Part Eight

By Sodoshiin


The drive was long and quiet. The car moved across the dry unpaved earth with little sound, kicking up dust behind it. Everything outside was a deep red as the sun set over the treeless ground.

Fujin had been driving for a good four hours and Chicken- Zell was pushing her to let him drive so she could get some sleep. I didn't hear most of the conversation but she declined.

I sat behind her, keeping my eyes out the window. Everything looked the same but it helped that the ground changed color as the sun set. I gave myself the job of looking out for danver. Other cars of monsters. Mostly it just gave me something to do, but just in case I'd set Squall's gunblade on the floor of the car next to mine.

Not that Squall was worrying. Not that an attack was likely.

Hell, it gave me something to do when no one was talking.

"I have to go to the bathroom." I heard Zell whine after five hours. "Can you pull over really quick?"

Fujin sighed. "Pull over where? It's not like we're on a road."

"You know what I mean!" he huffed. "Just stop, I REALLY have to go."

As soon as the car stopped Zell was out and deaded for a dead bush nearby.

"I'm gonna get some food from the trunk, you guys want anything?" Fujin asked as she started to get out.

My stomach started yelling at me to feed it at that exact moment. "Yeah."

Squall said nothing, he just continued to stare out the window.

Fujin gave him a wary look before climbing out.

I thought about saying something, but just looking at him I could tell the gears were turning and figured he was coming up with some kind of a plan.

I looked back out my own window. Zell was still out there, facing the bush, his back to the car, sillouetted by the setting sun.

"Zell, hurry up!" Fu called, sitting back inside the car and immediately started handing me food items. A sandwhich, a bottle of water, and a big back of chips.

She nudged Squall.

He jumped, blinking as Fujin brought him back to the land of the living.

I was surprised when he took the food from her and tore at it almost greedily. He took one huge bite accenting the grin he gave her. "Thanks, Fu."

I could feel Fujin smile but I wasn't looking at her. My eyes were aimed directly at Squall as relief washed over me.

"There's plenty more in the cooler." I heard her tell him as she turned and began eating her own food.

Squall caught a glimpse of me staring at him and blinked at me. "You okay?"

I smiled and leaned forward, kissing his jawline as he continued to eat. "I'm fine."

When I pulled back, he came with me, his head resting on my lap, his legs resting against the back passenger side door. "What kind of chips?"

I looked at the flashy orange bag. "Barbeque chedder." Then I let out a laugh as he opened his mouth waiting for me to drop some in.

I gave him to and popped one in mine.

"Moogle!!" Zell cried from outside.

I looked out the window to find him running back and forth across the sandy ground, chasing a tiny creature.

"Zell, come on already." Fujin huffed.

Both Zell and the moogle stopped and looked at the car.

"Aw..." I heard Zell mutter, sulking as he walked back to the car. "Bye lil moogle."

The moogle disappeared into a hole in the ground.

"Uh uh." Fujin stopped her boyfriend as he grabbed for a sandwhich and placed a wetnap in his hands. "Clean up."

I shook my head and looked down at my lover, smiling sleepily up at me. "You okay?"

"I'm okay." he assured me.

I accepted that and ran a hand through his hair. He closed his eyes and continued to smile. "I'm glad you're here...."

"Me too..." I told him, wishing suddenly we were alone so I could show him just how much I'd missed him the past few days.

"I'm driving." Zell announced, half a sandwhich still stuffed in his mouth. "We still have about eight ours left. You're sleeping."

"Six." Fujin corrected. "Are you sure you know how to get

there?""Yeah, I know where we're goin'."

Squall yawned as the car started.

"You sleep too." I ordered him, even though I figured he would anyway. "I know once we get to the Garden you're gonna want to find your dad."

"Do you want me to move? You're legs with fall asleep." He blinked up at me.I lau

ghed quietly. "My legs are going to fall asleep anyway." I assures him and continued to run my hand through his hair. "Go to sleep baby..."

He smiled again and closed his eyes. I wrapped his jacket around him and leaned back against the seat, determined to fall asleep before my legs did.

Squall smiled in his sleep realizing that he was being kissed awake by warm lips and hands stroking his face.

