Note: I called Kiros and Squall lovers through out this out cos-well they will be by the end of it and saying boyfriend all the time was getting annoying- and it's my story so there. This is the uncensored version, I have a censored one on fan wouldn't want to frighten the innocent little site owners now would we?

Knowing You

Chapter 13

By Purple Penguin

It had been four days since the whole towel incident Squall had been enjoying Kiros' free time though not as much as he hoped he would. The couple found time, made up excuses etc to sneak away for an evening, a morning, a night to disappear out into the town to see a movie and get some food or a night in cuddled up on the sofa with a DVD. Squall was laid across the sofa one night with his head in Kiros' lap; the older man was idly running his hands through Squall's hair while his eyes were fixed on the screen. One of his hands started to massage Squall's scalp, the brunette groaned leaning into it distracting the other man from the movie for a second then another second as his other hand found his boyfriend's shoulder kneading his muscles. Squall leant his head back in his lap eyes closed and a look of pleasure on his beautiful face.

Kiros stared at him before dipping his head capturing Squall's lips in his own. The brunette's eyes flashed open in surprise but closed almost straight away, arms coming up to wrap around the older man's shoulders.

Squall sighed into the other man's mouth as fingers disappeared under the hem of his t-shirt as a cold palm pressed into his stomach he jumped and Kiros broke the kiss to look at him in concern.

"Are you okay?"

"Cold hands." He explained sheepishly.

"Oh." He smiled, he glanced away from Squall and the brunette saw he was going to try to leave the sofa. "I could warm them up for you if you want?" He offered quickly.

Kiros blinked. "Huh?" His eyes widened as Squall captured one of his hands in his own and brought it to his lips.

The brunette ran his tongue up his index finger from base to tip slowly then taking the digit into his hot mouth, he looked up meeting dark eyes that watched him intently and he smirked around the finger.

The older man groaned at the sight. "You're such a tease." He removed his finger from the brunette's mouth trailing it down his pale throat, leaving a trail of his lover's saliva. He bent his head to follow the trail with his tongue. Squall arched his head back to get him better access to his neck, gasping as teeth scraped over his pulse. His fingers ran through Kiros' hair that had been left loose at his request while he had free time from work. Squall was suddenly regretting wearing the leather pants, which now felt too tight over his erection. He pulled one of the other man's hands into his own and moved it to cover the bulge of his hard sex through the leather of his pants. That got his lover's attention he looked up with wide eyes.

"I want you." Squall whispered.

Kiros blinked. "Err- Are you sure?" He unconsciously moved his fingers over Squall trapped erection drawing a moan from the brunette's throat.

"Very sure." He smiled then grinned as Kiros leant down to kiss him a hand caressing the side of his face while the other hand moved up a little from its resting place to play with the zipper on Squall's pants undoing it and slipping inside.

The brunette moaned as a hand wrapped around his hard sex. Kiros watched his new lover writhe across his lap and the sofa. Squall's cock was hot in his hand as he rubbed fingers over the head causing the brunette to moan and gasp. He wasn't sure if he should disappoint his young lover by just jerking him off or-

He stopped touching Squall suddenly enough to make the brunette open his eyes and look at his questioningly.

"What's wrong?"

"Don't you think we should tell Laguna we're together before-"

"Before? You want me to ask my dad for permission?" His expression read 'Are you insane?'

"No I mean wouldn't it be easier to explain before we did anything?"


"I don't want him to think I'm with you for sex."

Squall made a face. "He won't think that this is Laguna we're talking about, the guy who takes in stray puppies and helps old ladies cross the street."

"You're 17 and I'm 40 it's what everyone will think."

Squall half sat up still across Kiros' lap. "Well I don't care and neither should you." He accidentally ran a hand over his lover's trapped erection, the dark man hissed.

Squall glanced at him in surprise. "Sorry." He muttered thinking he had hurt the older man then smiled in recognition of what he had done.

"Oh, so you do want you?" He turned on his side nuzzling his cheek into his lover's zipper.

His lover moaned. "Of course I want you."

Fingers unzipped, unbuttoned and reached inside. The older man moaned at the feel of Squall's soft fingers on his hard heated flesh watching as his lover now nuzzled into his bare skin.

"Now what was that you said about waiting before?" Squall said innocently breathing over Kiros' cock as he spoke.

The older man groaned. "Don't tease me, are you going to suck my cock or not?"

Squall smiled. "Such bad language to use in front of young impressionable me." He sniggered before taking just the head of his lover's erection into his mouth toying with it with his tongue.

Kiros rested his head on the back of the sofa hands digging into his hair. He moaned. "God."


The dark man opened an eye. "Shut up."

