Author's Notes: This story is going into the game now with a lot of differences, I left out Rinoa that’s why I added Carrie to keep up the number of characters. Squall’s with Ultimecia instead of Seifer but only up until a point, because I don’t have Rinoa to fall into a coma I got Squall to do that bit at the fight in G garden that will all come up but I thought I’d better tell you all now in case I confuse anyone. Raijin and Fujin made Seed because other wise I don’t have a reason for them to be around to the battles with Zell and co. Though Seifer isn’t a Seed I had to have him in the game-like bits too and Irvine isn’t there yet cos I left out that bit too though he lives in Galbadia garden so when the Seeds go there to attack the sorceress he joins them then okay? Have I lost anyone yet? Irvine joins them at the same time as Squall’s due to fall into a coma so maybe I can have some IrvinexSquall. Left out the stupid space bit cos no Rinoa and it bores me to death. Instead Seed have to go to Esthar anyway for the Lunar Cry and Squall wanders off when Lunatic Pandora lands over Tear’s point. The gang find him sleeping at Tear’s point under Lunatic Pandora. Shorter lunatic Pandora bits cos no Raijin and Fujin, no Rinoa and no Seifer and don’t know how to do the end, whether I should fast forward past the castle bit or if I should I do some dialogue for them when inside the castle or something. All this stuff will show up in the next chapter and onwards, was supposed to start in this chapter but I this this is going to end up longer then I thought. And I didn’t know whether to have SeiferxZell you know get couply or continue with the ‘just fucking’ thing, got to be some feelings I think, I don’t know if anyone has a preference tell me please. Though I don’t know if anyone is still reading this other than Verdani. (sorry if I spelt that wrong and thanks for the reviews).

I Love To Hate You

Part 6

By Purple Penguin

The group wandered out of the headmaster's office, their heads full of brand new shiny information about the sorceress Ultimecia whom Zell had trouble pronouncing. Also the headmaster's wife had come up in topics, being the current host for the sorceress, which was all very confusing.

"Well that was-err-" Selphie started to say, looking cheerfully confused.

"Enlightening?" Carrie suggested.

"Confused." Zell added.

"Fucked up." Seifer finished. "Why the fuck is he telling us all this shit? We didn't sign up for this; let someone else take care of this."

"Who else can take care of this? Other than Seed."

"I'm no Seed, why tell me?"

"Yeah me too you know." Raijin added both himself and Seifer being the only non Seeds in the hallway.

"Maybe Cid thinks we need all the help we can get and you'll be good at the job."

"And Squall, don't forget about him."

"What the hell does that guy think he's doing?" Zell yelled.

"Remember what Cid said but mind control, he may not be thinking anything." Carrie said.

Zell gave her a look. "You just want to think the best of people."

She smiled, a little sheepishly. "Got to be positive."

The six of them loaded into the lift, it creaked under the weight.

"Are you sure it'll take the weight of all of us?"

"Maybe Raijin should get out and push." Zell joked.


"Ow!" Zell hopped up and down. "What'd you do that for?! You're said worse than that!"

Seifer laughed as the albino glared at his lover.

"What now, you know?"

Seifer glanced at Fujin. "I say we hit Balamb, do some fishing it's been a while."

She smiled at him.

"But what about the sorceress?"

"She can't come with us."

Selphie sighed. "No that's not what I meant."

"When she shows up we'll deal with it but until then I want some fun." The three of them walked out of the lift when it stopped, past the directory heading for the front gate.

"Can we come?" Selphie called.


"Why not?"

Zell gestured to his friend. "Come on we can go have lunch at my house, Ma'll like the company." The three friends followed the posse out of garden. "And by the way if she asks, Selphie you were in my room last night…. And you have a cold."

Selphie. "I do? Why?"

"Because she rang last night and she's always trying to set me up with this girl in my street."

"And I have a cold because?"

He frowned. "Because she rang late when I was in bed and someone spoke to me and now she thinks I have a girlfriend… with a cold."

Seifer laughed. "Tell her you fuck guys."

Zell snorted. "No way."

Selphie wrinkled her nose. "Tell her in a more polite way then that you prefer guys."

"Then she'll think I have a boyfriend and that's worse."


"She'll want to meet him."

Seifer smirked. "Well if you like I can always-"


The taller man chuckled.

Fujin rolled her eyes. She wasn't too keen on the fact that her best friend was fucking a sort of replacement friend. Those two had always hated each other, what was with the suddenly change, it bugged her that they were so close. And if Seifer was still insisting this was a no strings thing he wasn't fooling her, if he didn't care he'd be fucking other people and he wouldn't be seen dead hanging out with the little blonde and his friends.

