Knowing You

Chapter 12

By Purple Penguin

He walked into the older man's room standing there a little awkwardly watching Kiros shut the door and turn to look at him.


"Yeah so..." He glanced around nervously.

"You came back I didn't expect-" He trailed off clearing his throat. "So how are Edea and Ellone?"

"Good." He said. "They had a good time picking on me at least."

Kiros raised an eyebrow. "Oh? What about?"

"My love life or lack of." He met Kiros' eyes for a spilt second. "I sort of told them I was gay."

"Sort of?"

"Well I didn't plan on it, after Sis asked me over and over about girls she asked if I had any boys in mind instead."

The older man smirked.

"In front of a packed café."

"And what did you say?"

"Say? I didn't say anything; it was all I could do not to spit my coffee out all over the table."

His friend chuckled. "Are you hungry? I ate but there are loads left."

Squall nodded quickly following Kiros into the kitchen and taking a seat at the kitchen table.

"Didn't you eat out?"

"Not much no I was hoping to escape sooner and eat with you."

His dark friend smiled. "Escape? From your almost sister and almost mother?"

"I'd rather be with you." He blinked as soon as the words were out of his mouth just as surprised as Kiros was. "Err- I meant- not that I was glad to see them or-" He sighed.

"It's okay I know you probably didn't mean that." Kiros let him.

"No I meant it... just sounds a bit bad for matron and sis." Squall trailed off into silence watching Kiros put a plate of food into the microwave and set the timer. The dark man sat at the other end of the table and they glanced at each other in silence, Squall looking at the table until the older man sighed.

"I hate this, I hate being awkward with you."

"Me too." Squall heard movement and looked up into the dark eyes of his older friend whom had walked round the table and stood beside his chair, one hand rested on the table top.

"Early you kissed me... did you mean that too?"

Squall gaped at him for a second. "Yes... of course I did I-I wouldn't-"

He was cut off as Kiros bent his head and captured the younger man's lips in his own, a hand running into Squall's unruly hair.

This time it was Squall who was surprised freezing for a moment eyes widening before sliding shut and his fisted the material of Kiros shirt in one hand. He sighed a little sound of contentment.

The microwave dinged startling them both into breaking the kiss.

Kiros shot the machine an annoyed look, causing Squall to chuckle, which in turn got a smile from the older man. He stroked a couple of fingers down Squall's jaw line before straightening and walking to the microwave, he set a plate of food down in front of Squall.


"Thanks." The brunette picked up his folk.

The dark man opened the fridge and took out a can of beer for himself.

"Can I have one?"

Kiros opened his mouth then shut it again. "No."

"What? Why not?!"

"You're not old enough."

Squall gave him a look as if he'd grown an extra head. "What?!"

The dark man chuckled and handed him the can. "It was joke, calm down."

Squall sighed with a little smile to show he'd forgiven him. "Are you just going to sit there and watch me eat?"

"Yeah that's the idea."

As Squall finished his food and drink Kiros took the empty plate. "Look I hate to throw you out and everything but-err- I wasn't joking about the getting up early thing." He said a little sheepishly.

"So you hate to throw me out but you're going to anyway?"

"Reluctantly, can't you give me points for that?"

Squall rose from the table stretching. "I'm going." He got up brushing past the other man who reached out to pull Squall into his arms.

The brunette smirked. "You know I can't leave if you don't let go of me." He teased, smirk turning into a grin when the older man pulled him in for a kiss, a slow kiss. Squall purred as hand found its way under his tank top; he backed up towards the door and reached out a hand for the handle only to end up pressed up against the wood. His hand left the handle bury into the older man's black hair.

Kiros broke the kiss, pulled away and opened the door all without a word.

Squall smirked.

"Go. Now, before you can distract me... again."

Squall smiled. "Me, distract you?" He went out the door though and glanced around down the corridor to make sure there was no one there before he leant his head back in to kiss his friend -or maybe boyfriend now he wasn't sure- goodbye.

"Have a good very early morning meeting tomorrow."

"I won't, thanks."

Kiros watched Squall disappear before he went back inside.

The meeting had seemed like it had dragged on when in fact it was unusually short. It was strangely hard to be the cool calm professional that he usually was when he had a dream as hot as the one he had last night. At first he hadn't really remembered, he had stumbled out of bed with funny feeling, a thought in the back of his head that he just couldn't get at let alone identify.

The strange feeling intensified when he thought of Squall, maybe it was just because of what happened last night with the younger man coming to him and kisses they shared. But there was something else, something missing. He slept in late, not having time to shower and only time to throw on his clothes and run to the meeting room. He only half listening to the other men at the meeting ramble on about... whatever they were supposed to be discussing. He almost fell off his chair and he covered his face with a hand.

One of the others asked is he was okay and accepted the glass of water that was offered to him in an attempt to hide his embarrassment and shock as he remembered his dream. It's something to be sitting in a boring meeting room and then get the mental image of Squall naked, flushed and horny offering himself up to him. No wonder he slept in, who would want to wake from that?"

