Sections with names are presented in the character's POV. Not all of the sections are in specific POV. Most are narrative.

Semi Comedy, Semi Romance, Semi Angsty.....blah blah blah....has bits of other stuff...Lemon *cough* (Not until the later parts you hentais..)

Warnings - YAOI-YAOI-YAOI!!! Angst, Rape-not done by Seifer, Flashbacks, Mushiness, tiny amount of Laguna bashing- done by Seifer, Lots of lusting- done by Seifer, Rinoa bashing- done by everyone....

Most of the characters spend the entire story just wondering what the hell is going on.


Part Five

By Sodoshiin


It's nice when you woke up in a nice, warm bed and see the most beautiful guy in the world sleeping next to you. You have no idea how great that feels. Especially when you're madly in love with him. I could have sat there and watched him for hours. Actually, I think I did. And I did it happily. One kiss and the guy turned me into a mushball.

It was one HELL of a kiss.

It made me giddy just thinking about it.

And no, Squall and I did NOT have mad monkey sex.

We took showers (separately, you hentais, I'm giving you evil looks), called the tow, brought the car back, talked for a while, and went to bed. And HE invited ME into his room. I mean, I started to get ready to sleep on the couch again but he wouldn't have it. I like having a nice, warm, human sized, Squall shaped Teddy bear. He doesn't snore or anything. He moves around a lot but that's about it. I woke up at about two a.m with him half on me half off me. Thank god he was light.

Now, I bent down over his sleeping form and kissed him gently on the lips, lightly enough so that hopefully he would stay asleep but pressed enough to get a smile out of him while he dreamed.

Internally, I was giggling like a love-sick school girl.

I carefully got off the bed and headed for the bathroom.


When I woke up the room was light. The sun was up already. I forgot for a minute that it was a weekend and panicked until I remembered.

Then I wondered why the hell I was by myself.

Seifer, the weenie, had probably gotten up in the middle of the night and gone back to the couch.

Then again, I do have a tendency to move around a lot in my sleep. When I first got into the Garden, Zell and I shared a room with bunk beds. I moved around so much I'd shake the entire structure.

I sat up and noticed the door to the bathroom was closed and light was streaming from under it.

Then a toilet flushed.

I smiled.

So he HAD stayed.

Standing, I tiptoed to the door. The sink started as he washed his hands then the door opened just as I hid behind it.

I saw him walk out a few steps and stop, eyes locked on the empty bed, blinking. "Squall?"

I leapt out from behind the door and grabbed him around the waist. "HA!"

I swear he jumped ten feet in the air and almost screamed like a chick.

I was laughing my ass off when he turned around and growled, picking me up off the floor and trudging me back to the bed. I screeched with surprise and delight as he tossed me onto the rumpled covers and proceeded to jab his fingers at my sides, tickling me, muttering hopeless curses at me.

I was thrashing on the bed, laughing, trying to get away from his hands, I didn't dare kick for fear of hitting him in the face but I beat at his arms until he stopped, leaving me gasping for breath with a big smile on my face.

He sprawled out next to me and pulled me into a kiss.

My body melted, luckily I was laying down this time.

"Hungry?" he asked once he released me.

"Yah." I nodded.

"Come on, you can help me make breakfast."

He ignored my pleads for his life as he dragged me into the kitchen and sat me on the counter.

"Just watch me."

I did, but I don't think I was looking at what he wanted me to. He was ranting something about eggs and I was staring at his ass. He looked over his shoulder to make sure I was paying attention. Of course I wasn't and I got a little lecture about how I'd wanted to learn how to cook. But that was BEFORE. NOW I just wanted to sink my teeth into that nice, tight-

"Squall!" he cried. "You're STILL not paying attention."

I jumped a little and smiled apologetically. "Sorry, hun, but you're kinda distracting....Have ZELL teach me how to cook. HE'S unappealing." I said pointedly.