"So you're rather have her setting you up with girls than knowing that you're gay?"


Selphie grinned. "But then she might start setting you up with guys." She winked. "She might know some cute ones." She giggled

Zell cracked smile. "Yes that would be better."

Seifer snorted.


"Of course not." He muttered grumpily.

The two petite girls shared a knowing look.

"I'm not!"

"We didn't say anything!"

"But you were thinking it."

They got to Zell's street and saw his mother talking to the owner of the weapons shop.


She turned with a smile, which faltered as soon as she saw the trio. "What are they doing here?" Her eyes narrowed.

"Err- Well we were going the same way so you sort of walked together."

His mother looked confused. "But I thought you all hated each other."

Fujin sighed. "The good old days."

Seifer laughed.

"Hey!" Zell protested. Who helped you pass the written exam?"

"She did!" She pointed at Carrie.

"I helped!" He protested.

"You sat around in my dorm getting crisps over everything."

He opened his mouth to response but Seifer interrupted. "I didn't realize you three were such good friends while I was gone."

"Us five! We taught Raijin to ride a Chocobo." Seifer raised an eyebrow at his dark friend.

"Don't ask, you know."

"He did get on backwards a few times and there was a time when this wild bird took off, not stopping and it carried him for miles-"

"Stop talking, you know!"

Seifer laughed. "I wish I'd seen that."

"Um-Excuse me?" Miss Dincht watched them. "So you're all friends now?"


"Sort of."



"I don't know, you know."

Seifer just shrugged. "We're going, come on guys." They walked past; Seifer turned back and blew Zell a kiss.

The little blonde's eyes widened, hoping his mother didn't see and he gave Seifer the finger. Zell's mother watched them go then smiled at the other three.


The girls bounced up and down. "YAY!"

"Starving." Zell smiled.

After lunch the three friends sat around the table with Zell's mother. "So do you girls know who Zell's dating because he won't tell me?"


They giggled. "I have an idea."


"Really? A girl or a guy?"

"Ma!" Zell jumped up from the table. "You know?"

"That you're bi?"

He bit his lip. "Err-Well I'm not- I'm gay."

She paused. "So it's a guy then?"

"Ma! I don't have a boyfriend!"

"Why don't you want me to meet him?"

"There's no one to meet!"

"Who was in your bedroom then?"

"That was just my- roommate."

She frowned. "But I thought Seeds didn't have roommates."

"They don't but remember when I told you about the people from Dollet coming to garden, well now we don't have enough rooms for them so we have to share."

"Oh, so he's just a roommate?"

"Yes!" He sat down.

"So can I meet him?"


She smiled. "In case you become more than friends."

Selphie giggled. "You already know him."


The older woman turned to ask the girls. "Really? Who is he?"

"Ma, it doesn't matter."

"If it doesn't matter then you can tell me right?" She smiled.

He bit his lip with a sigh. "There's nothing between us."

"I know."

"He's just a roommate."

"I know."

"Seifer, it's Seifer."

His mother paused. "Oh." She sighed. "Well in that case I'm glad you're just roommates… because you could do better."

He nodded. "I know." He exchanged a look with his friends and quickly changed the subject.

 Seifer stared into the water where his line dangled, he never had any luck with fishing, he didn't really know why he liked it so much. Raijin was the one who had all the luck catching fish and he didn't care, which was really unfair.

"That Dollet girl is she your girlfriend, you know?"

Seifer raised an eyebrow. "Why'd you like her?"

Raijin shook his head. "No but I thought- that you liked her."

The blonde looked amused. "I'm gay remember?"

"You didn't use to be." Fujin said.


"Before Zell, you had lots of girlfriends." She stood, hands clasped behind her back.

He looked at her for a moment. "I didn't want to be gay." He admitted. "But I am, so no more girls." He turned back to the ocean.

"And what about guys?"

He laughed. "Well obviously I'm not going to give up on them."

"Are you sure?"


"Are you sure you haven't given up on them? I mean I haven't seen you with a guy since you got back…. Except Zell that is." She added after a slight pause.

Her blonde friend looked back at her with a frown. "What's that supposed to mean?"

She shrugged.

"One of the midgets said you might be jealous."

She made a rude noise in her throat.

"But I didn't believe it at first…. Are you?"

"Of you and Zell? Please." She scowled at him and then at the floor.

"Then why are you being weird?"

"I'm not the one being weird, before you-you were different, it was just us, the posse apart from whoever you were fucking at the time and that was always a different person everyday." She paused.

Raijin glanced nervously between them.