Squall smirked and took as much of his lover's cock with choking down his throat, he kept his eyes open to watch Kiros' face. Dark eyes looked right back at him watching him bob between his legs. Squall worked faster sucking harder keeping his eyes on his lover's dark ones until the older man's grip on his hair tightened on his hair almost painfully and came down Squall's throat.

The brunette swallowed busily and winced at the grip on his hair.

"Ow." He muttered playfully as he sat back on his heels between his lover's legs.

"Sorry." Kiros stroked and kissed his head in apology as the brunette climbed up onto the sofa and was about to straddle the older man's lap.


"What don't tell me you're having second thoughts again?"

"You're wearing too much."

"Oh." Squall smiled. "Okay." He stood back and took his shirt off over his head and then started on his pants he realized Kiros was watching him to slowly undid the button and slid them off his hips until his cock sprang free from its confines and most of his thighs then he let them drop and he stepped out of them.

He let himself be pulled towards the sofa; he lay across it resting his head on the arm rest watching his lover eagerly return the favour.

Kiros' dark head descended between his legs, a hot mouth engulfed his rigid cock and Squall cried out tipping his head back on the arm rest, fingers playing with Kiros' long loose black hair that splayed out over Squall's pale skin tickling him lightly as that hot mouth working on his erection drawing it in and out of the wet heat.

Squall had had his eyes shut until suddenly the heat was gone and he opened his eyes to shot his lover a questioning look. "Please... don't tell you... you want to... stop now." He panted.

The dark lover started to remove his own clothes until he was bare and hard once again. He leaned over to look his younger lover in the eyes.

"I want to fuck you now.... That is if you-"

"Oh god yes!"

Kiros nodded placing a brief kiss on Squall's lips. "Wait here." He walked off and Squall rolled over onto his stomach to watch to see where he had disappeared to, suddenly feeling cold now that he didn't have someone else's body heat to keep him warm.

Kiros quickly returned placing a hand on Squall hip when he went to turn over again to see him. "Don't." He said. "Can you get up on your knees?"

Squall quickly complied leaving his arms on the arm rest for his face to snuggle into.

"Tell me if I hurt you." The dark man said.

Squall groaned as a finger stroked the muscles around the entrance to his body before slipping in slowly almost gingerly as if he was frightened of hurting the younger man.

Squall pushed back into the intrusion.

The digit was slick with-something so it didn't hurt a little weird feeling but no pain, it slid in easily coating the brunette's insides.

"Okay?" He lover asked as he pushed two fingers into him scissoring them slightly.

"Yessss." The end of the word turned into more of a hiss and he pushed back his hips in time with the thrusting fingers.

He groaned at the loss of fingers and tried to push back as soon as his lover pushed the head of his cock at his entrance.

"Patience." The dark man teased before slowly pressing forward.

"Oooooh." Squall moaned, bowing his head.

The dark man pushed in all the way before he stopped and waited for Squall to get used to it. "Okay?" He asked again.

"Yes... move... please."

Kiros started to move pushing into Squall's sweet spot with almost enough thrust, hands holding his lover's hips, trying not to dig his fingers in he settled for pulled his lips between his teeth chewing on it as the pleasure built. Squall felt so good, so tight and good.

The brunette beneath him had turned into a panting, quivering mess he reached a hand under himself to stoke his own cock to the same rhythm created by his lover. He cried out or whimpered every time his prostate got hammered into until he tensed, moving his hand faster and came all over his fingers and the couch cushions. He collapsed onto the arm rest licking his fingers clean as he got his breath back.

His lover watched Squall lick his own come from his fingers and came too with a grunt, falling all over the younger man.

He was about to round off Squall when he remembered they were still on the sofa if he rolled off he'd fall on the floor. He sat back on his heels. "You okay?" He stroked Squall's stroked.


Kiros chuckled. "Yeah, we could do with a shower I think before."

"The end."


Squall pointed to the screen, the movie he had- or rather hadn't been watched was over and the credits were going up the screen.

"Oh." He smiled. "Yeah, we can watch it again tomorrow maybe."

Squall rolled over as Kiros got off him and stood, stretching. "What was it about again?"

Kiros seemed to think about it. "Umm- I don't know you distracted me."

Squall scoffed. "I distracted you?" He sat up and held out his arms for his lover to pull him off the sofa looking a little like sleepy child.

Kiros took his arms and pulled him up and into his arms. Squall put his arms around his lover's neck resting his head on his shoulder, they stood in silence just holding each other Squall nuzzling into Kiros' neck and the dark man kissed his hair, hands running over his ass lightly fingers sometimes dipping down to stroke the entrance to Squall's body. The brunette moaned rubbing against him.

Kiros pulled away slightly with an eyebrow raised and looked down at whatever was poking him in the thigh.

"Got your energy back already have we?"

"What can I say? I'm a teenager." He smirked.

Kiros scoffed and pushed him by the hand into the bathroom. "How about a little encore in the shower then?"



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