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This chapter contains a little sexual content but this is my first attempt at writing that stuff so don’t expect a masterpiece.

Just best friends

Chapter 5

By Purple Penguin

Seifer opened his eyes slowly, frowning at the unfamiliar room, then he remembered. He smiled sleepily. His eyelids drooped closed again until a warm body rolled right into him. Squall fidgeted around a lot in his sleep, as Seifer found out the night. Squall wrapped his arms around the waist of the blonde burying his head into the chest of his lover. The brunette smiled. Seifer was everything to him. They’d been childhood friends, classmates, rivals, enemies, friends and now they were lovers and through it all Squall had loved him. They were soul mates.

Squall opened his eyes and looked up at Seifer.

“Morning beautiful.”

Squall blushed. “Hi.”

Seifer smirked. “You blush now? You weren’t very shy last night.”

His lover’s blush deepened.

Not being able to resist the adorable brunette anymore Seifer rolled them over so he lay on top of Squall straddling him. He kissed his lover gently at first then more hard and passionate. Squall moved his hands into the blonde’s hair as Seifer ran his own hands down the bare torso of his lover. Pulling away from the kiss, Seifer lowered his head to kiss and nibble at Squall’s neck. The brunette purred in contentment tipping his head to give Seifer better access. The blonde slowly started to kiss his way down his lover’s chest stopping to worry at Squall’s nipples with his teeth causing Squall to gasp. Continuing on his journey across the brunette’s abdomen he lightly stroked his lover’s ribs knowing he was sensitive there. Seifer’s lips paused to lick out Squall’s navel then positioned himself so he was lying between his lover’s thighs. He looked up at Squall first. The brunette had his eyes closed and his breath was uneven.

Seifer placed his hands on his lover’s hips and licked up the underside of Squall’s length. Squall bucked his hips but Seifer held him down. Deciding to tease Squall Seifer sucked on the head lightly causing Squall to groan in frustration and try to trust upwards only to be held down.

Seifer would have smirked if he could but that was not an easy thing to do right now. Finally Seifer let released Squall’s hips, letting him have his way.

The brunette thrust upwards as soon as he realized he was free wanting to be engulfed fully. Seifer took Squall into his mouth wrapping his tongue around the shaft and sucking hard. The brunette squirmed beneath him, he didn’t last long before he came with a silent scream. Seifer swallowed everything he was given.

The blonde crawled back up his lover’s body a smirk on face. Seifer kissed Squall on the lips waiting for him to get his breath back.


Squall nodded.

“Come on.” Seifer pulled the brunette to his feet dragging him into the bathroom.

“You can repay me in the shower.”

Squall grinned.

Squall switched on the radio hearing reports of floods during the night and the damage to F.H. All the boats and trains were cancelled until further notice. The tide had brought hundreds of Fastitocilons-Fs (I can’t spell.) to the beaches and anyone with fighting experience were being asked to help.

“Seifer we’ve got to help with damage control.”

Squall picked up his shirt off the floor, dusting it off before putting it on.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?”


“You didn’t bring Lionheart with you.”

“Oh yeah.” Squall halted on his way to the door. “Well, I have got Ifrit though he should half the number easily.” He turned and walked out the door.

Seifer shrugged sitting back down on the bed. He wasn’t in any hurry to leave. He lazily loaded bullets into his gunblade before slowly following his lover down to the beach.

The couple spent hours fighting off the monsters. Neither of them noticed the lone figure that stood on the cliffs watching them.

The stranger put a cigarette to his lips slowly drawing out smoke thoughtfully. His eyes were trained on a guy on the beach who seemed to have an endless supply of fire spells. A small smile graced his mouth as he watched the leather-clad figure. He seemed an excellent fighter and would be a great addition to his obsession.

Afterwards Squall perched on a rock on the beach mentally talking to Ifrit when a shadow was cast over him.

He looked up expecting to see Seifer or one of the damage repair guys but instead he saw a man he’d never seen before.

“Hi. I saw you fighting it was awesome.”


The man looked about 20 he had long straight black hair with piercing blue eyes.

“Kane.” The guy put his hand put to Squall who shook it.


