Sections with names are presented in the character's POV. Not all of the sections are in specific POV. Most are narrative.

Semi Comedy, Semi Romance, Semi Angsty.....blah blah blah....has bits of other stuff...Lemon *cough* (Not until the later parts you hentais..)

Warnings - YAOI-YAOI-YAOI!!! Angst, Rape-not done by Seifer, Flashbacks, Mushiness, tiny amount of Laguna bashing- done by Seifer, Lots of lusting- done by Seifer, Rinoa bashing- done by everyone....

Most of the characters spend the entire story just wondering what the hell is going on.


Part Two

By Sodoshiin

Days went by and worked carried on as usual. Squall made no surprise visits to the kitchen, although Fujin did often and Kiros would check up on him once in a while.

Two weeks after the incident with Squall, Seifer learned that some of his old acquaintances were coming into town.

He dealt with it the only way he knew how.

Seifer rolled his eyes and huffed. "The Scooby gang unites..."

"Oh come on." Fujin eyed him over the steel table where Hilde worked nearby. "Just come to a club with us. It'll be fun. You'll see. You need to get out more often. You don't have to talk to any of them, but I think it would be good to show them you've changed."

"Not a snowball's chance in hell." Seifer shook his head. "I have nothing to prove to those guys. I can't stand them."

Fujin gave up. "Fine...but at least promise me that you won't start any trouble. I know how you get when Zell's around. And you're even worse with Squall. I'm afraid that if you piss him off too much he might beat the shit out of you..."

Seifer tossed her a look. "Such confidence."


I watched Fujin leave, knowing she was disappointed. Behind the mask of indifference I knew I wasn't ready to face any of them again.

Forget it, they'd never forgive you, my mind continuously told me. You saw the way Squall looked at you. He has every right not to trust me... after all I did to them, to him..

I remembered the distrust I'd seen in those eyes. The same eyes in my dream. The one's I could have sworn had once looked up to me in complete adoration and trust...

I knew none of that had been a dream, but I couldn't place exactly where it had come from.

I looked at my watch and sighed. Another long night ahead.

Well, maybe I could go out for a little while tonight, just show Fujin I hadn't become a hermit.


As soon as I unlocked the door Rufus was bouncing happily around my legs.

I smirked and picked up the small two month old pit bull, retriever mix and walked into my apartment.

The puppy's caramel colored tail drummed against my arm.

Yes, me, a puppy.

Even I needed some company.

Sue me.

I had to admit, it wasn't as hard as I thought.

Feed me, walk me, pet me, let me lay on your pillow until I get too big and you have to roll me onto the floor.

That's basically it.

Well, toss in some "play with me" and "let me out once in a while" and that was all. He never asked for commitment or to go out to a fancy restaurant, or yelled at me when I wasn't thinking about her...

Well, him.

I stopped comparing him to Rinoa when he started to go on the paper.

He was pretty redundant too. No surprises. Well, once in a while I'll find a shoe chewed on a little or a little "present" in the middle of the living room floor but he was a puppy and I was patient. Just as long as he stayed away from my jacket and my gunblade things were fine. I didn't need my dog shooting himself before he was at LEAST three months old.

I walked into the kitchen, setting him on the floor and raided the cupboard, pulling out a can of dog food.

Puppy formula.

(Shut up.)

He knew what the sound of the electric can opener meant and was instantly hopping around my legs.

For 550 gil every two weeks my apartment wasn't bad at all. Heck, even Quistis thought it was nice. And that's in ESTHAR, where she's paying two grand a month for her little studio apartment in Dollet.

I lucked out. My paycheck as the leader of the Esthar Elite Force is pretty good so it's not problem. Yes, I actually have a job. It's not all cushy like my dad's either. It's pretty much like being in charge of the Garden again, only I don't have to take tests. (I really didn't get why I still had to take those when I was in charge....)