Seifer tossed me a humored look and shook his head.

"Well, put an apron over your ass or something." I told him, throwing my arms up.

He laughed.

I don't think he thought I was serious. So I got the apron and did it myself.

Before the morning was up I learned how to successfully scramble an egg. I felt pretty proud of myself too. Seifer ate it. Hell, I wasn't gonna touch it. He pulled out a small piece of an eggshell but said it was good. I wasn't sure if he was just trying to humor me or if he was being honest.

He had more balls that I did.

I sat on the counter and watched him eat the eggs I'd cooked, offering me a forkful. I shook my head.

He shrugged.

After a few seconds he smiled and pulled me down for a quick kiss.

When I pulled back I was chewing on egg. "You tricked me."

"See? They aren't bad." he grinned. "You want some?"

"Can I eat them out of your mouth?"

He laughed, almost choking on a hashbrown.


When I went into work I knew I was grinning, parting from Seifer, tossing him a kiss when no one was looking. I headed upstairs to my father's office while he went down into the kitchen.

"Why are you glowing?" Fujin laughed as I walked in. "You're smiling like an idiot." Then she gasped. "You got laid!"

I tossed her a look, still smiling. "Did not."

"Then what's the deal?"

I shrugged, flopping down to sit on her desk and rummage through her pencil cup. "Can't I just be happy for no reason?"

"YOU can't, it's scary when you get this happy..Did you kill someone?" She gasped. "Oh no! You didn't murder Seifer did you?"

I coughed inconspicously, looking around. "Michael."

She put a hand over her mouth and smiled sheepishly. "Whoops..." She leaned in closer, whispering. "So, what's the deal? Are things okay with you and Michael?"

I was sooooo grinning like an idiot by then.

She finally got it. "No!" She smiled. "No way!"

"Shhh." I put a finger to my mouth, laughing.

She was bouncing up and down in her chair excitedly. "What happened? Did you kiss him? What? Tell me!"

"Later." I assured her. "How's Zell."

"At home sleeping." Her face darkened. "What happened?"

"I'll tell you THAT later too. It's part of the story." I put her pencil cup back and sighed, kicking my legs back and forth over the side of the table.

She smiled and shook her head. "God, you're in love."

I just nodded.

She let out a giggle. "So is he."

"I dunno, I didn't ask."

She rolled her eyes. "No, I mean he is too. He told me the night of Selphie's birthday bash."

I blinked, dumbfounded. "He actually said that?"

She shrugged. "Not in so many words, but I can just tell these things about him."

I was smiling off my rocker just as my dad came in.

"What's with you?"

I let out a sigh. "What?"

"You look like you got laid."

Fujin laughed. "That's what I said." Fujin batted her eyes. "He's in love."

Dad started to look all teary eyed. "So, who's the lucky girl?"


He looked at me for a second, as if he didn't quite believe me, then he laughed and slapped his knee. "That's my boy!"

I tossed him a look. "Dad.."

I got home early and decided to work out a little. I had a punching bag hanging in the corner of the main room. I hadn't used it in weeks, being so busy with work and now seemed to be a good time.

I changed into a pair of dark jeans and turned on some music, some tecno rock band and started hammering away at the bag.

I didn't even hear him come up behind him until his arms were around my waist, his face buried in my bare, sweatdamp shoulder. He felt me jump and I felt him grin.

I glnced at the clock and realized I must have been working out for over an hour. "How was work?"


"Ah." I turned my face and kissed him. "Come on, I'll cook dinner."

He blinked at me, surprised. "Are you sure?"

"I've watched you long enough, I think I can manage." I tried to pull away but he pulled me back, kissing my neck, his hand resting on my bare stomach.

"You're all sweaty. Maybe you should take a shower first. I'll get the stuff ready. What were you planning on cooking?"

"I think I can handle spaghetti." I reached around both of us and slapped his butt lightly. "Come on, let me go."

