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Warning: There are song lyrics near the end and a small bit of I/Q. There are also mentions of the ff7 characters.

Just best friends

Chapter 4

By Purple Penguin

Irvine had agreed to meet Quistis for lunch. He was a bit wary after seeing her with Seifer. He hoped they were just friends more for Squall’s sake than his own. He was determined to find out what they meant to each other and where he stood. Hopefully everything would turn out for the best. Squall needed Seifer it was obvious.


Irvine had gone to grab some lunch when he’d spotted Quistis with Seifer. They were sitting closely and holding hands. He barely looked up when he passed them. It was disgusting. Seifer knew how he felt about Quistis and he wouldn’t do that to him, would he?

Later he’d been discussing the subject with Squall who was the other casualty if Seifer and Quistis got together.

“You actually saw them together?”

“Yeah. They were holding hands.”

Squall sighed. “So what do we do?”

“Do? There’s nothing we can do.”

“Look, I’ve wanted Seifer for too long to just give up now! We have to break them up!”

“Squall! If they’re happy together... Do you really want Seifer to be miserable?”

“No.” the brunette looked defeated.

Irvine felt sorry for Squall. He felt like he had to do something to cheer him up.

“Look, I’m having lunch with Quistis tomorrow. How about you watch from a distance and if Seifer shows up we can show them what they’re missing.

“You mean make them jealous?”


“You and me?”


“Okay. What have I got to lose.”

Irvine entered the cafeteria looking round. Squall sat discretely in a corner reading a newspaper. Quistis saw him and waved, gesturing for him to come over. He smiled and sat opposite her at the table.


“Hi. You just got out of class?” He asked.

“Yeah. I had to keep two boys behind for fighting.”


“You know it’s strange that’s the first time I’ve had students fighting in my class since Squall and Seifer.”

“Hmm. So speaking of Seifer... Are you two a couple?” He asked bluntly.

“No, but we could be. Why?”

Irvine saw Quistis look up and smile at someone else. He turned to see Seifer walk to the food queue. Irvine flinched and gritted his teeth. He risked a glance in Squall’s direction, noting that the brunette had also noticed Seifer’s appearance.

“I just didn’t think you’d do that to Squall.”

“Squall thinks me and Seifer are a couple?” But they’d been careful of that and never acted that way when Squall was around.

“Yeah, we were talking yesterday and I told him.”

“You told him?” Irvine and Squall never talked, why did they have to get chatty now.

Quistis shook her head. This was terrible. The last thing she wanted to do was to break Squall’s heart. How was Seifer going to admit his feelings to Squall if Quistis selfishly wreaked everything for him.

She stood from the table

“I’ve got to tell Seifer about this.”

“Hang on a minute. Why should you care if you may end up with Seifer anyway why not just tell Squall the truth. If you’re going to break his heart you may as well do it quickly.”

Quistis winced. She was between a rock and a hard place.

Come on Quistis. She told herself. Just tell him. At least if he rejects you, you’ll only ruin your own love life and wont drag Seifer down with you.

“Okay, Irvine, Seifer and I are just friends and Seifer thinks he may love Squall. We...were just acting.”


“To make you jealous...” She blushed. “I kind of like you.” She whispered the last part.

Irvine gaped at her in shock before grinning once it had sunk in.

He got up from the table and Quistis expected him to leave. She was very shocked when he came over to her tipping her face up to met his in a kiss.

Seifer watched them from the food queue. He grinned. That’s one happy couple and hopefully he could make it two by the end of the day.

He looked over at Squall. The brunette nearly choked on his coffee when Irvine kissed Quistis. What the HELL! Isn’t Quistis with Seifer?! He was happy for them of course but it was so unexpected. Seifer looked happy for them. Squall had thought he would be upset. Seifer looked back the couple when Quistis called him.

“Seifer. Come here.”

He looked quizzically at the blonde girl as he walked over to them.

“Seifer, Squall thinks you like me, go set him straight.” She ordered.

Seifer nodded. “Yes Sir.” He saluted her.

The blonde walked over to his ‘best friend’.

Squall looked up as Seifer approached him.


Squall nodded.

Seifer gestured to the happy couple.

“They look good together don’t they?”

“Aren’t you upset that she’s not with you?”

“We were never like that, Squall. She loves Irvine and I don’t love her...” I love you. He never voiced the last three words.


Seifer smiled softly.

“Listen, do you want to go out tonight?”

“Where to?

“Dunno. Doesn’t matter.”

“Okay. We could go see that movie we missed yesterday.”

“Great.” Seifer grinned enthusiastically. “We’ll be early this time so I’ll pick you at 18:30 Okay?”

“Yeah sure.” Squall said slowly. He didn’t know what Seifer was up to but it had to be something important he was acting weird.

Seifer stood in his dorm room deciding which shirt looked best. Squall had made an effort yesterday so he would too. He was interrupted from his preening by a knock at the door. He frowned wondering who it was. He opened the door shirtless to Quistis. She raised an eyebrow, smirking as she noticed he was naked for the waist up.

“I hope you’re not going out like that, although I don’t think your date will complain much.”

Seifer smiled opening the door for her to enter.

“I’m trying to choose a shirt to wear. You can help me now that you’re here.”

Seifer held the two shirts up to himself one after the other for Quistis to pick one.

“That one.” She pointed to a navy blue, tight, long sleeved shirt.

As Seifer put it on and did his hair she spoke again.

“I came to thank you for bringing Irvine and me together and to wish you luck with tonight.”

He smiled. “Thanks.”

“Not that you need any luck. Just have fun.”

He smirked. “How could I not? I’ll be with the most beautiful guy in the world.”