The main room was pretty big, about the one and a half times the size of Cid's office with a ceiling that's about five feet taller than I am. There's only a counter separating it from the kitchen on the east side of the room, to your right if you're walking in through the front door. The bathroom is along the same wall as the front door. It's small with only a toilet, a sink, and a stall shower. My room is on the other side of the room, opposite the front door. It's in the very back of the apartment complete with its own master bathroom, which is pretty sweet seeing as how it's as big as my old Quad room at Garden. The apartment as a whole is pretty dim. Hardly any lighting. The walls in the living room and kitchen are completely decked out with dark furnished wood.

Cozy, yes.

Roomy, yes.

I figured one bathroom for me and one for the mutt isn't so bad.

I have a limited amount of furniture.

A black leather couch and matching recliner (a housewarming gift from my dad), a bookshelf, a tv, big screen (from Dad) an entertainment center (from Dad). The bed, the microwave, the bar, all from my dad. I figure he's trying to make up for all the time he missed when I was a kid. It makes me kind of uncomfortable. I mean, I love my dad and everything but sometimes I just wanna be able to do stuff on my own.

Not that I'm complaining. The entertainment center kicks ass. The sound system when you play movies shakes the entire building as Selphie, Zell and I found out one night when we decided we were going to have a Monty Python movie marathon.

The neighbors called the cops on us twice thinking we were being bombed.

All the cookware and pretty much everything else were either housewarming presents from the rest of the guys or stuff I bought myself. Not that I need seven different sized pans, a juicer, and all that other crap. I don't cook. My cooking has been known to kill people. (Or just a severe case of the runs.....there is a story behind that theory...don't ask...)

I patted Rufus on the head as he ate and walked into other main room to remove my shoes.

Just as the phone rang.

A gift from Selphie.

So she could call me....

Like now.

"What?" I sighed.

"We're picking you up in an hour. Be ready."

Then there was the dial tone.

I sighed and headed toward my room to change. They were always doing this to me.


"Come on Squall! Open up!" I cried, banging loudly on his door. Irvine stood behind me, looking at his watch and glancing at the door across the hall. The guy that lived there was completely anal retentive, every time we came over to get Squall he would always yell at us.

How rude.


On the other side of the door I heard Squall's puppy barking.

Yup, he got a puppy. The big softy! Isn't it cute?

I'd only seen the little guy once. The gang only gets together once in a while and usually we don't go into his apartment.

Already got the pup paper trained and everything.

I don't know what Rinoa was thinking when she broke up with Squall. Especially whenever he walks around in that little black t-shirt and those nice little leather pants that hug in all the right places. I don't know how he can walk in those things without them squeaking! I don't even think he realizes how hot he is. He reminds me of one of those really hot television sex god types and he just thinks girls like him because who he works for, and is related to, the president. He's pretty dumb when it comes to stuff like that. I mean, I love the guy and everything, but he's just so CLUELESS!

He bent down and gave the dog a nice pat on the head.

I took the opportunity to look at his ass.

Hey, I love Irvine and everything but COME ON! If it's THAT nice and it's RIGHT THERE then by all means.

Besides, it's not like Irvine doesn't look at girls....or guys...

He swings both ways these days...we even agree on the hottest guys on television...

We headed off to the car. I walked a step behind them, watchin' both they're butts with extreme happiness.

"Come on, Squall! Dance with me again!" Quistis beckoned him, smiling, trying to pull him back into the sea of people on the dance floor. Her short blue skirt and matching half top sparkled with the constant strobe that illuminated the area.

Squall sighed. "Come on, Quist, I need a drink."

"Party pooper," the now headmaster of Galbadia Garden huffed, sticking her tongue out at him. "You owe me a dance when you're done."

"Fine." Squall shook his head, smirking.

"Yeah, I need those gyrating hips, Squall! Hurry up you sexy thing!" Selphie laughed as Irvine dragged her back into the crowd.

He laughed, blushing slightly as he turned toward the bar and sat down on the first available stool.

"What's your poison?" The bartender called.

"Labatt's," Squall replied, resting his arms on the counter.