"In a minute." He assured me. "You know, despite what you may think this is all new for me too."

I leaned back against him. "You've dated guys before."

"Yeah, know..."

I laughed. "You're not gonna get all sentimental on me are you?"

"Gettin' there." He bit my shoulder lightly, grin widening. "Wanna make out on the couch for a little while?"

I laughed again.


Selphie wanted to go to the zoo, so we went.

We spoil her. I know this. SHE knows this. Then again, we didn't really have anything better to do...

I saw Squall and Seifer holding hands, talking amongst themselves.

It was kinda weird seeing them like that, I needed a little time to get used to it. People were giving them looks. I was giving THEM looks. Seifer and Squall were oblivious. They'd been like that for days now.

Zell wasn't saying anything, he and Fujin were watching the monkeys. Irvine threw an arm around Selphie. She smiled up at him and kissed his chin.

He put his cowboy hat on her head and kissed her cheek.

He can be so sweet sometimes. But, they're both hentai and proud of it, just give them a few minutes..

I was walking along the other side of the path by myself.

I was the only single one now that Seifer and Squall had announced they were together. I admit, I used to have a thing for Squall but I backed off once Rinoa had come into the picture. The little snob. It had always been about her her her... She just wanted a guy to parade around with. For a while it seemed like she'd cared but it didn't take long for her true colors to come out. She was a rich, spoiled, selfish...

And speak of the devil.

I saw her dark prudey head over the rest of the crowd, thinking it couldn't have been her. It was too much of a coincidence. But I saw her face and muttered under my breath.

She'd seen me and now Selphie and Irvine. Seifer and Squall were behind us, still not paying attention to anything.

She was with a guy, definately not Zone so I figured that had just been a rumor. Actually, the guy was pretty hot. Rinoa had a pretty smug look on her face when she came up to us.

"Hey." she sighed, blinking at us. "How are you guys?" she put her arms around the guy's waist. Probably to show us how happy she was without Squall.

Boy, was SHE in for a surprise.

Irvine hugged Selphie tighter, his eyes turning to slits. "We're fine, you?"

"Great." Rinoa replied. "Hey Quistis."

I gave her the weakest attempt at a fake smile I could muster.

The little bitch turned. "So, Zell, finally find someone who'd stoop down to your level?"

"Rinoa, finally find someone to shave all the hair off your back?" I heard Squall retort before Fujin had a chance to defend herself and her man, and I laughed openly. Selphie turned to give him a thumbs up and doubled it when she saw Seifer chewing on his earlobe as he'd said it.

"Squall?" Rinoa looked dumbstruck. "Seifer?"

Seifer looked up as if he'd just noticed she was there and grinned, putting his arms around Squall possessively. "Oh, hey Rinny." Then he proceeded to lick a trail down Squall's neck.

They looked incredibly hot, Rinoa must have been shitting bullets.

"I thought someone would have thrown you in jail by now." she folded her arms over her chest.

"Oh, what, because I tried to kill you?" Seifer opened his mouth in a surprised O before he rolled his eyes. "Please, it wouldn't have been THAT great at conviction. Remember? Nobody likes you, DEAR..."

"Down boy." I heard Squall mutter in his ear. "Save that energy for late."

Seifer "Rawr" ed and laughed.

They were so cute in the face of danger that I was practically floating.

Rinoa made a disgusted noise, her face contorted nothing short like a confused bobcat. "So, you're gay now?"

"I'm not gay!" Squall made a shocked noise, his eyes going wide, as Seifer began to chew on his earlobe again. "I'm just happy."

"Well, anyway." she huffed, gesturing to the man next to her. "This is Adam."

Adam mouthed "Help Me" while the snot wasn't looking.

"Well, Squall." Rinoa smiled a little, eyeing my friend. "You look good."

"Good enough to eat." Seifer arched his eyebrows suggestively and bit a trial down to Squall's shoulder.