"Wake up hun, we're here."

Squall scowled a little, knowing that once his eyes opened the caresses would stop so he popped one open and looked up at his lover.

"Comfy..." he muttered, sticking out his lower lip.

"Numb..." Seifer replied. "Come on, I'm gonna have to walk around the Garden a few timed to get the feeling back in my legs as it is. Quistis is already waiting for you."

Suddenly Squall was very awake.

The transmission.

His father.

He sat up and went to gather his things, seeing they were already gone.

Seifer started to get out of the car, but his legs buckled.

With a loud cry he collapsed to the ground. "Pins and needles!!"

Squall smiled appologetically at him as he leaned through the doorway. "Next time just say no..."

Squall paced back and forth across the room as the transmission continued to load. Behind him Seifer was desperately trying to massage his legs back to life after Zell and Fujin had helped him into the Garden. Luckily it was after hours and the Garden was dark and silent so Seifer didn't have to worry about any of the students seeing him.

Quistis had almost fallen on the ground with laughter. More like relief, Seifer had thought. When they'd approached the woman had looked positively frightened, as if she feared the car had been attacked and Seifer had been wounded.

"Ghaa!!" Seifer cried when Zell poked his leg, sending a shot of pins and needled from his toes to his thighs. "Dammit! Get away!!"

Zell just laughed until Fujin smacked him over the head.

Squall looked back at them and made a face, walking over.

While Seifer worked on one leg, Squall massaged the other, starting from the ankle up.

"Thanks honey..." Seifer sighed gratefully as proper feeling began to return. "Feels nice."

"Well, it IS partially my fault." Squall reminded him.

"Squall?" Quistis called, indication the transmission had finished

loading.Squall turned, straightening as he eyes the large screen ahead of him along the wall in Quistis' office.

The screen was blank for a moment. Then Squall saw his father, chained to a chair, gagged, facing the camera.

He looked alright with the exception of a bruise on his head.

Squall's eyes narrowed as he saw his father, tousled and grimestreaked, though still defiant. It looked as if Kay hadn't tried anything yet.

"The deal is simple." A voice rang out from the speakers before the figure came into view. It wasn't Kay, but another man, with a beard and stone gray eyes. "Two hundred million Gil, the sorceress memorial, the land and artifacts taken by the government from us, and he goes free. I know Esthar is good for the money, I've seen it myself. That little hoard the government put away under the Palace should suffice. We'll give you a few days to arrange it before we contact you again. At that time we'll give you the place and time of the exchange. Be waiting." Then the screen went blank again.

"Two hundred million gil?!" Zell cried. "Holy shit!!"

"Hoard under the Palace....I don't know anything about that..." Fujin's face quirked. "How are we supposed to get at it?"

"We aren't." Squall told her, still looking at the blank screen. "We're going to find a way to get my dad out of there."

"We don't even know where he is." Quistis told him. "The transmission was too short to trace."

"I'll work on that." Squall assured them. He watched them for a moment. "I'm gonna keep watching the transmission, see if I can pick anything up. You guys go to bed..."

"I'll stay with you." Seifer told him, standing up and limping over to him.

Squall smirked at him. "You look so pathetic..."

Seifer just stuck his tongue out at him.

Seifer lightly kicked the door open to the empty dorm room and made his way in. Glancing around with only the light from the hallway he saw that he and Squall's belongings had already been placed in the room. He memorized his path in the dim light and kicked the door shut. Carefully, remembering where he was going and the way things were layed out, he made he way to the bed and carefully, gently, set Squall down.

They'd been staring at the transmission for hours and they weren't getting anywhere. Seifer had accidentally dozed off and when he woke up, Squall was curled up over the edge of the desk, asleep too.

Seifer moved, almost tripping over a dufflebag as he flailed out for the light. He simultaniously braced himself on the wall and hit the light.

The room was small, not that they needed much space, but it made Seifer miss Squall's room with it's thick carpet and big, Squall scented bed...

