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Just best friends

Chapter 8

By Purple Penguin

From Zellís p.o.v.


I had invited Kurt to stay in my dorm for the night out of the goodness of my heart. Okay I admit it, if he were a girl I probably wouldnít have done it. So sue me I think heís cute I know Iím not the only one. During the party it was obvious that lots of girls were checking him out. I tried not to be jealous, after all it was me whom heíd spent the whole party with and the whole time since he arrived here. Besides Seifer said he was gay and single, bad news for the girls but great news for me. Heís so much like me in so many ways, heís hyperactive, he likes hotdogs, heís cute. The cute thing is just what people (Mainly girls) tell me. The only main difference between us is he canít fight.

After the party we both arrived at my dorm, he was lot more relaxed around me, which probably has something to do with all the champagne he drunk. We managed to sit on the sofa and talk for hours. Itís strange, maybe Iím only seeing what I want to see but we seem to fit together so well.

He kind of reminds me of Selphie. Innocent, sweet, caring, cheerful and heís shorter than I am. Iíve never met a guy whoís both older and shorter than me before.

I know heís here until Monday which is good cause then I have the whole weekend to make him mine but I find myself wishing he could stay here forever. I know itís stupid, Iíve only just met him and already I have a huge crush on him. Heíll never return my feelings through, he hasnít known me for even 24hrs yet.

Heís asleep now on my sofa while I sit here in my bed worrying about my feelings. This isnít like me, I donít worry about anything I face whatever problem I have and deal with it. This problem isnít as simple.

Another thing bothering me is if I finally pluck up the courage to tell him how I feel, should I tell him on Saturday so Iíll have Sunday to be with him but if it goes badly Iíll have to avoid him for a whole day. If I tell him on Sunday Iíll have no time to be with him but if it does go badly heíll be leaving soon anyway.

I have a schoolboy crush on someone I just met, at 19 I should be over all that. Now I sound all pathetic like one of those sad people who write into newspaper problem pages.

Iím not solving anything sitting here, I get out from under my warm duvet and shuffle towards the kitchen. I pause in the living room my eyes fixed to the sofa. I can just see him red hair from under the blanket. Iím so glad the green dye washed out, he looks so much better as a redhead.

With a small smile I back into the kitchen. Milk that should help me sleep. I grab a glass and pour myself a glass of cold milk. (I know it should be warm but I canít be bothered to heat it and I have to be quiet so I donít wake my guest.)

Perched on the kitchen counter I sit in the dark and drink cold milk. How sad is that?!

I quickly drain my drink. My brain is telling me to go back to bed but my legs have other ideas. Somehow I have myself standing over the object of my affections.

Silently I kneel beside the sofa; my fingers are itching to brush through his hair but I definitely canít do that. For one he might wake up and secondly Iím already far too obsessed with him.

For once I listen to my brain and I retreat to bed.

I wonít sleep but it better than stalking about in the dark.



Notes: I know itís short but chap 9 is already half finished so Iíll post it quickly.

No offence to anyone who has wrote in to a newspaper problem page.

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