"Later." Squall laughed.

Rinoa didn't look very happy.

No that I blamed her. She'd lost Squall to Seifer. SHE'D never made him that happy and seeing him now with a guy she'd used to date, a guy Squall was supposed to hate was probably eating her up.

I was enjoying it thoroughly.

She was glaring at Squall and Seifer with a completely appalled look on her face.

They went back to being oblivious and kind of faded into the background, probably going off to make out somewhere.

"I'm gonna go get something to drink at the food court." Adam muttered, backing up quite quickly, probably before Rinoa noticed. Then he was gone.

So, Rinoa was left facing five of us, alone.

Fujin looked like she was gonna kill her. I bet I looked close to the same thing.

"Well, it was....nice...seeing you all again." she sighed, looking bored. "I'm sure I'll see you guys again."

Zell muttered something under his breath as she walked away.

"God! I can't STAND her!" Selphie roared, stomping her feet. "I should rip all her hair out!"

"It shouldn't be all that hard." Fujin rolled her eyes. "With all the hair dye she's used I bet it's falling out on its own." She looked around. "Where'd Squall and Seifer go?"

"Is she gone?" Squall's head peeked out from behind one of the bird cages.

"Yeah, you can come out now." Zell sighed.

"I figured they'd already DONE that." Irvine laughed.

Selphie giggled.

Zell rolled his eyes. "Irvine....God!"

"That was weird." Squall sighed. "Just seeing her out of the blue like that..."

"Are you okay?" Seifer asked him, kissing his hand then his lips.

"N'aw!!!" Selphie giggled. "How disgustingly cute! I love you guys!"

"Mountain lions!" Zell called.

"Hey, last time we were here they were mating!" Irvine winked. "Hey Selphie, remember the janitor closet near the food court?"

"Oh yeah baby." She arched her eyebrows.

"More information than we wanted, guys..." Squall made a face as Seifer laughed, pulling him along by his hand.

"We should do something." Squall sighed, looking over at Seifer who was brushing his teeth in the bathroom.

Seifer spat into the sink and looked back. "Like what?"

"I dunno." Squall shrugged. "Anything. Just go out and do something."

Seifer smirked. "Date stuff?"

Squall shrugged and nodded. "You know, once I'm done will all the stupid paperwork and stuff that Dad has me doing."

Seifer rinsed off his toothbrush and lay down beside Squall, his upper body hovering over the brunet's. "Like what? Dinner? Party? Dinner party?"

"Or we we could go to a movie."

"Or," Seifer sighed, looking down at him. "we could stay home. I could make some dinner, we could rent a movie, eat some popcorn....completely defeating the whole purpose of going out. Not that I would MIND going out and showing off my gorgeous *kiss* wonderful *kiss* sexy *kiss* beautiful *kiss* great smelling boyfriend. But I prefer to keep you all to myself. *kiss*"

"Mmm..." Squall's eyes twinkled mischeviously as he pulled Seifer's face down to his.

Seifer smiled against the kiss, running his hand down Squall's side, cupping his face with the other. The hand continued to roam around Squall's waist, over his ass, petting the flesh over the pair of sweats Squall used as pajamas.

Squall let out a sigh and moved closer, his hands running down the front of Seifer's chest.

The blonde's nipples hardened at the contact and Seifer tried painfully hard to keep his control.

Don't move too fast, you'll frighten him off. This is for him, not you. Take your time.

He moved Squall's hands and placed them over his shoulders, feeling the brunet's fingers curl in his hair.

Seifer moved his mouth, feeling Squall's lips on his neck as he whispered into one ear. "If you want me to stop, just say so."

Squall kissed his jawline, brushing his nose against the sharp bone. "I'm fine."

"We still have to pace ourselves." Seifer laughed. "How 'bout we go by bases?"

Squall pulled back, an amused look on his face. "Bases?"