Maybe the meeting ended early because they all thought Kiros was losing his mind. They gave him funny looks after that. Now after the meeting he had time to shower, it was still early he still had time to eat and get to his office at the leisurely pace. He striped and hopped into the shower, running his hands through his now loose hair that flowed down his back caressing his dark skin.

He smirked now at the images from his dreams wondering what had brought on this sudden bout of horniness but he suspected it might have something to do with pressing the younger man to a door the day before and slipping his hands under his tank top.

He looked up and cursed when someone knocked on the door and yelled his name through the wood. He shut off the water stepping out quickly and grabbed a towel quickly rubbing his torso then securing it around his waist. He shivered as he opened the bathroom door and the cool air hit his wet bare skin.

Someone knocked again.

"I'm coming." He called back heading straight for the door and pulling it open.

A leather clad Squall stood there smirking in amusement and raised an eyebrow.

"Is that a new look?" He ran a finger through the air gesturing to Kiros' lack of clothes.

"'Cause if it is I approve."

The dark man shook his head, stepping back to let Squall inside.

"What are you doing here?"

"I came to see if you were okay?" Squall perched on the arm of the sofa.

"Yeah sure why shouldn't I be?" Kiros folded his arms, still standing there dropping.

The brunette got up off the sofa and walked up to him reaching out and picking up some Kiros' soggy hair.

"I like your hair like this?"

"I don't, it gets in the way."

"I think you should have it this way more often." He continued to play with Kiros' hair.

"So what made you think I wasn't okay?" Kiros asked, raising an eyebrow at the hand that was now drawing patterns on his chest and chasing drips.

"Oh I heard they ended a meeting early because you seemed a little off."

The older man groaned. "They did end it because of me?"

"Didn't you know?"

"I hoped not."

"What happened?"

"I had things on my mind."

Squall frowned. "Things?"

Kiros scowled. "This is all your fault!"

"My fault!"

"You and .... the things you do."


"These things." He gestured to the hands that idly stroked and brushed his skin.

"Oh." Squall looked thoughtful. "So you were thinking...." His eyebrows rose. "OH!" He smirked. "Were you thinking bad things in your meeting?" His voice held amusement.

"It was a dream I had.... You kind of- guest starred." He suddenly had the feeling that Squall would be grinning if he- wasn't Squall. As it was he was fighting a smile.

"So what sort of things was I doing in this dream of yours then?" He had a slight blush as he asked reminding the other man of his flushed appearance in his dream.

He closed the gap stopping a mere breath away from Squall's lips, he whispered. "Bad things." He kissed the brunette, hands running down to give his ass a little squeeze.

Squall moaned fingers tangling in Kiros' loose hair eagerly kissing back to stepped forward to press the length of his body to Kiros.

There was soft thump and dark man suddenly felt cold.

They broke the kiss to make way for Squall's sniggers and Kiros' sigh.

"Down look down." He instructed before bending down to pick up his towel.

The brunette cleared his throat to hide laughter as he tried to fix his eyes straight though they did flicker down once maybe twice.

The older man gave him a mock annoyed look.

Squall shrugged. "Sorry couldn't help it." He answered, not sounding the least bit sorry.

He reached out to pull his- new boyfriend, smiled at the thought of Kiros being his boyfriend- closer by the towel.

"Carefully you'll knock it off again." He held the towel up with one hand as he walked up to Squall.

The door opened and the pair practically leapt apart as Laguna came in without knocking.

He frowned. "Squall what are you doing here?"

"Err- I was- err- c-checking to-err-to see if Kiros was okay after what we heard remember?"

"Oh yes and that's why I'm here too." He turned to his friend standing between Kiros and his son. "You're not dressed." He frowned.

"I would be if people would stop knocking on my door."

"Well I was worried." Laguna pouted. "You haven't seemed like yourself lately, you've been distracted."

Squall smiled at him innocently over Laguna's shoulder but Kiros tried to ignore him. "I'm fine really just a little tired this morning, I didn't sleep well."

Laguna frowned in concern. "You know you work too hard maybe you should have some time off."

Kiros shook his head. "No that's okay I wouldn't know what to do with myself."

He ignored the smirking Squall who mouthed. "I've got a few ideas."

Laguna scoffed. "That's because it's been so long since your last vacation, take a week, next week."

Kiros opened his mouth to protest but Laguna held a hand up. "Don't argue it's done, Squall can keep you company you two get along right?"

The brunette nodded. "I'm sure we'll find something to do." His expression was blank until Laguna turned his back then he smirked at Kiros.

He sighed. "Okay fine, next week."

Laguna grinned. "Great! You need to have some fun." He turned to Squall. "Come on; let's leave Kiros to get dressed."

Squall nodded expression blank as he nodded at his secret boyfriend. "See you later."

Kiros sighed and shut the door behind them.


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