The man nodded and pulled a bottle from the cooler behind him. Squall was about to reach into his pocket when five gil landed on the table. The bartender nodded to someone behind him.

"And what'll you have?"

"Jack Daniels, Manhattan on the rocks." Fujin replied, taking a seat beside Squall.

"Zell tire you out?" Squall asked, looking at her as he sipped his beer.

"Naw, he's passed out on the lounge couch." Fujin replied. "I tired HIM out."

"The endless ball of energy?" Squall was impressed. "That's a talent."

"One of many." Fujin smirked. She tilted her head at him. "Look, can I ask you a serious favor?"


"Give Seifer a chance?" She saw his face darken as he processed her request and knew it would be hard for him. "For me? Please? I really think he's changed and if you just let him show it I'm sure that you two could come to some kind of understanding..."

He looked at her. "You REALLY think he's changed?"

She nodded. "I know him better than anyone..."

He looked down at his hands, biting the inside of his lip before sighing. "I'll try. That's the best answer I can give you."

She smiled, kissing him on the cheek. "Thank you, Squall. You won't regret it."

He eyed her. "I hope you're right."

Both their ears perked up as the DJ tossed on some Garbage and a squeal of delight rang over the dance floor. Selphie's theme had come on.

The two looked at one another then to the girl who was busy dragging her cowboy boyfriend into the crowd, lip synching the lyrics to "When I grow up" knowing the words by heart.

Squall smirked and shook his head.

Fujin was staring at something behind him, a smile spreading across her face. "I'll be right back."

Squall followed her with his eyes as she got up from the stool and headed toward the entrance, where he lost her in the sea of people.

"When I grow up I'll be stable..." Quistis sang as she pulled Squall off the stool, allowing him one last gulp of his beer before he set the bottle on the bar. Then he followed her willingly.

Seifer had been wandering around the perimeter of the dance floor toward a group of girls, one who had been eying him since he'd arrived. The three others were looking toward the bar. He wasn't all the particularly interested in any of them but he was getting pretty bored and the old part of him wanted to party a little. The girls were moving toward the bar, toward a brunet head that had perched there. He could only see the hair but knew who it was.


Seifer watched the head, his stomach tightening.

He noticed the girl troupe had backed off and were heading toward the bathroom area as a gray head joined the brunet.


The two spoke for a moment. Seifer felt momentarily jealous of how close they seemed to be. How happy they were.

Ah well, it felt good to go somewhere, be around people. He'd even dressed up a little, a red silk shirt and a pair of blue dress pants, tossing on his silver choker as well. He hadn't worn the thing in years but somehow it felt really good. The place wasn't too far from the hotel so if things started to look bad he could just walk home. Not that he was too fond of that idea.

Not too far away he saw Selphie Tilmitt and a short haired Irvine Kinneas dancing, if you could call it that. He noticed Quistis near the lounge area talking to the chicken wuss. Quistis hadn't changed much, she was still drop-dead gorgeous, but Zell seemed to have traded places with Irvine. His hair was long enough so he could pull it back, and there was no more tattoo. He looked relatively human...

Seifer glanced back at the bar and saw Fujin coming toward him. He smiled and embraced her as soon as she was close enough.

"Glad you made it." she told him, her eyes studying his choice of clothing. "Not bad, wanna dance?"

"Eh, I feel like spectating for the moment." he sighed.

He spotted a familiar face in the crowd and focused on it momentarily. It had been Quistis moving toward the dance floor, but before he saw anything more his vision was obscured by a group of people who had decided to dance in his line of vision.

"So, what made you decide to come?" Fujin inquired, looking up at him.

He looked back at her. "I dunno. I guess I just wanted to see what you guys did for fun." He smirked and threw an arm around her. "Plus, I wanted to hang out with you, it's been too long." He looked over at the DJ as "Push It" rocked over the sound system. "What are they doing? playing the whole CD?"

"They do that a lot." Fujin told him. "Last time it was all KMFDM."

