan is brewing coffee, "Good morning, beautiful. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, thanks."

"If you like you can leave. Or you can shower and at least share a cup of coffee. Either way your payment is on the counter."

Irvine smiles, "I'd like to shower then... you know, since I'm kinda all sweaty from last night."

"Help yourself, my dear."

The cowboy grins boyishly and goes to shower. Unbeknownst to him Morigan watches, enjoying himself while his escort bathes. Irvine has a quick cup of coffee before leaving and taking his pay of 10,000 gil plus a 2,000 gil tip. He almost squeals while going back to Deling City.

"Where were you last night, Irvine?!??!" Quistis screams at him. Irvine shrugs, "Went out to see the town again. Is that a crime?"

"No, but you violated the Garden's rule of curfew. I'll have to report your actions to Headmaster Kramer since you've transferred to our Garden."

"But I'm still enrolled as a Galbadian student. You can't touch me.." Irvine smirks and walks away. "I'm gonna go take a nap.. Let me know when his bitchiness returns from the tomb, would ya?" He disappears into his hotel room. Quistis just stands there, stunned at Irvine's irreverent behavior from last night and just now. "If I didn't know any better I say that guy paid you to sleep with him," She hisses and goes to her room to write up the report. "If anything YOU'RE the bitch, Irvine Kinneas. Not Squall."


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