Seifer shrugged, smirking. "It's the only way I know the stages. Now ignore all the derogitory things associated and just stay with me here." He cleared his throat. "This," he kissed Squall briefly and pulled back. "is the batting plate." He kissed Squall again, this time pressing his tongue into the brunet's mouth, squeezing the hand he had on his ass. Squall welcomed both almost hungrily. Seifer pulled back again, laughing. "That's first base. Apparently you like that base a lot." He nuzzled Squall, a serious look in his eyes. "Now, SECOND base...Well, I'm not sure if we're ready to go that far yet. I mean, it's a big step and considering...."

"What's second base?" Squall blinked at him.

Seifer moved his hand and briefly fanned it over the crotch of Squall's pants. Squall jumped slightly and Seifer began to move his hand away. "See? We're not ready for that."

Squall grabbed his hand before it left contact and kept it there, looking at the face that was hovering not far from his. "Don't stop..."

Seifer smiled, his hand cupping around the clothed flesh under his hand. He heard Squall make a small sound in his throat and felt his chest heave briefly.

He kissed Squall's lips, nuzzling him lightly, noting Squall wasn't even hard yet. "Just relax, I won't hurt you."

"I know you won't." Squall sounded surprised by Seifer's words, laughing lightly. "I'm pretty sure this usually doesn't hurt."

Seifer shrugged, smirking, trying to keep the edge off. "I just don't want you to be nervous....Like I said before, If you want me to stop just say so. I won't do anything you don't want me to."

"What do you want ME to do?"

Seifer kissed his chest and moved his hands to Squall's waistband. "Just lay there, don't do anything."

Seifer put an arm around him, drawing him closer so that they were both on their sides, facing one another. Squall looked up at him then pressed his face against Seifer's neck. Seifer bit his lip and moved his hand under the waistband of Squall's sweats.

Ignoring his screaming libido he moved his hand in between Squall's legs, feeling the brunet tense slightly. He paused, then gripped the bare flesh carefully in his hand, his other moving to brace Squall's back. It took a few seconds of gentle coaxing before the flesh started to get hard and he smirked lightly.

He's as big as I am...

Squall was gripping onto him like a vice, his head still buried in Seifer's neck as the blonde's hand went around him, his fingers tracing up the length. Squall exhaled sharply and moved against the hand.

Seifer didn't need anymore encouragement. He moved carefully, stroking easily. Squall shifted, moving the arm under him over Seifer's shoulder.

Seifer watched him, careful to make sure the brunet wasn't uncomfortable or trying to get away.

Squall was starting to breath heavily, his back arching lightly.

Seifer's breath was beginning to come out unevenly as well but he forced himself to calm down before he got carried away.

Squall's fingers pressing into Seifer's back. He was close. Seifer's hand moved faster. Squall's moved to grip the blonde's moving wrist while the other went around his neck pulling Seifer down, kissing him heavily as he came, loud moan muffled.

Seifer stopped, feeling Squall release.

Squall was panting against his lips as he pulled back, eyes half closed.

Seifer rolled him onto his back and kissed him lightly. "Was it okay?"

Squall nodded, sated. He opened his eyes all the way, searching the blonde's face. "What about you? Are you-"

"I'm fine." Seifer assured him, smiling as he sat up.. "I so have SOME control over myself." Although what the hell I'm gonna do when third base rolls around, who knows.....

Squall nodded. "Now I'm tired."

"Good." Seifer laughed. "Sleep. But first you might wana wash up a little." He released Squall and walked into the bathroom to wash his hands, looking over his should briefly to see Squall changing.

They both met back at the bed, Squall curling up against the blond, smiling contently. "Thank you."

Seifer smiled. "You don't have to thank me. You can have a handjob whenever you want."

"Mmm.." Squall was smiling. "Do YOU like them?"

"Giving or receiving?"


"Both." The blonde yawned. "Giving only to you though..."