She shook her head. “You’ve got it bad.”

Seifer did a twirl in front of her.

“How do I look?”

“Very smart.”

She headed for the door.

“I’ll leave you to it then, as long as you promise me you’ll tell him and not chicken out at the last minute.”

“I promise.”

After the door shut, Seifer grabbed some money shoving it into the pockets of his jeans and put on a black duster. After one last look in the mirror he left his room.

Squall was unsuccessfully trying to flatten one hair that refused to lie down with the rest when a knock at the door interrupted him.

He opened the door to see Seifer all dressed in dark colours. He looked dangerous and sexy. Both guys gave each other the once over. Their eyes lit up when their eyes met.

~Please forgive me if I act a little strange~

~For I know now what I do~

“Hi.” Seifer smiled at the brunette whom he was determined to make his by the end of the night.

Squall had to smile he still didn’t know what Seifer was up to but he’d made an effort to get changed this time so something was going on.

~Feels like lightening running through my veins~

~Every time I look at you. Every time I look at you.~

Squall was dressed in his usual clothes except instead of the white T-shirt he had on a blue muscle shirt that clung to his body. Seifer found his eyes lingered there for longer than they should’ve.

Seifer nodded his head towards the entrance of the dorms waiting for Squall to fall into step with him.

“Do you feel like walking to Balamb again?”

“If you’re sure we’ve got time.”

“We’ll make it this time. Trust me.”

“I trust you.”

Seifer raised an eyebrow looking over at his companion.

Squall blushed embarrassed. If possible, it made the brunette look even more adorable than usual.

~Like a stone I fall into your eyes~

~Deep into some mystery. Deep into some mystery~

They walked to Balamb not knowing what to say to each other. Finally Squall broke the silence.

“Did you heard Selphie’s new brilliant idea to boost moral?”

“No. What is it this time?”

“She wants to have a party in the quad and have everyone dress up as characters of her favourite legend.”

“Oh no not the Legend of Sephiroth again. I can’t believe they even turned that into a movie.”

“I’m expecting a few Clouds and Tifas. I’d go as a Turk those guys are so cool.” And sexy. He thought but he wouldn’t dare say sexy about a guy in front of Seifer.

This time they made their train with time to spare. They sat in an empty carriage so they were alone. The journey was an hour long so it gave Seifer plenty of time to pluck up some courage.

Squall got from his seat and began pacing the length of the carriage.

“I can’t believe we got this place to ourselves. It’s great.”

The train went under the sea to reach F.H so there was nothing to see out the windows. Squall stared out at the nothingness of the tunnel.

“I’m starting to see why Selphie likes trains so much. It’s relaxing.”

He turned to Seifer.

“Do you still need to do thinking?”

Seifer got up and stood behind Squall placing his hands on his friend’s hips.

“No. I’ve worked that out now.”

“Good.” Squall stepped back so Seifer could wrap his arms around his waist. Squall rested his head on Seifer’s shoulder and sighed contently.

~And there’s so much I want to say~

~Want to tell you just how good it feels~

~When you look at me that way. When you look at me that way~

Seifer opened the SeeD cabin at the back of the train and Squall followed him. The brunette leaned on Seifer’s arm and put his feet up on the sofa so he was curled up. Seifer looked down later to find that Squall had fallen asleep, he smiled. Gently he moved the brunette so his head rested on Seifer’s lap.

The blonde gently ran his fingers through his friend’s hair. He’d wanted to do that since yesterday at the beach. Seifer knew this was the perfect time to tell Squall how he felt about him but he just couldn’t bare to wake him.

Seifer bent his head so he hovered inches from Squall’s face. After the stick Seifer had given him about the after shave Squall hadn’t put any on. He still smelt good though, better even. Seifer gently put his lips to his friend’s in a light, gentle kiss. The sleeping beauty kissed back without waking. As Seifer pulled away Squall shifted in his sleep.

“Seifer.” He whispered.

The blonde grinned, putting his lips to Squall’s ear he whispered.

“I love you.”

The brunette smiled in his sleep.

Seifer shook him gently to wake him.

Squall slowly opened his eyes at first he smiled then reality kicked in and he blushed deeply. As he glanced around the train his expression changed. He looked terribly disappointed.

Seifer couldn’t stand that look.

“Squall I...” He stopped as the brunette practically leapt off his lap and ran to the corner off the SeeD cabin.

Seifer walked towards him, as he caught sight of Squall’s tears his heart broke.

“Squall.... Listen to me.”

“No, I’ve had enough, Seifer.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t do it anymore. I can’t play just best friends. I love you so much it hurts.” Squall slid down the wall and pulled his knees up to his chest.

Seifer was speechless. How could Squall think he didn’t love him?

“It kills me. It kills me to watch you flirt or even look at girls. B-But I can’t leave because I can’t live without you!”

Seifer rushed to Squall’s side and pulled him into an embrace.

“Squall, please don’t cry. I can’t stand to see you in pain.” He shifted the brunette in his arms so they were face-to-face. This time he didn’t hesitate.

“I love you so much, sweetheart.”

Once again Seifer gently kissed him but Squall was too shocked to kiss back. He froze not quite believing what he heard.


“I said I love you.”

Seifer kissed him again and this time Squall hungrily kissed back.

Squall wiped his eyes. “You mean you let me make an idiot of myself for nothing.”

The blonde chuckled and kissed his boyfriend on the forehead, pulling him close just as an announcement said they’d arrived at their stop.




Authors notes: *grins* I’m proud of this chapter. This is the best story I’ve ever written.

Sorry for the mention of the ff7 characters but I might have that party of Selphie’s for chapter 6 or 7.

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