"And now it's always six of us or we have to wait for you to stop…. Being with- Zell."

"I thought you guys were pals now."

"Because you weren't here."

The blonde folded his arms. "He was the only person I could talk to while I was in Dollet, we traded emailed for months and you want me to give up on him?"

"Would you?"

Raijin coughed. "Err Fujin maybe you should-"

"Shut up Raijin!"

Seifer paused. "… No."

"What if you had to choose between me and Raijin or Zell and his midgets?"

"You wouldn't make me do that."

"Why not?"

"Because you'd lose!" The blonde turned and walked past the surprised albino, leaving his line in the water, feeling like he really needed something to kill right now

Selphie took the small bag of rubbish out to the rubbish bin outside the front of Zell's house. She opened the front door and pausing, glancing up at the smell of cigarette smoke and small misty trail that led round the side of the building, she followed it.


The blonde didn't look up at her.

"What are you doing here?"


"Where are the others?"

He shrugged. "Fujin was a bitch so I left."


There was a long pause; Selphie shifted from foot to foot wondering if she should leave.

"You were right."

"I was?"

"She's jealous."

"Oh." She paused. "Of you and Zell?"

He didn't answer.

"Oh." She said again. "D-Do you want to come in?"

He dropped his cigarette and snuffed it out with his heel. "I don't think so; I'm going back to garden." He pushed off the wall and walked away from her.

She looked at the bag of rubbish still in her hand and dropped it into the bin before heading inside to tell Zell what she saw.

When Zell got back to his dorm it was 1800 hours, Seifer lay on the couch staring at the ceiling, a new cigarette hanging from his lips and judging from the pile in the ash tray it wasn't his first.

"Hey." He greeted. "I heard what happened, what did she say to you?"


The little blonde nodded. "I'm gonna take a shower."


That was weird usually he had to beat Seifer off with a stick to stop him leaping into the shower with him. "You want to join me?" He offered.

"Maybe later." His eyes hadn't moved from the ceiling the whole time Zell had been there.

The little blonde wandered past the sofa and into the bathroom, clicking the door shut.

Seifer waited to hear the lock click into place but he never heard it, meaning he was invited if he changed his mind.

He smirked slightly. How considerate of Chickie.

He snuffed his current cigarette out and glanced at the bathroom door, he'd been brooding over Fujin all afternoon maybe what he needed was something to take his mind off it for just a moment.

A hand turned the handle; the shower was already running with the curtain pulled across when he went inside. As he striped off his clothing a wet head appeared between the two curtains, fluffy blonde hair plastered to his head with water dripping down his face.

"Changed your mind?"

The taller man smirked, Chickie looked very cute right now, very fuck-able. He popped the button on his jeans and pushed them down to his ankles along with his boxers. The little blonde's eyes travelled along his body down to his cock and Seifer knew it. He stood and kicked his clothes away. "See something you like Chickie?"

His lover moved back to let him into the shower with him.

As soon as he was under the hot spray a hand went to the back of Zell's head and pulled him in for a kiss, long and strangely gentle for Seifer. The shorter man broke the kiss with a confused, questioning look but a hand that wrapped around his cock distracted him from saying anything instead a deep moan broke from his throat in response to his lover's touch.

Seifer stroked Zell to full hardness as Zell's own hand found it's way to Seifer's cock, which didn't need any encourage, seeing the shorter man naked and wet was enough.

Zell broke the kiss with a smirk before falling to his knees before him causing Seifer to lean on the tiled wall for support, eyes falling closed with a soft sigh.

He opened his eyes again to see baby blues meet his own, those orbs somehow managing to appear innocent even he held Seifer sex in his hand and his tongue ventured out to get a taste, lapping at the tip and around the head. Seifer groaned at the sight alone, moving a hand into his lover's hair for encouragement, caressing his scalp as a hot mouth started to suckle on the tip of his sex. Seifer learnt his head on the wall behind him, eyes watching what his lover his doing. Fujin must be on drugs if she thought he'd give up this for her. Sure she was a good friend but could she give head as good as this? He didn't think so, not that he wanted to find out being gay and all.

Zell's mouth moved farther down Seifer dick, deep throating him with ease, a hand moving to his lover's thigh for balance. Must be all the hotdogs Seifer thought. Zell had never had a problem deep throating and he knew his little lover loved to suck his dick, not that he was complaining.

He moaned, a hand now gripping Zell's hair, none too gently, looking down at the blue eyes that watched him while his mouth was wrapped around Seifer's erection, he watching himself disappeared into that mouth over and over. He leant his head back suddenly with a groan and came down his lover's throat.