"Don't think I won't return the favor." Squall said, a wan of a smile flaring on his face before it relaxed.

Seifer's libido jumped back from its temporary dormancy just as Squall fell asleep.

Toilet paper.
Dog food.
yadda yadda...

Seifer eyed the grocery list. Where the hell am I supposed to find all this stuff?

The supermarket was as big as the presidential palace, only more like a maze with a bunch of people who had no idea what the hell they wanted. He turned the shopping cart to the left.

Baby diapers...

Who needs a whole isle for baby diapers?

Apparently a lot of people did for the isle was crowded. Moms and Dads with sceaming children.

Boy, am I glad I'm gay.

Okay, next isle.

Feminie hygeine products....

Seifer made an abrupt turn. No way in hell am I being caught DEAD there...

He looked back at the shopping list.

Paper towels.

He looked down the isle he was parked in front of.

Ta da!

Paper towels AND toilet paper!


Great, three out of about two hundred things.

He wandered around a little more, coming across the shampoo isle.

This should be easy, just find the one that smells like Squall.

This should be FUN too.

Or...he looked down at the list. I could just look for the one he wrote THIS it?

He pulled down a bottle of blue colored shampoo and glanced at it.

It looks like what he uses.

He unscrewed the top and smelled.

His knees buckled a little,

Oh yeah, that's it.

He fought the goofy grin the tried to pass over his face and tossed the shampoo and a conditioner of the same brand into the cart.

He was halfway down the dog food isle when he noticed a strange movement out of the corner of his eye and looked.

There was a man standing at the end of the isle.

Seifer went back to dog food hunting, searching for the right puppy formula when he realized he recognized the man.

He looked back.

The man was gone.

He grabbed the dog food and sped out of the isle.

He looked behind him to see if the man had reapeared, he hadn't.

The man from the alley.

While he was at the checkout he decided not to tell Squall. It would only worry him. And he had enough stuff to deal with.

"The Magi's?" Squall shifted uncomfortably in his seat, eyeing his father. Even Fujin was gaping. "Are you sure that's wise?"

"Chancellor Kay has been staying here as an ambassador from the Magi's. He assures me that peace between Esthar and the Magi is definate." The president replied. "Look, I know you're not sure about all this. You were at the Sorceress Memorial Trials. But all that's over now."

"It seems weird that they just decided to show up out of the blue after five years." Fujin sighed. "This could be good...or not...Chancellor Kay unnerves me..."

Squall's face quirked. "Who's Chancellor Kay?"

Laguna laughed. "The guy's been staying here for over two months."

"No one tells me anything." Squall huffed. "He's one of the Magi?"

Laguna nodded. "Apparently, he's one of the leaders."

"He came by himself?"

Laguna nodded again. "He came in peace. He just wants to vouch for the right for the Magi's to use the Memorial as a place of worship. I mean, it WAS originally THEIRS..."

"Until they started using human sacrifices..." Kiros reminded him. "That's one of the reasons we took it over in the first place."

"I'd like to talk to this guy." Squall told his father.

"He's not here right now, but I can set up something within the next few days." his father assured him. "We're going to treat him as a guest, not a spy." He eyed his son. "Got it?"

Squall sighed and nodded.

"Why did the dead baby cross the road?" Selphie asked, looking over her plate of french fries and watching the two young men.

Squall sighed. If Quistis was still around she'd know how to stop the stupid riddles Selphie seemed to pour out with. Too bad she'd left a few days earlier with Zell to head to Galbadia. Only Irvine and Selphie remained of the four.

"Give up?" Selphie chirped.

"Yes." Squall sighed, looking toward the entrance of the restaurant.

Seifer, hurry up...

"It was stapled to the chicken." Selphie told him. "What's big and green and lives att he bottom of the ocean?"

"Moby Snot." Squall rolled his eyes. "You told that one already....Besides, I read Steven King, that's where you got all these stupid jokes from..."