He looked at the one they shared now. It wasn't THAT small, being an upperclass SeeD level dorm, but it wasn't the same. Either way, if Squall was there, he was happy. It was hard to think that only hours ago he was wondering if he would ever see the brunet again.He turned

on the lamp near the bed and the overhead light off as he pulled his shirt over his head and prepared for bed. He didn't take the chance of waking Squall, fearing he might not get any sleep in the near future. After pulling on a pair of dark sweatpants he slipped into the bed beside his sleeping boyfriend. He pulled off Squall's shoes and socks and carefully stripped him of his overshirt, leaving him in his t-shirt and jeans. He clicked off the bedside lamp and pulled the covers around them both.

As his eyes adjusted to the dark, the light of the moon allowed him to scan over the room. He'd left the bathroom light on and the door open slightly so if Squall woke up in the middle of the night with an urge to go he wouldn't trip over everything on his way there.

Seifer looked down at the sleeping brunet's face and sighed.

To think, he came so close to missing this...

He kissed the other young man, his thumb caressing the soft chin and neck before he curled up alongside him, feeling Squall move closer in his sleep.

Seifer's own eyes closed as he fell asleep.

Squall moaned in frustration and buried his head in his lovers chest. "Go away...."

Seifer, just waking up himself, didn't realize what was going on until he heard a voice coming from the other side of the door.

"I just wanted to let you guys know breakfast is being served in the cafeteria, and i have a few things that belong to you guys from when you were here as students."

Squall was up before Seifer could stop him, trudging sleepily to the door and opening it.

"Grr..." he muttered to the person outside.

"Yeah, I love you too." Xu assured him, patting his cheek lightly as she handed him a large brown box. "You know the hours for breakfast. Don't be surprised if you're recognized by some of the students." she started to turn before she paused an looked back, smiling sheepishly. "And watch out for the yaoi club."

Squall just blinked at her.

Xu smiled. "Uhm...nevermind."

Squall shut the door and trudged back to the bed, setting the box down. He collapsed on the mattress into his lover's waiting arms and sighed.

"What's in the box?" Seifer asked.

"Uhhhmmmmuhmuhmuh....." Squall replied, curling up against the warmth.

"I don't remember leaving anything behind..." Seifer's face quirked and he reached over Squall to pull at the tabs of the cardboard box. His eyes went wide for a second. "Holy shi....."

Squall turned briefly, blinking stubbornly. " that?"

"My baby!!" Seifer sat up, letting Squall's head land roughly on the bed.

"Ow...." Squall muttered, blinking sleepily. "Gee thanks..."

Seifer stood, grinning like a maniac as he dusted the long gray trenchcoat off. "It's my spare!!"

Squall leaned his head on his elbow and watched his lover's childish delight with sleepy eyes. As the blonde put the coat on Squall rummaged through the rest of the box. Hey, another vest like the one you had....holy! my belts! My lion pendant!!" Squall stood too to rummage deeper into the box. "MY jacket's in here" he shook his head, grinning. "That's right. I let Quistis borrow it a few years ago and she never gave it back."

Seifer turned around, looking down at the jacket. "Well? What do you think?"

Squall looked and winced.

The blonde frowned. "You hate it..."

"No, no it's not that...." Squall assured him. "It just brings back a lot of memories.....I'll get over it."

Seifer sat down beside him. "If you don't want me to wear it, I won't....but...." his finger trailed against the jacket on Squall's lap, the feeling passing through the jacket and against the brunet's thigh as Seifer leaned in for a kiss. "I would like to see YOU in the old know, it was always a fantasy of mine to fuck you in it..."

"That jacket's messing with your mind." Squall assured him, blushing. "But it would be neat to wear the old outfit again..."

"Come on, let's get dressed and head to the Cafeteria. I'm starved." Seifer kissed him quickly and pulled him up off the bed.

"Are you going to wear your old stuff?" Squall asked.

"Maybe later."


It felt weird to be walking through the hallways again.

Well, good.

It felt good.

But still weird.

You don't realize how much you can miss a place until you've been away from it for six years. Students were buzzing everywhere. A few of them stopped and looked at us as we walked past, not because we were standing close, because we weren't. Although, I would have liked to. I don't think anything would have felt better right now than having him closer, maybe holding my hand. But my insides told me that would be a bad idea, not that I really knew why. I was guessing the students recognized us. I don't know where from, I hadn't seen any of these students in my life.