The little blonde swallowed easily and stood with a smirk, wiping his hand over his lips.

"Good?" He asked.

"Have you been practicing on those hotdogs again Chickie?"

Zell wrinkled his nose. "Coming from you I'll take that as a compliment."

Seifer wrapped his hand back around his lover's erection and Zell covered the hand with his own as Seifer jerked him off.

The older man leant his head down to lock lips with the shorter man as he stroked him till he came over Seifer's fingers, sagging against his larger lover to catch his breath.

Seifer dropped a kiss to his forehead with a chuckled.

"Better?" Zell asked.


"So what did Fujin say to you?" He asked as he picked up the soap, washing both himself and his lover.

"Don't worry about it."

"I'm not worried, I'm just curious."

"I'll tell you later…. Maybe."

They washed off the soap and shut off the water, he accepted the towel that Zell offered him and stepped out.

As they got out of the bathroom the room started to shake.


Seifer snorted. "In Balamb?"

Zell dropped the towel and walked nude over to the window, looking outside. There was a crunching, grinding noise causing Zell to wince and the building lurched sharply, throwing Zell to the floor. He glanced up at Seifer who now hovered over him, looking out of the window.

"A-Are we moving?!"

"Don't be so stu-"

A tree went past the window. "Fucking hell." Seifer said in amazement.

"We are! We are moving!"

"That's impossible."

Zell quickly dried himself.

"Where are you going?"

"To see what going on, are you coming?" He was about to open the door still shirtless when someone knocked on it franticly.

Zell looked over at his lover. "Quick, put some pants on!"

Seifer started to get dressed when Zell opened the door Carrie fell in.

"Zell! Have you seen-?!"

"We're moving!"

"I know!" They both shouted excitedly.

"Let's go!"

Seifer rolled his eyes, slowly walking shirtless after them.

"Where's Selphie? I thought she'd want to see this?"

"Have you checked her dorm?"

"Nope, came to get you first."

They headed for Selphie dorm, meeting Fujin going to opposite direction.

"Fujin have you seen?! We're-!"


The petite girl bounced. "Great, isn't it?"

The albino glanced between then; expression blank then she looked at Seifer who lit a cigarette equally unimpressed. "RAIJIN WHERE?"

The tall blonde rolled his eyes. Fujin only spoke like that to him when she was pissed at him. He shrugged in return.

Zell glanced at their exchange in confusion. Carrie spoke up. "I'll find him too after we find Selphie." She pointed in front of her. "Onward!"

The two posse members rolled their eyes but followed her.

The four of them stood outside Selphie's dorm, Zell and Carrie yelling and knocking continuously causing Fujin to wince. Seifer rolled his eyes. "Oh for god's sake, let me-" He trailed off, tapping in the master door code.

"How did you-?"

"I was head of disciplinary committee remember?"

Carrie ran in. "Selphie! Are you in here?!" She went into the bedroom. "Selph-!" She froze at the foot of the bed, staring in shock.

The surprised and horrified couple pulled the blanket up higher to cover their nakedness. Zell came in the stared, speechless. Seifer walked in and laughed.


The couple jumped slightly.

"Sorry Fuu you know. But- but these things happen you know."

She shook her head. "I can't believe this Raijin not you too, Seifer I'd expect-"


"But not you."

"What do you mean ‘you'd expect'?" Seifer asked.

She gave him a look. "You think with your dick."

"Gee thanks for that Fuu; you really know how to make a guy feel useful."

Carrie giggled. "For the record I think it's great, we're like one big happy family!"

Fujin and Seifer snorted. "One fucked up family." Seifer turned to leave, dragging a frozen Zell out with him. "Come on fuu, leave them alone."

"We're moving by the way."


"Y-You didn't notice, it made the earth move."

The tall blonde laughed. "I think they've been doing a bit of earth moving themselves."

The couple blushed.

Carrie waved bye and pulled Fujin out with her, shutting the door behind them.

When Zell climbed into bed that night Seifer was already in it.

Cid had done the big explanation thing about discovering that garden could move and that Nida was now the pilot, Zell didn't know him and Seifer said he knew him very well so he didn't want to know anymore about that.

As he got in, the older man spooned himself to Zell's back, hands starting to wander. "Is that what Fujin said to you then? The stuff she said to Raijin?"

Seifer sighed. "S-She asked me if I had to choose between you and her who would I pick."

"Oh." He paused. "And?"

"And…. I told her, she'd lose."

Zell looked up in shock. "Really?"

"Yeah… you give good head."

The little blonde snorted. "Thanks, I think."

"You're welcome." He chuckled.

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