"So? I like them." She took a big bite of her hamburger.

"Yes, eat....fill your mouth with something other than words..." Squall looked up as his coffee came and looked at his watch. "Where's Seifer?"

"I thought you didn't like coffee." Selphie blinked, looking at the mug.

"I need all the caffeine I can get..."

She smirked. "Boyfriend keeping you busy?"

"No, PAPERwork's keeping me busy." The young man sighed. "It was what? Three days ago we went to the zoo? Since then I've been doing almost nothing but work."

"Seifer must be cranky."

"Seifer's fine." the blonde assured her, sitting down in the booth next to Squall, giving him a kiss before reaching for a menu. "How's work so far?"

"Tiring." Squall sighed, leaning his head on Seifer's shoulder, closing his eyes. Seifer could smell the shampoo he'd bought only a few days before and smiled to himself. Then he frowned, remembering the man. He shook his head a little and looked back at Squall as he continued to talk. "We have a meeting with a Magi embassador tomorrow."

"Aren't they the bad guys?" Selphie's face quirked. "They're the ones who messed up your leg, right?"

Squall nodded and yawned.

"I know someone who's going to bed early tonight." Seifer kissed him again as the brunet sagged against him more, as if he was ready to fall asleep.

"Can't." Squall muttered. "Paperwork."

"That can wait for one night. You've been busy with it all week. Why don't you ask your dad if you can have the rest of the day off. You look like you need it." Seifer told him.

"Yeah, I can drive you, Squall. Let Seifer drive the car home."

"Yeah, you can call him from here." Seifer added. "Or, I can tell him when I get back to work....oh yeah, I've been promoted."

Squall straightened and looked at him. "Really?"

"Yup." he kissed Squall on the lips. "I'm your secretary. My office is in with yours now."

Squall tilted his head. "When did this happen? I mean, I'm happy and everything, but where was I? I have a secretary."

"She's on pregnancy leave." He knocked the brunet lightly on the head. "Wakey, wakey, baby. She's been gone all week. I moved in this afternoon. You were in with your dad."

Squall blinked. "Oh."

"Go home, get sleep."

"I eat first. Then I go sleep. Tay?"


When Seifer came home he headed straight for the bedroom where Squall was still asleep. He sat down on the bed, beginning to take of his shoes and socks and kissed Squall's sleeping lips.

Squall stirred and opened his eyes.

"Hey." he smiled, stretching. "You just get home?"

"Yeah." Seifer bent down again, putting a hand on either side of Squall's face and kissed him again. "Have you been asleep this whole time?"

"Naw. Irvine came over earlier." Squall replied. "You coming to bed?"

"In a little while, I was gonna take a shower first." Seifer told him.

"Stay for a little while?" Squall played with the collar of his shirt and looked up with him with puppy dog eyes.

Seifer laughed lightly and sat up, pulling his socks off and laying in the bed on his back, Squall curling up beside him, using his chest as a pillow.

"How was work?" Squall asked, throwing and arm over his waist.

"I helped Fujin with some stuff. Kiros and I moved a desk. I filed some of your paperwork." Seifer replied. "Pretty boring without you around." He looked down at Squall, who's fingers were tracing around one of the buttons on his shirt. "So, what did you and Irvine do?"

"Not much." Squall sighed. "I had some questions about stuff."

"Like what?"

"Eh, nothing too important." Squall sat up leaning over Seifer and kissing him.

"You could have asked me." Seifer told him, feeling Squall's lips travel down to his neck.

"Wouldn't have been the same if I'd asked you." he heard Squall reply.

Seifer pouted. "Aw...I wanna know." He smirked. "Was it about you looking like a chick?"

Squall sat up, his hands on his hips. Seifer just seemed to notice that Squall had straddled his hips and already gotten three of his shirt buttons undone. "I do NOT look like a chick!"