"Yeah, it's so stupid that they changed their name." Seifer nodded. "MDFMK doesn't sound as good. Music still kicks ass though."

"You should come here more often." Fujin nudged him.

"This is the noise that keeps me awake." the speakers blasted. "My head explodes and my body aches!"

Then the crowd in Seifer's line of vision seemed to part like the red sea. Whatever Fujin was saying was lost as Seifer's eyes fell on on the center of the dancing sea.

In the very center of the room....their legs zippered around each other's, body's pressed together as they writhed in perfect harmony, heads thrashing to the beat. Her arms on his shoulders, his on her waist, movements in perfect sexual, intoxicating synch....

...were Quistis and Squall.

Seifer was dumb struck as his body seemed to grow twenty degrees hotter, watching them.

Fujin followed his gaze and smirked. "They're pretty hot together aren't they?"

The couple went down, knees bending then seemed to swim back up, never breaking their unison. The strobe lights danced around them.

God, I never knew either one of them could move like that... "They're together?"

"Oh, heck no." Fujin laughed. "They're too close to ever get involved."

"If they got any closer they'd be Siamese twins." Seifer muttered, unable to take his eyes off them. Seifer hated to admit it but they were beautiful.

Quistis he always figured had a wild side, but Squall was a completely different story.

God, what is he wearing?

His eyes traveled down over the little black t-shirt, down the pants, stopping to watch the curves of the body as they moved. Their hands seemed to have changed positions as Quistis went down, her face level with Squall's stomach, her legs traveling down his sides to his thighs and up again, Squalls resting on her shoulders.

The room was growing hotter by the second.

God! Knock it OFF! he yelled at himself. It's SQUALL! You're macking over a guy you've hated your entire LIFE!

But he looks pretty damn sexy in those little leather pants doesn't he..

He sighed, knowing his libido had been lying dormant for far too long and it was just the setting that was starting all this.

"I'm gonna go smoke a cigarette, you wanna come?" he asked Fujin as he turned.

Fujin shook her head. "I'm gonna hang out here for a little while. You're not leaving are you?"

"Probably not." Seifer shrugged. "Even if I do plan on leaving I'll come back in and say goodbye to you." He turned and headed for the exit, looking over his shoulder.

The two had stopped and were now smiling and laughing as Selphie and Irvine came up. Selphie handed Squall his beer before Irvine dragged her off to dance again.

He found himself looking at Squall again, standing there sweating and panting his exertion.

If he wasn't in public Seifer would have smacked himself right there and then. So he did it mentally and walked out the door.

The air was nice and cold as he pulled his cigarettes from his pocket and searched around for a lighter.

I need to get laid, he told himself. Maybe then I wouldn't have to get all hot and heavy over a little bump and grind-now where's my fucking lighter?

"Need a light?" a voice called.

He turned. "Yeah thanks."

The man pulled out a lighter and attempted to start it, but it didn't work. "There's to much wind. Come on, we'll light it over there." He gestured to the alley. Seifer was so in need of a cigarette that he didn't think anything of it as they walked toward it.

It was only a split second later that he was dragged into the alley by several pairs of hands.

"Oh man, I need some air." Squall laughed, patting Quistis on the arm. "Wanna come?"

Quistis shrugged and nodded. "Yeah, sounds good. Let me get a drink first. I'll meet you out there in a few minutes."

"Okay." Squall headed through the crowd toward the exit, tossing a wave to Fujin.

"Nice moves out there." Fujin told him, throwing an arm around his shoulders and walking with him. "Where are you going?"

"Out for a little air." he replied. "I take it you're coming with me?"

"Of course." She looked up at him.

They made their way outside and Fujin was instantly shivering.

"God, it was so hot out when we got in. Now it's freezing. Man, Esthar weather sucks." she said, watching her breathe as it steamed from her mouth.

"Follow me." he told her, walking up to the curb where his black Cruiser was parked. He unlocked the door and reached in, pulling out his bomber jacket. "I wasn't sure if I'd need it or not."