Seifer stood about a foot and a half away on my right side, walking in pace with me. It was weird seeing him without his jacket in the hallways of the Garden, but I wasn't complaining. The red t-shirt and black jeans he wore looked awfully nice on him.

And I wasn't the only one to notice. A group of girls we walked by began gawking at fact I think I heard one of them whistle at me....

I looked down at my own blue jeans and white T, wondering what all the fuss is

about.You'd think after all those times Seifer told my I was beautiful it would sink in after a while, but no, it didn't.

Selphie always did say I was clueless.

And maybe I was, so what. Being clueless was great. I had a great job, a great boyfriend, a great father....

Who I would matter what it took.

Apparently I was going off in one of my blank stares, the one where everyone just usually waits for me to be done with because apparently they think I'm contemplating something. I'm usually not. It's nice sometimes to just nod off with your eyes open, especially when I was in SeeD training, classes were evil...not that I would ever tell that to Quistis, although she probably knew....Anyway, Seifer nudged me, noting that I'd gone past the Cafeteria.

I smiled sheepishly.

The Cafeteria was always as I had remembered it. Standing in line I half expected to see Zell rush past looking for hotdogs....I was only half surprised when he did.

Squall glanced up at Seifer and smirked, taking another sip of his soup. He was looking at his sandwhich like it was going to come up and bite him on the face.

"I forgot how bad the food here is." he muttered, throwing the sandwhich down.

"Oh, it's not so bad." the brunet assured him.

"Excuse me?"

The two young men turned to see a small brown haired girl peering uncertainly at them. "Are you two....THE Squall Leonhart and Seifer Almasy?"

"I....think so...why?" Seifer blinked. "Wha'd I do?"

The girl was grinning as she turned back and sent a thumbs up over to her table. The two men followed her gaze to a table that was closely watching them, filled to the brim with girls and two guys. A girl stood from the table and jogged over.

"Hi, I'm Sareth Brise." the first girl told them, excitedly, then gestured to the black haired girl beside her. "This is Vera Ranerth."

"Is it true you guys are gay?" Vera asked, looking from one to the

other."Uh....yeah...." Squall blinked, uncertain at the girl's

forwardness."With each other?" Sareth seconded, wiggling her finger back and forth between the two young men.

"Uh....yeah....." Squall repeated.

The two girls looked at one another and squeeled in delight.

"We learned ALL about you guys in class." Sareth continued as the two of them took seats at the table. "So, when did you guys know that you were gay?"

Squall blushed. "Um...."

"Who are you?" Seifer took the liberty of asking.

"President and Vice President of the Yaoi Club." Vera told them

proudly."Ah...." Squall and Seifer answered together, as if that explained everything.

"So, Seifer. You were a bad guy right? I offense....How did you two get together? Before or after you graduated?" Vera continued.

"After." Squall told her. "Actually only up until a few months ago."

"So, when did you first-"

"Oh, leave the poor guys alone." a male voice called.

The two boys from the table had come over to see what was going on.

"Hey..." Squall's eyebrows furrowed in thought. "I know you..." he pointed to the taller, lighter haired of the two. "You're Zell's brother.....Hakin, right?"

The blonde nodded enthusiastically, excited. "I didn't think you'd remember me!"

The boy next to him cleared his throat and Hakin jumped slightly, grinning sheepishly. "Oh, this is Donovan Wells."

"You guys are in the yaoi club?" Seifer asked, smirking at the two

guys."Well, no....but it's the only table we can sit at without being gay bashed by everyone there." Donovan huffed.

Squall blinked. "You two are together?"

Hakin nodded, smiling brightly.

"Zell never said anything about having a brother who was gay." Seifer smirked. "It's nice to see the rest of his family is relatively normal."

"Gay isn't normal hun, remember? Just where we come from." Squall patted his arm lightly.

"Esthar?" Donovan blinked. "Is their a big gay community

there?""Hello? The president and vice president. Nuff said." Seifer replied before realizing what he'd said. He looked to Squall to see if there was any kind of reaction and saw that the brunet's eyes weren't quite as bright as they were before. His hand met Squall's under the table and stroked it as an appology. As an answer, Squall's did the same back.

