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Welcome to the Quad, the interactive section of our Garden. Here are you instructions:

Play, Download, and Have Fun. ^_^

'The Quad' is Koorime's pet project, but due to her cumbersome workloads at school, has her nice nee-chan moderating it more than half of the time. We would however like to make it clear that none of the music contained here is of our own making; they are the property of their respective owners. We take no claim whatsoever. If you find any broken links or want to tell us what else you'd like to screw around with here, feel free to email us.

  • Fan Speculation

    Also known as the rant & rave deposit of Sensus. This section is also (and originally designed to be) accessible from the Profiles, but we'd thought we'd let ya look at 'em from here, too. Fan participation for this section is greatly needed and encouraged ^_^ Actually, it's the only way this section'll ever grow. This section is NEW.
  • Final Fantasy VIII Quotes

    All the words of wisdom, bad poetry and moving speeches spouted by the people in the world of Final Fantasy VIII.
  • Theme Songs

    No, not the soundtrack to FF8, but songs from various singers and groups that remind you and us of the characters. They're not downloads, just something to do for fun. btw, we need help people, we do know a couple for people like Seifer, and Squall, but at this very moment, are far too tired to go trekking through our CD collection to find 'em! So come on, and you have your say!! ^_^
  • The Jukebox

    Final Fantasy VIII midis, no MP3s tho'. The files are just too big, and they've got legal crap and implications all over 'em.
  • Polls

    Wanna cast your vote? We have two polls for FF8 up at the moment; feel free to take both as many times as you want!
  • Location, Location

    Sorcerers, Yaoi and Yuri, oh my!

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