If Walls Could Talk

Chapter 5 - Made Contact

By Redrum


Red, orange, yellow, and violet combined to paint an age old picture. The morning rays were just sweeping across the land when I awoke from my slumber. Standing up and massaging the kink out of my neck from sleeping in an awkward position, I took a moment to take in the scenery around me.

Balamb Garden had planted for the night, and they had were currently situated over the ocean. Gulls flew above in majestic harmony, the sun's rays bounced off of the ocean's calm surface. Anyone else would have found this all to be beautiful and calming, but I just wanted to get out of there.

Taking my usual long strides, I was out of there before the gull's had a chance to even make a noise. I paused as I reached the Training Centre's entrance. Taking a deep breath to compose myself, I pushed open the doors with minimal effort.


"Squally!" //Squally-poo was in the training centre, now why didn't I think of that? I would have found him earlier if it weren't for that meanie Seifer! I hope my eyes arn't big and puffy from crying for an hour. I stopped once I realized no one was going to come and check on me though.// I cleared my head of all thoughts but Squall, and ran over to him with open arms, leaping from the ground (trusting that he would catch me). Only to collide with the hard floor as Squall stepped out of the way.


I shook my head looking at the pitiful mess on the floor. It looked like she had been crying, and she was starting up a new bach. Never being good with open displays of emotion, I quickly proceeded down the hall, leaving Rinoa and her sobbing far behind me. //Where she belonged//.

"Squall!" //Why did I even wake up?// I sighed as I waited for the hyper active blond to catch up. "How are you man?" Zell quickly got bored after two seconds of silence and started his daily routine, or what Seifer like to call "swatting flies". Though it came as a surprise to them both (not that I showed it) when his fist connected with soft flesh.

"Oh fuck! I'm sorry! You want me to go to the infirmary with you?" I shook my head. //I just want to get out of here// Zell's fist had connected with my eye, and I just knew a bruise was forming. //not like I care// "Whatever." This day was quickly turning out to be one of the many he regretted living. At least nothing could get worse then a fucking punch in the face, right?

"Chicken Wuss, Puberty Boy! Fancy seeing you here!" //It just got worse// "What did you call me!?" //why must Zell keep asking that? He knows what Seifer called him// "How's my two bestest of buds?" Seifer swung his arms around Zell and my shoulders in a fake gesture of friendship. I shrugged it off, making sure to take three steps back //personal space and all, which is pretty damn big//

"I think I called you Chicken Wuss, or was it Chickie?" Seifer smirked as Zell's face got redder by the second. Putting my hand on Zell's shoulder I pushed down hard enough that he looked back at me, but thankfully stopped his excessive bouncing.

"Tch.. fine." The sound of boots running faded in the distance as Seifer and I were left alone. "Whatever." I didn't really feel like a fight with the blonde at the moment //I would never show it, but I could barely see out of my left eye due to Zell's little stunt. And I knew I would need to be at full health to fight Seifer// Not sparing him another glance I continued down the hall. Away from Seifer, away from duties, and towards the gates.


Stupid move on my part, but seeing Zell hit Squall I felt like I should ask him if he was okay. Of course my concern for the brunette didn't really show in my insult upon greeting. Not that the Ice Prince would say anything if it did hurt. Though when he turned to face me I could tell he could barely see out of his left eye. And watching him walk by me like that, not even sparing me a glance really hurt. As much as that punch did I'm sure. But I let him go... I let him run away. Again.

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