"I'm sorry about your dad..." Hakin told the brunet, his face purely sympathetic.

Squall returned it with a sad smile. "It's okay."

Squall headed back to the Headmaster's office to review the transmission a few more times, telling Seifer to head off and not to worry.

Seifer wanted to stay, just to make sure Squall was safe. But Squall was practically forcing him to do otherwise.

He suggested to Quistis that he take the blonde to the TrainingCcenter to brush up on his fighting skills.

Quistis had dragged him. Five hours later Seifer rubbed his head as a ChocoNut from a nearby tree hit him in the head. "Hey what was THAT for?"

"You don't have to be so worried about him Seifer..." Quistis assured the blond as the T-Rexuar rambled off, defeated. "I mean, he's safe here. And if you let another monster run off because you were day dreaming I'm gonna flail you." Her tone was playful but her eyes said she just might do it.

"I know." Seifer sighed, running a gloved hand down the blade of his weapon. "I just can't help it..."

Quistis grabbed his hand and led him deeper into the foliage. "You know, he told you not to worry."

"I'm ALLOWED to worry." Seifer protested. "He's MY boyfriend." The young man's eyebrows wrinkled together. "So, how long did it take for you to get over your crush on him anyway? Just out of curiousity..."

She looked back at him and winked. "Who said I got over it?"

Seifer stopped walking and glared at her.

Quistis made a noise and waved her hands in front of her, her face sheepish. "Although I never said I'd DO anything about it. I realize he's yours and you love him a lot. He loves you too."

Seifer humphed. "I know...Dammit Quistis. Guys like me aren't supposed to fall in love."

She smirked. "Who says?"

"You know," Seifer made quotation marks in the air. "Those 'they' guys. 'They' say you shouldn't put crayons up your nose... 'they' say that mayonaise goes good with french fries...yadda yadda....."

Quistis raised an eyebrow. "Cute. But seriously. I'm happy for you two."

Seifer smirked. "He smells good."


The blond man blinked. "What?"

"Your eyes did this twinkly thing." She sighed dreamily. "That's so cute..."

Seifer threw her a look. "Yeah, the way you have a Jellyeye behind you."

"Yeah rig-agh!!"

Two hours after that Seifer trudged toward the Dorm, rubbing the back of his head. His legs hurt, his arms hurt, his back hurt, his hair hurt, EVERYTHING hurt. He made his way to the room he and Squall shared and leaned against it for a second, pulling his key from his pocket. He was glad he hadn't worn his jacket today. He was out of practice and his muscles were complaining. He might have collasped under the weight of the garment. He unlocked the door and stepped inside. All he wanted was a shower and some sleep.

Sighing, he shut the door behind him-

And was instantly thrown against it, a moist mouth feverishly pressed to his, a very warm body fitting nicely against him.

He froze for a second, surprised, before running one hand up the side of the wall looking for the lightswitch, his other caressing the back of the one against him.

As soon as his fingers grazed the rim of the switch he was pulled from the door and led in the opposite direction. The back of his legs bumped into something along the way and he fell backwards onto the bed.

Fingers tugged at his shirt, trying to pull it over his head. As soon as the garment was removed a warm mouth attacked his chest sending tiny jolts of electric pleasure to his brain.

"S-Squall?" the blond barely made out. The mouth moved from his chest and fit against his, a warm tongue lining his lower lip, begging for entrance.

Seifer closed his eyes as the lips moved to his neck, hands traveling down to the buttons on his jeans. He blinked, trying to come back to his senses. Sure, it all felt good, but there was something wrong with it. "Squall stop..."

The mouth continued it's attack on his neck, nibbling lightly. Seifer's hand flailed out towards the nightstand, brushing against the side of the lamp and feeling around for the switch.

He lost his bearings and his grip on the lamp as a hand snaked it's way into his pants. He gasped as long fingers slid along his length as it hardened. He bit his lip, trying to gather enough composure to turn on the light.

Light flooded the room, momentarily blinding him and the one on top of him.

He blinked down, his eyes halfway closed against the burning sensation as a brunet head buried itself in his shoulder.

