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Knowing Innocence

(Working title)

Chapter 1

By Purple Penguin

I slammed the heavy wood door of my cell.

God, I hate this place. I’ve been at military school since I was ten, eight fucking years. All my life I’ve been passed around, from orphanage to military school. I was never adopted, not that I’m surprised all the parents wanted good little kids, who had teddy bears and were polite. Fuck that.

I know I sound bitter, it’s not that bad really. I’m the best cadet here and everybody knows it. Being the only one with a gunblade in my sector helps.

The Lt of my sector has it in for me; he would do anything to get me into trouble. Before me, he was the one everyone considered the best. He uses an anchor as a weapon, he’s a big guy but he’s lost some of his popularity now that he’s mute.

The commander of the whole place thinks of me as a son. He’s a good guy, if a bit goofy, he uses a machine gun. He has a son of his own, even though he’s gay.

I’ve met the son. He’s one cold bastard, that’s obsessed with hard work. He seems to be good at everything he does. He can fight, fuck and he gets high marks in lessons and exercises. I’ve fought him and fucked him. Unfortunately he also carries a gunblade but luckily he’s not in my sector. The Lt of his sector is fucking the commander; he’s also a good guy but not as soft. He reminds me of a cat, he’s slender, nimble and always lands on his feet. His long black hair and dark skin reminds me of a panther. He uses Katals.

Today was supposed to be my day off but it kept getting worse and worse. First of all my bloody shower packed up so I had cold, muddy water. Secondly I got pestered by a female med cadet. This same girl flirts with me and several others, most of them like it, but I’m gay. She seems to think I’ll change, I hate people who think they can change a gay guy. She gives my friend a hard time, thinking she’s superior because she’s straight. My friend is a gay female med student, she has red hair down to her waist, and her name is Xu Solmer. I met her at lunch today. She loves to gossip, I’m always amazed at the things she knows.

Her latest news was that, Squall (The commander’s son) has a new fuck buddy, some guy named Nida. Some new kids are joining up this year, so we may have to share a room. God, I hope that’s not true, I’ll get stuck with some annoying, whiney little kid who I’ll have to babysit and show around.

After hearing the news, I needed a good fight to clam myself so Squall and I ended up fighting. The result wasn’t good. I gingerly touched the gash between my eyes, it was a little painful but that was to be expected, at least I wasn’t so much of a pansy to need to go to the medical room like he had.

I sat on my small, single bed; my room is barely big enough for one bed let alone two.

My first and last roommate had put me off for life. God, he was so effeminate. He had long ginger hair tied back in a ponytail and bright blue eyes. He wore unholy amounts of perfume and he listened to love songs and country music. You could stick him in a dress and he’d instantly be a woman. He called himself a ladies man, that was just comical if women fell for him, then they’re more stupid than I thought they were.

Some cadets have asked to be roomed with their friends. I’ve tried that, but there’s a stupid rule that says males and females cannot share a room, even though we’re both gay.

I looked up as someone entered my room.

“Seifer, tomorrow we need you to show your new roommate around.”

I glared at the Lt. “Why do I have to share after all this time?”

He shrugged, giving me a sympathetic look. “We’re full this year.”

I sighed.

“Report to the commander’s office tomorrow at 9:00 to pick up your kid.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

He rolled his eyes, shutting the door behind him.

Great, just perfect. I reached for the phone to tell Xu my wonderful news.


“Xu, it’s me.”

“Seifer, I have a roommate!” She sounded happy and excited the complete opposite to my reaction.

“Me too.” There was no happiness in my voice. “Why are you so happy?”

“I’ve seen her!”

I chuckled and shook my head. Xu was the best person to find good in a situation.

“How can you see this as a bad thing? You might get lucky. I’ve seen a few of the new guys, plenty of eye candy.” She laughed. “”I’m sure it will turn out for the best.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“I’m always right.”

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