Kane helped Squall to his feet.

“Are you part of the maintenance team?” The SeeD commander asked.

“Nah, but I’m from around here.”

Squall felt a hand appear on his shoulder from behind. He looked round at Seifer.

“Seifer, this is Kane.”

Seifer nodded politely in greeting.

Kane showed his disinterest in the blonde keeping his attention trained on Squall.

“You guys join me for a drink?” He asked his gaze not moving from Squall once.

Squall looked up at Seifer silently asking him if he wanted to.

Seifer instantly didn’t like this guy. It was obvious what or in this case who he was after. But he agreed to go. He trusted Squall and he couldn’t blame this guy for liking Squall. How could he not he wasn’t blind.

Seifer sighed. He sat at a bar in a pub that Kane had shown them. They’d been there for about an hour and for all that time he’d had to put up with Kane drooling over his Squall. He’d made a promise with himself not to lose his temper, killing the locals would not go down well with the mayor. The three of them had sat at a table Squall beside Seifer and Kane opposite. Seifer may as well as not been there. Squall had tried to include him in conversions, but Kane’s attention never left Squall. Even worse was that Squall seemed to enjoy the attention Kane gave him and he would have worried if not for the fact that Squall’s hand had been on his thigh for most of the time.

Squall smiled to himself. This guy obviously wanted him and Seifer was jealous. It was a good feeling to be fought over. For ages he’d had no one and he was jealous of everyone he’d seen Seifer with. This was a complete turn around. Seifer deserved to suffer, at least until they got back to the hotel, then he’d made it up to him. Besides, he was cute when he’s jealous.

“Squall, I’m going to head back to the hotel now okay?” Seifer knew Squall would follow him to the ends of the earth so they would definitely leave together.

“Okay, I’ll come too.” He turned back to Kane. “We have to leave. I’ll see you later.”

Squall turned back to Seifer and they leave together handing hands.


Kane leant back on his elbows against the bar. That one was going to be a tough one to crack.

“Give it up, Kane.” He turned to see a short man with bright red scruffy hair and green eyes.

“You’ll never get that one. He’s too lovesick.”

“You know me, Kurt, I love a challenge and I never give up on what I want.”

Kurt smirked. “You don’t change do you? You’ll have to do a lot of catching for that one.”

“It’ll be worth it. I always get what I want sooner or later, you weren’t single when I met you were you?”

The redhead grinned. “But I was miserable with my lover. You saw how happy those two looked didn’t you? Are you really heartless enough to split them up for one quick fuck?”

“You’ve gone soft on me, Kurt. Since when have I cared about anyone except us hmm?”

Kane leaned in to stroke the neck and jaw-line of his companion.

“Gotta go.” Kane winked at him before leaving.


Kurt brought a beer and sat in a far corner of the bar. Kane had always been that way as far as he knew. He saw someone he wanted and he’d have to have them just once then when the new obsession came along he’d drop them. He didn’t care if they were taken, to him it was a challenge, and it made the chase all the more fun.

Kurt knew he was different than the others. Kane was his best friend; they trusted each other. Their relationship was purely platonically, even if they did had casual sex sometimes.

Kurt wished Kane would stop chasing everyone else after what happened last time he had half expected him to quit. It was a terrible thing to visit your best friend in hospital after the last obsession’s boyfriend had had enough of him getting in the way.

It had to stop. Kurt had decided to find this couple and warn them about Kane. He knew this would anger his friend but he didn’t want the man he loved to end up dead.

Squall sat on a wall, his back to the beach. The people of this town were pretty open-minded which meant Squall and Seifer could kiss in the middle of the street without causing a commotion. Seifer’s arm was around his waist. He’d been acting protective since their in counter with Kane. Squall didn’t know what Seifer was so worried about. Since puberty the only person Squall had ever really wanted was Seifer. The only person he’d had continuous wet dreams about was Seifer and now they were together there was no way Squall was about to leave him.

“Seifer?” He looked up at the blonde who seemed to be staring off into space. “You okay?”

“Huh?” Seifer shot Squall an apologetic look and tightened his hold on the brunette. Squall nuzzled his head into the blonde’s neck and nibbled his jaw-line affectionately.