"Ah geez!" Squall complained, his voice muffled.

Panting, Seifer relaxed little as Squall removed his hand and rubbed his eyes.

"You okay?" The blond asked, looking down at the brunet hair burying his nose in it for a moment.

"Of course I'm okay." The muffled voice came again. "Geez, what does it take to get laid around here..."

Seifer made a face. "You could have warned me. I mean, for a second there I thought was I was being attacked."

"You were." A tongue lapped against his neck in short strokes, almost like a cat bathing itself.

"I just, didn't think you'd want to do anything like that. I mean, with everything that's going on you know..." Seifer reasoned.

Squall ceased attack on the blonde's jugular and sat up quickly, looking more than slightly peeved. "Do you want to have sex or not?"

Seifer blinked. He reached a hand up to touch Squall's face. "Honey, what's wrong-"

"I'll take that as a no." Squall stood and strided to the bathroom, leaving a baffled Seifer sprawled on the bed.

The bathroom door slammed and Seifer just sat there for a moment. After a few seconds he heard the shower start to run.

He stood, pulling off his shoes and socks and knocked on the door.

"Honey?"After hearing no reply opened the door a crack. Squall's clothes were littered across the bathroom floor, his jeans thrown over the toilet. He glanced at the shower, watching steam jet from under the curtain.

Closing the door behind him he stripped off his already unfastened jeans and cautiously pulled the curtain away. Squall was facing the wall of the shower, soaping himself roughly, almost angrily.

Seifer stepped up behind him and wrapped his arms around the lithe waist, nuzzling his face against the other young man's hair. "Squall what's wrong."

"Nothing's wrong."

"Apparently something is or you wouldn't be acting like this."

Squall's arms dropped to his sides, his hands clenching. "I said nothing's wrong."

Seifer tried not to sigh, tried not to sound annoyed, tried not to sound hurt. So he just turned and started washing his hair.

"You stink like Jellyeye." Squall chirped evenly after a few moments of silence.

"Quistis and I had one explode on us. Don't ask."

"I wasn't planning on it."

Seifer's shoulders fell. They were all such simple words really. But the way they were said brought him the worst feeling. It was the same tone Squall had used so many years ago back when they were both in training. The same indifferent, cold, uncaring tone.

More silence.

"Did I do something wrong?" Seifer asked quietly.


The reply was quick and efficent, like Squall's fighting.

Seifer closed his eyes tightly. "Do you want me to leave?"

Squall didn't reply.

Strong arms wrapped around the brunet.

"Get away from me!!" Squall screamed wrestling the blonde away, his eyes firey. "I don't love you anymore! Get out!"

Seifer stood, shocked, his face paling. "Squall...."

"Get out.." Squall said more forcefully, his eyes glaring.

Seifer's own darkened. "No..."

"Just go back to Esthar. I'm sure you'll find yourself a new toy to play with." the brunet turned and began soaping himself again. "Just get away from me."

There was more silence.

Seifer swallowed heavily, something in him returning from slumber after years.

He straightened, folding his arms over his chest and glaring at the back of the brunet's head. "Make me."

Squall turned and glared back. "Don't tempt me Seifer."

Seifer smirked. "And what are you gonna do about it, Squallyboy?"

Squall just turned back to the wall.

Seifer scoffed. "Fine....I'll ask Quistis to get me a room."

He turned off the water and stepped angrily out of the shower, forcefully throwing the shower curtain aside and grabbing a towel.

"They wouldn't keep him alive...."

Squall's voice was quiet, but less like the old Squall as it had before only a few moments ago.

Seifer turned to him, watching him as he stood slumped against the wall, his arms at his sides.

"They wouldn't would they..."

"You don't know that." Seifer told him, his face softening.

"They could just kill him and take what they wanted...."


"They could have recorded that message weeks ago..."

"Squall no.."

Seifer's eyes widened as he looked down at his feet. Steaks of red swirled along with the water. He let out a strangled gasp as he saw the source of the red.

Squall's clenched fist was closed to tightly the nails were cutting into his

skin."Just go Seifer...." the young man whispered. "Please...just far away as you can..."

