This is a multi-POV chapter; I hope I don't confuse you guys too much…


Part 5

By okanechan

The operative phrase of the day seems to be "What the fuck?" In two hours, I'm going to be having dinner with Seifer, and I'm going to tell him everything. Right? I've made it so far; I can't chicken out now. What's the worst thing that can happen? Seifer could kick my ass back or is it forward, into Time Compression? What else is new? That's what we've done for years.  I probably deserve it for the way I treated him. Anyway, I'm going to work myself into a frenzy unless I get out of here and do something. I can do a little bit of recon and find out where things are, especially the front gate. I wonder how good their training center is. There's nothing like a good fight to keep my mind off things.

Wow. This training center is at least twice as big as B-Garden's. I'm impressed. Maybe I can get Headmaster Cid to take some lessons from these guys. I hear something rustling behind me. It sounds like a torama, maybe two. I turn around, weapon ready. Three toramas! I've never seen them in groups of three before. I should still be able to take them on without summoning or using a limit break.

"Don't be too cocky now; if you need us, we're right here." Shiva reminds me.

I didn't bother answering, because by the time she finished her sentence, I had already collected six Regen Rings and two Moon Stones. That's what having Initiative and Auto-Haste does to you.

There's another thing that most people don't know; I'm a pretty decent cook. I think I'll do fettuccine Alfredo. The image of Squall sucking long strands of pasta, and then licking the extra sauce from his lips is just too tempting. And if I don't stop thinking about it, I'll end up burning the sauce! Hyne knows I've fucked up too many things involving Squall. There, it's done. Considering how nervous I am, I'm pretty surprised that it came out well. I have a couple bottles of chardonnay in the 'fridge, and just enough time to shower and change before I'm supposed to meet him at the front gate.

Why am I having so much trouble deciding what to wear? I think Quistis packed every piece of clothing I own! I should have known; she's really big on being prepared for any situation that can arise. I think I'll wear my grey leather pants, but only one belt this time. I pull them on, glad that they still fit pretty well. That leaves me the problem of which shirt to put on. As I sit down on the only corner of the bed without clothing on it, I hear a rustle from one of my pockets. What the hell could this be, a 100 gil bill? No, this looks like a note.


If you're going to wear these pants, wear that blue shirt I got you for your birthday. Trust me on this one. I know my favorite students better than you like to think! Yeah, I know, "whatever." ~Quistis

  P.S. Seifer's not a big fan of kiwis, so go with the cinnamon.

What the hell is she talking about? Kiwis? Cinnamon? Whatever. Let me just get that shirt on, and…Sweet mother of Hyne, she packed a double-pack of lubricant. The woman thought of everything, except for how I'm going to fit the tube of lube in my pocket without it making a noticeable bulge! It's too hot to wear a jacket. Screw it; it's not like things would go that well, anyway. I'll be lucky to be alive after tonight.

I've never had this much difficulty keeping my composure before. Then again, it's not every day that I decide that I'm going to tell my childhood rival that I've been in love with him for years. How many years, I'm not quite sure. A couple of students pass by as I sit on a bench by the front gate. I'm sure they're wondering what the Commander's doing all dressed up, like I'm about to go on some date. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me they decided to stake out this spot to see who my “date" is. Kids. I love them most of the time, but there are some times when I can't stand their gossip, like the time when they thought I was having an affair with Martine. Hell, he's old enough to be my father! Actually, he is my father, but we're keeping that fact under wraps. I've got to calm the fuck down! Close my eyes, take slow, deep breaths, 1…2…3…go into that peaceful part of Grandidi Forest I've always dreamed of…4…5…6…

Is he asleep? I'm not late, am I? Hyne, I've always known he was hot, but seeing him with his eyes closed, like he's in his own little world, looks so adorable. I just want to reach down and touch his cheek, and wake him with a kiss…. What am I doing? Pull away, pull away, pull the fuck away…

Something told me to open my eyes, and there are his blue-grey eyes, less than two inches from mine, and I'm not sure whether to kiss him, run away, or just die. Oh, to hell with it, you only live once, right?

Hyne, he's kissing me, and it's sweeter than all of my dreams, combined, and that includes the one I had on the train. He's pulling me into his lap as I run my hands through his hair. If this is another dream, I don't think I'll be able to deal with it. He pulls away, and I can't help but whimper in disappointment. Then he starts nibbling my earlobe, while murmuring, "Do you have any idea how long I've wanted to do this with you?"

"About as long as I have?" I ask, while running little kisses down his neck. Then reality started to creep back into our little world. We're necking, in the middle of a school! What the hell were we thinking?

"Squall, let's go to my quarters," he says, as I get off of him.

There's no way in hell we could ever get there quickly enough.

Thanks to Alexis Logan for giving me the idea of the possibilities of Alfredo sauce…. Flogging the midnight oil indeed! It's right up there with the ecchi uses of Hero and Holy War, ne? Definite lemony goodness coming up in the next chapter! I can't believe I've written five chapters in 48 hours! I've never written a fic with more than two chapters before, and those chapters were months apart! Thank you, all you lovely reviewers!

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