“Seifer, I think I’ve loved you my whole life... You have nothing to worry about.”

“I know.” Seifer smiled faintly.

Kurt walked down the main street beside the beach. That blonde guy had said they were staying at the hotel so that was where he was headed. He was determined to help Kane this time. He had spoken to a couple of people who knew Kane in the past and he found out where he got the idea.

A few years back Kane had lost his lover of three years and after that he made a few wrong choices in who to trust. He fell in with a crowd of guys who were the 'love them and leave them' type. He saw it as a good way to ensure he wouldn’t get his heartbroken if he was the heartbreaker. But Kurt wouldn’t ever leave Kane, if only he could get him to believe that.

Kurt turned the corner deep in thought. He stopped suddenly when he spotted the couple from this morning. They were sitting on a wall together all curled up in each other. Kurt smiled, it was sweet really. They were in public view of everyone, but they didn’t seem to care. They looked like they were meant to be together. As much as he didn’t want disturb them he knew he had to.

He walked up and coughed politely to get their attention.

“Hi, I’m Kurt.”

The blonde narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

“What do you want?” He asked coldly.

The brunette lifted his head off his lover’s chest and looked over at Kurt quizzically. He didn’t look fierce like the other guy he just looked bored. Neither of them seemed the friendly type and no wonder Kane had seen a challenge here.

“I’m a friend of Kane’s. I thought I should come warn you about him.”

Kurt almost flinched at the look the blonde gave him at the mention of Kane’s name.

“Listen to me I’m on you side here, I’m not the enemy.”

The blonde looked unconvinced; he had a homicidal look in his eye.

Kurt thought it might be easier to address the brunette.

“He won’t rest until you’re with him, ya know,” he said directly to the other guy.

“Then he’s going to have a long wait.”

Kurt continued despite the fact that the couple didn’t seem to care.

“The best you can do is ignore him completely, don’t even speak to him and stay together. He may get bored.” He turned to leave as the blonde stood.

“What if he turns nasty?”

Kurt smiled. “He grew up here and believes all that anti-violence stuff. So he’ll never hurt you.”

“Why are you helping us?”

“I don’t want to see him get hurt again.” With a sad smile he left.

Squall sat in a large armchair in front of the TV in their hotel room. Night had fallen over F.H although the nighttime coldness didn’t seem to apply here. The doors leading to the balcony were wide open, yet Squall was sweating buckets. The storm had done nothing to reduce the heat. Squall kept thinking about that guy Kurt. The way he said he didn’t want his friend to get hurt again and all the bother he was going to. Squall knew it all to well. Kurt loved Kane. To Squall it was obvious, and he knew damn well what it was like to be in love with someone who thought of you only as a friend.

Squall felt sorry for Kurt and although he barely knew him, he felt like he should help bring Kane and Kurt together.

He stood and walked out on the balcony resting his arms on the railings. The cold metal felt good against his warm skin. Squall was clad in only a pair of black jeans.

He smiled as a pair of warm arms snaked round his waist and began to stroke his bare torso.



“That guy, Kurt, I want to help him.”

Seifer frowned. “With what?”

“He’s in love with Kane. Didn’t you notice?”

“So what if he is? What’s that got to do with us?”

Squall sighed. “I can relate to him. He seemed like a good guy and he’s in love with his best friend.”

Seifer placed a kiss on the top of Squall’s head.

“Fine. Go ahead and play cupid.”

Seifer spun his lover around so he could kiss him properly. His arms wound round Squall’s waist and his hands travelled down to cup his ass through his jeans.

Squall wrapped his arms around his lover’s neck and Seifer was about to lead Squall back inside when Squall broke the kiss.

“What? You don’t want to do it out here do ya?”

Squall grinned. “That wasn’t what I was going to say, but now that you’ve put the idea into my head.”

“You’re kidding right?!” Seifer pointed to the view with all the houses with lots of people who could just look out their windows and see them. “What about them?”

Squall had a shit-eating grin on his face. “They might learn something.”

Seifer considered it for a moment before he picked up the brunette and carried him back indoors.



End of CHAPTER 5!!!

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