Seifer buried his nose in the brunet's damp hair. "You couldn't pay me enough baby.."

Abruptly, Squall turned and was gripping onto the taller man like a vice. "I don't want to lose you...."

Seifer eyes stung. "You won't baby....I promise..."

The blonde held his smaller lover tightly, planting kisses wherever he could reach. "You're dad's fine. I know it. I mean, why else would Kay go through so much trouble? Besides, he's worth a lot more alive than dead. He's bargaining equipment. They still have the Vice President to deal with. And you. And the SeeDs. I mean, Kiros is a pretty scary freagin' guy when you get him mad. You have to remember, I was on the opposing side when I first met him. I've seen it. And Laguna means more to Kiros than pretty much anything. Kay knows that, that makes him valuable. And you don't just go off destroying valuable stuff that you can use to your advantage. I was a bad guy I know."

Squall shook his head. "No you weren't. You were a braindead minion of evil.....No offense."

"Hey, not so braindead if I can remember all that crap. But you see what I'm saying?"

He felt Squall nod.

"Alright then, let's get you into bed okay?"

Seifer relaxed as he was pulled into a kiss and suprised with he found Squall moving against him slowly. But it was an uncertain movement, slow and almost

innocent."Please?" the brunet eyes brimmed with unshed tears as he leaned his head against the taller man. "I think I need it..."

Seifer smiled warmly, understanding. Squall's need for comfort and reassurance was more evident than ever. Seifer was willing to do anything he asked. "Come on." he whispered, kissing Squall's closed eyelid as he picked the young man up and carried him from the bathroom.

He dried the brunet off with a big fluffy towel and set him on the bed as he went to dry his own body.

Squall gave him a look that told me he could have done it himself, but didn't complain. He was warm and content, wrapped in his overlyhuge towel, watching his lover wipe the glistening water droplets from his body. He allowed himself to smile a little. And he's all mine.

Seifer caught the smile and smiled back, returning to the bed and slowly easing the two of them under the covers.

They kissed, slow and gentle, side by side, their hands sliding lightly along each other's body, hoping to ease the pain the stress that had worn on them both.

Pulling out of the kiss and rolling so he was laying comfortably on top, Seifer ran his hand along Squall's cheek lovingly.

"I love you." the blonde whispered, taking a delicate fingered hand to his mouth and kissing it. It had seemed like ages since he'd said those words but he was glad he had.

Squall smiled a little and started to reply but Seifer shook his head pressing his finger to Squall's lips and kissing his forehead.

He began to look around for something but Squall stopped him. Shaking his own head as Seifer's eyes widened a little he ran his hands over the blonde's shoulders.

Seifer watched him for a second. He was beautiful, with his cheeks flushed and his lips parted. He was beautiful. He smiled a little before moving, sliding as slowly and gently as he could. It should have been agonizing, but something was missing, something that usually burned in him.

The blonde looked down at him, examining his face. He never imagined anyone would look at him with that sort of trust. That anyone would look up at him and be so vulnerable. Squall was vulnerable to him. Squall trusted him. Loved him. Needed him.

He started to rock, gently. Squall took in a shaky breath. He moved in a slow rhythm now, unable to break eye contact.

There had always been something with their sex. A heat, a drive. Even the first time there had been pain, a desperation to be satisfied, a need to be claimed. But there was nothing like that now.

They were making love.

And the simple idea of it was mind blowing.

It was relaxing, reassuring, and passionate, all at once. Squall was moving beautifully under him.

He stroked the brunet's cheek again. Squall looked up at him with half lidded eyes. Blue eyes and dark hair, soft parted lips and flushed skin.

Seifer couldn't think anymore.

It was Squall who came first. His entire body tightened around Seifer suddenly, he arched slightly upwards and let out a quiet cry, his hips moving involuntarily. When he was done, he lay relaxed under Seifer, dreamily stroking him with his fingertips. Seifer came then, gasping, nearly falling over onto him.

They curled up beside one another, quiet.

Neither one spoke.

They remained awake for what seemed like an eternity, watching one another, gently stroking, caressing.

It was almost dawn by the time they finally curled up limbs entwined together, and fell asleep.

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