She took it from him, laughing lightly. "You still have this thing? I haven't seen you wear it in almost two years." She pulled it on, then paused. "Do you hear that?"

Squall was about to shut the door when he stopped too.

The sounds of cold laughter and hard hits.

"Sounds like the drunks are beating on each other." Squall sighed.

"It sounds like they're really hurting someone." Fujin blinked, suddenly concerned.

Seifer had only come out a few moments before they had. Where was he now? He promised he wouldn't leave without saying goodbye...

Squall saw her concerned face and knew there was something else behind it. Fujin didn't generally get upset for nothing, there was something really wrong. He walked around to the other side of the car to the storage trunks and pulled it open. His Esthar Elite Guard- Captain uniform was the first thing he saw. He brushed it aside, revealing the silver case underneath. He opened it and pulled out is gunblade, and his badge, which was luckily attached to a chain so he could just wear it. He shut the door and gestured for Fujin to follow him.

The shouts and jeers grew louder as they walked closer to the alleyway. Four men were standing in the entrance, smirking and nodding their approval as five other men crowded around a form inside.

It was another person, Squall realized as he drew nearer, who the men were beating and kicking, and as his eyes adjusted and saw the glimpse of blonde hair.


Squall didn't know what to do at first. He just stood there, his mind frozen.

A swift kick came from the man closest to the wall.

Squall saw Seifer's face briefly as he coughed...

.....blood splattering the ground.

"Yeah! Kill the bastard!"

The man moved to kick again, but was thrown up against the wall, staring wide-eyed down the barrel of a gunblade.

The rest of the group stopped and stared. The two holding the fallen blonde down still held him in place. Seifer noting that the beating had paused began to breathe again, coughing violently.

Fujin was upon two others, weaponless, kneeing one in the groin and backhanding the other.

"Let him up," Squall muttered, keeping a steady gaze on the one he held while simultaneously watchin Fujin's back.

"You don't know what you're doing kid." one of the men at the head of the alleyway hissed. "That's Seifer Almasy. He's the one who helped the sorceress. He's evil."

Squall put pressure on the trigger. "I know who he is."

Seifer looked up at him warily, his mouth covered in blood, his eyes unsteady. "Squall?"

Squall didn't look at him but kept the man at bay while Fujin picked up a metal bar and waved it menacingly in the air.

"Holy shit!" Quistis cried as he gaped at them as she entered the alley. "What the hell happened?"

"Quist, get the car." Squall ordered.

Quistis moved immediately.

He turned to the men holding Seifer. "I said, let him up."

The two gave Seifer one last shove before moving away, their hands poised above their heads.

"Fujin," he called, tossing his gunblade to the girl, who caught it and forced the others back.

Squall bent at the knees, putting an arm under Seifer's' and helped him up.

Two of the men moved to stand in his way but apparently the one in charge put a hand out, stopping them. " Let him go."

Squall waited until the two decided to move before continuing out and into the street. Seifer was heavy against him as a car stopped on the curb next to him.

"What happened?" Quistis asked, concerned as she watched Squall slide the now unconscious blonde into the back seat. Beside her, Zell looked dumbfounded.

"A bunch of guys who found out he was the sorceress knight." Squall replied, moving in back behind the passenger seat. "Go to my house."

Quistis nodded and pulled away from the curb.

"Shouldn't we take him to a hospital?" Fujin asked, eying the beaten blonde through the rearview mirror.

"No, there's no guarantee that someone would treat him there if they knew who he was. They might try something there too..." Squall sighed.

"I thought you hated him." Zell muttered.

"Not enough to let someone just beat him to death. Besides, Fujin and Raijin would never forgive me."

"Those guys are watching us." Quistis said uncertainly.

"They weren't too happy I broke up their party." Squall sighed.

Fujin looked at Seifer as she held a hand to his bleeding head. "Looks like I got there just in time. He needs the shit kicked out of him once in a while."

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