"I'm Not Just a Sniper....."

Part Eight

By Domino

SeeD martial artist Zell Dincht sits on his couch, "Where are you and Pa goin', Ma?"

The boy's mother walks in with two suitcases, "We're only going to Deling City for a convention, son. I was glad Miss Trepe gave you the week off. That invasion took alot out of you I bet. I never thought your friends Raijin and Fujin would try to take over this city."

Zell grins, "Yeah, well.. what can I do? It's a mini-vacation to me. Hey! They were never my friends!"

Ma Dincht finishes packing, "Okay... Okay... There's plenty of food in the refridgerator, if you need to go back to Garden, please let us know and turn on the house alarms before leaving, okay?"

"No prob! Can I have friends over?"

She looks at him, "Well... All right. But NO parties. And don't forget, the neighbors want you to look after Big Boy Thursday night."

"Okay Ma...." Zell sighs, not really fond of the Big Bad Boy. Ma Leans down and kisses his cheek, "Be good Zell."

"I will," Zell grins widely.

"And be careful..." Ma walks out the door and gives her bags to Pa, who waves to his son, "We'll be back next week! Take care!"

Zell waves back, "Okay!" He watches them leave... "BOOYA!!!"

One day later....

Zell finishes training and decides to go out for a walk. As he strolls around Balamb's weapon shop, he sees a little newspaper stand with free flyers. Zell shrugs, "Damn porn....." Soon his curiosity gets the best of him and he takes a brochure from the stand. "Deling Escort Service... Hmmmm..." He takes it home with him.

"This is all guys..." Zell flips through it, "And they're.. hot..." He laughs to himself, flipping to a page with a cute Trabian blonde... and on the facing page, an eye-catching ad for a cowboy escort. "Hmmm...?" He reads the ad:



"Let me ride you all night long!"

Zell raises an eyebrow, "Man... he's cute. But I bet it's all done with airbrush and he's like fifty pounds heavier. But..." He stuffs the brochure into his jacket and walks back home. "This guy looks familiar... but man.... he's gorgeous...." The spunky blonde feels himself getting harder. He gets up to his room to study the picture. The cowboy is kneeling on the bed, wearing nothing but a thong and black chaps. His cowboy hat covers his face except for a beautiful smile. "I shouldn't... It's illegal... but man... to have someone like him to pleasure.. Mmmm..." Against his better judgment he calls the number listed on the page.

"Hello, Deling Escort Service, how may I help you?"

"Hi. I was interested in hiring the Galbadian cowboy."

"Excellent choice sir. He's one of our most requested escorts. He has the face and body of a male model."

"Really...? How much?"

"He's eight hundred gil an hour."

"(Damn...!!) Okay. Does that include everything?"

"For the hour, yes. If you want him overnight, he's ten thousand gil, for every eight hours."

"Are your escorts clean?"

"Very clean, sir. All of our escorts are routinely checked for diseases and hygiene."

"Okay. Send him over."

"Yes sir. Will this be cash or credit?"

"Cash please."

"Your address?"

"279 Sandcove lane.. just down the street from the Balamb Hotel."

"Okay.... your escort will arrive in about two hours."

"Thanks. Bye," Zell hangs up, "I can't believe I just hired a hooker... a MALE hooker!! Woooo!!!" He bounces around, happy that he managed to hire him despite being seventeen.

Meanwhile, his escort gets himself ready after receiving the call. He slips on some tight grey boxer-briefs, his form-fitting blue jeans, leather chaps over them, a scantily cut vest that shows off his male cleavage, and a long duster over it. He combs his hair, adorning his ponytail with a "virginal" white ribbon. He splashes on some cologne and puts on his necklace and makeup. After making sure his cherry lipgloss is on right he sneaks out from his hotel room. "Two-seventy-nine Sandcove... That sounds familiar.." He says to himself when he reaches the house. "Well, he has the cash to put me though the Garden... I ain't gonna argue with that...." He rings the doorbell and leans himself against the wall, making sure to present himself in an elegant, yet provacative manner. "Hello... I'm here from the Deling Service..." He says soothingly.

Zell rushes down, dressed in his favorite outfit. He checks his spiked hair in the mirror before opening the door, "Hey. I...." The smile fades slowly from his face, "Irvine?"



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