Seifer laughed, patting his leg. "I know you don't, honey. But there are some things about you that are kind of......feminine." He hands went up to trace Squalls hips, which were over his thighs. "They just make you look incredibly hot. Which you are."

Squall smirked and bent back down to kiss Seifer's bare chest, unbuttoning the last few buttons on the shirt Seifer wore. "Good save."

Seifer shivered as Squall's lips traced around one of his nipples, his hand stroking the back of the brunet's head. "Honey? What are you doing?"

Squall's eyes were mischevious as he looked up at Seifer's face, kissing his abs.

Seifer's eyes went wide. "You're not...uhhnnnn...." He moaned lightly as he felt Squall's hand on his crotch. Squall's hand stroked over the cloth as his head went lower, his tongue dancing over the contours of the blonde's stomach.

"Squall, no..." Seifer managed, his breath already starting to come more quickly. He was already hard and there was no way in hell Squall didn't notice. "Squall, don't push yourself."

"It's alright." Squall assured him, unzipping Seifer's jeans slowly. He looked up at Seifer's face and laughed lightly. "Oh and, this is my first time doing this so if it's bad don't sue me. And if you don't want it tell me now."

Seifer's hands were shaking as they ran through Squall's hair. He smirked a little. "Squall? If somebody doesn't do something soon there's going to be a big mess on your bed. 'Cause just thinking about it's gonna make me uhh..."

Lips brushed softly against the tip of his erection, brushing up the small drops of wetness that had begun to gather there, then it pulled back.

Seifer watched Squall as best he could over the contours of his body. Seeing Squall lick his lips carefully, as if testing the waters, seeing if he liked it.

Seifer remained as patient as he could as the gently exploration continued, lips and the tip of a tongue running over the base and slowly upward.

The blonde's head rolled back a little, his neck starting to ache from his attempts to watch what was happening. Then he let out a gasp.

Squall's mouth was on him, sucking carefully. His tongue danced lightly over Seifer's head, the sensitive skin relaying jolts of pleasure throught the taller man's body.

Seifer's fingers laced through Squall's hair as he breathed. Squall's hand wrapped around the rest of his length as his lips moved lower around it, taking a little more into his mouth.

Seifer moaned softly, his eyes closing as the lips moved farther and farther down.

The hand disappeared and reappeared again on his hip, the other joining it on the opposite one. Seifer could feel Squall's mouth over almost all off his length, amazed that the brunet had ever consided going that far. Seifer never would have thought it possible so soon. But he could feel the interior of Squall's throat enclosed all around him and new he wouldn't be able to hold on much longer.

"Squall...I'm gonna...." he managed to warn, but Squall didn't budge. In fact, he seemed to spur it on, sucking harder, his head moving in a steady rhythm. Seifer's hands gripped onto Squall's hair as he arched upward involuntarily, moaning, his head thrown back.

When he came, he moaned even louder, his back arching off the bed.

Squall swallowed as much as he could without choking, which, he was surprised to find, was almost all of it, and remained where he was until he felt Seifer go limp in his mouth. Only then did he move, or WAS moved. Seifer pulled him up, over him, and kissed him hard on the lips, still panting.

" taste like me...."

"You taste good."

"That was the best blow job I ever had."

Squall smirked. "Yeah, right."

"Mmm....fine, don't believe me...." Seifer laughed, looking down. His knee went up, rubbing against Squall's well hardened crotch and smirked. "You know, I still need that shower...wanna come?"

Squall laughed, despite the fact that the knee was now rubbing circles against his erection. "Is that an invitation or a gratuitous reference?"

Seifer kissed him. "It's whatever you want it to be. Come on, we have to take care of you or it'll bother me all night..."

"Aw, feel sorry for me?" Squall planted a kiss on his nose.

"No, I want your dick in my mouth."

Squall blushed and made a face as Seifer picked him up and began to carry him to the bathroom over his shoulder. "Oh, THAT'S romantic."

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