Author's Notes: This story is going into the game now with a lot of differences, I left out Rinoa thatís why I added Carrie to keep up the number of characters. Squallís with Ultimecia instead of Seifer but only up until a point, because I donít have Rinoa to fall into a coma I got Squall to do that bit at the fight in G garden that will all come up but I thought Iíd better tell you all now in case I confuse anyone. Raijin and Fujin made Seed because other wise I donít have a reason for them to be around to the battles with Zell and co. Though Seifer isnít a Seed I had to have him in the game-like bits too and Irvine isnít there yet cos I left out that bit too though he lives in Galbadia garden so when the Seeds go there to attack the sorceress he joins them then okay? Have I lost anyone yet? Irvine joins them at the same time as Squallís due to fall into a coma so maybe I can have some IrvinexSquall. Left out the stupid space bit cos no Rinoa and it bores me to death. Instead Seed have to go to Esthar anyway for the Lunar Cry and Squall wanders off when Lunatic Pandora lands over Tearís point. The gang find him sleeping at Tearís point under Lunatic Pandora. Shorter lunatic Pandora bits cos no Raijin and Fujin, no Rinoa and no Seifer and donít know how to do the end, whether I should fast forward past the castle bit or if I should I do some dialogue for them when inside the castle or something. All this stuff will show up in the next chapter and onwards, was supposed to start in this chapter but I this this is going to end up longer then I thought. And I didnít know whether to have SeiferxZell you know get couply or continue with the Ďjust fuckingí thing, got to be some feelings I think, I donít know if anyone has a preference tell me please. Though I donít know if anyone is still reading this other than Verdani. (sorry if I spelt that wrong and thanks for the reviews).

I Love To Hate You

Part 5

By Purple Penguin

The headmaster sat behind his desk with Quistis and Xu standing at either side of him. Selphie, Carrie and Zell sat on the worn green couch in the corner of the room. Fujin sat on the arm of the sofa next to Zell and Raijin was on the other arm near to Selphie. Seifer stood in front of the headmasterís desk.

"You faked your own death? Why?" The headmaster asked.

"No sir, there was an accident, an explosion both myself and Artoki were caught in it. A girl found me and her father looked after me."

"Why didnít you contact garden? We had a memorial for you and everything."

"Yeah I heard, bet a lot of people went to that." He rolled his eyes.

"We did!" Selphie cheered.

"Oh thanks, you hate me."

She frowned. "Err- well maybe but we just went with Zell."

The blonde continued to the headmaster. "Why would I want to come back? I never wanted to be here anywhere, youíre the one that brought me here remember?

The headmaster nodded slowly. "Do you intend to stay here?"

"For the moment I guess, not like I have anywhere else to go."

The older man smiled. "You could use the help."

Zell looked up from the couch. "We could?"

"Those soldiers came from Galbadia garden, the army is being controlled."


"A sorceress."


"Which Sorceress? Thereís a Sorceress?"

"Yes itís a long story, weíll talk about it later when Seifer and our guests have settled in. Weíve given the people of Dollet a room between three to each. Seifer youíll have to find someone to share with, we have no space left. He smiled at the blonde. "Weíve given your friend a chair and she said to say sheíll meet you in the cafeteria after this."

"But we have lots of chairs you know."

Seifer rolled his eyes. "A wheelchair you idiot."

"She canít walk?" Zell asked.

"What, you think I carried her to the ship for amusement?"

"I donít know, you looked pretty cosy to me." The little blonde muttered.

The blonde smiled. "Jealous Chickie?"

Zell wrinkled his nose. "Of course not."

The headmaster looked at the little blonde. "Zell, Seifer can share your room."

"Nooo! I knew youíd say that! Why does he have to share with me?"

"Well unless Selphie-"

"Heís not sharing with me!"

"Raijin and Fujin still share a room as it is so it would be unfair to ask them to share with another person." He gave Zell a look.

"Okay fine, but youíll have to sleep on the couch." He told Seifer.

"Whatís the matter chickie? Donít you trust me?"


He held a hand to his heart. "Iím hurt, really."

The headmaster shook his head. "Youíre all dismissed."

The six of them got a lift down to the ground floor."

"You going to meet your girlfriend?" Selphie asked.

"Yeah and sheís not my girlfriend."

"Really? Why not?"

He looked over his shoulder to the back of the lift. "I donít swing that way." The lift stopped and tall blonde stepped out.

"Can we come?"


"Why not?"

"Because sheís new here, Fujin would scare her, Raijin would confuse her to death and as for you two-" He looked at Selphie and Carrie who pouted at him. "Youíre just plain weird."

"What about Zell?" she asked.

The tall blonde who had been walking away turned and walked backwards so he could talk to his friends. "Isnít it time for your midday hotdog anyway Chickie?"

The little blonde raised a questioning eyebrow. Selphie gave him a nudge forward. "That sounded like an invitation to me."

Her blonde friend glanced at her before hurried to catch up with Seifer.

Fujin narrowed her eyes as the two lovers walked away towards the cafeteria. "I donít like it."

"Donít like what?" Selphie grinned.

"Seifer would never go off without us and especially with the Chicken."

"Well I think itís sweet-"

"Oh thereís nothing sweet about it! Theyíre not a couple, I donít know what Seiferís thinking."

"I donít know about that, I mean they have been trading emails for a couple of months now."


The small brunette blinked. "Didnít you know?"

The albino glared at her.

"Err- Fuu maybe you should calm down and-"

"RAGE!" She kicked her friend in the shin.

Carrie hid behind Selphie. "A-Are you jealous?"

The albino turned to glare at her instead. "Never mind." She whispered.

Zell headed straight for the food counter when he entered the cafeteria, watching with interest as Seifer grinning at the disabled girl who sat at a table near the door. Seifer never grinned at anyone unless he wanted something. He knew the blonde wasnít lying when he said he didnít swing that way but still it was interesting to watch them together.

He got a plate of four hotdogs and walked over to drop into one of the free chairs at their table.

The red-head eyed his plate. "Four hotdogs?" She smiled and turned to Seifer. "He the one you call Chickie?"

The large blonde laughed. "Yeah this is Chickie."

His lover frowned. "Itís Zell." He told her. "Seifer mentioned me? Bet it was nothing flattering."

She smiled. "Letís see, you like hotdogs, you live in Balamb with your mother though you do have a dorm in garden he arrive seven years ago though you took a year out last year-"

Zell gaped at her, she would have continued but Seifer stopped her, looking embarrassed. "Letís not bore the Chickie, huh?"

"You had time to tell her my entire life story?"

"Err- remember when I took the headmaster that I was injured Casey found me and I stayed in their hotel? Well it was a long stay and I told her about myself and the people in my life."

"He was the only guy my father let me speak too."


"Heís gay and he wasnít going to lure me into bed unlike some other travellers."

"So he told you all about me?"

"In great detail." She added, grinning at Zell.

He gave her a worried look. "I donít like the way youíre grinning at me."

"He told me you give great head."

Zell turned to glare at Seifer with a sound of disgust.

"Well I ran out of things to talk about."

"I hope you mentioned all your friends before you got to me and embarrassed them."

The blonde smirked. "But itís so much fun to pick on you."

Zell stood from the table, taking his last two hotdogs with him.

"Where are you going?"

"To my dorm, still have to see if my couch still folds out."

"Why?" The older blonde raised an eyebrow.

"Youíre sharing my room remember?"

He had never seen Seifer pout before, it was new experience. "But canít I share with you?"


Casey chuckled at the two of them.

"Come on please, Iíll be good I promise."

Zell scoffed. "You? Good?" He smiled at the girl. "Nice meeting you, Iíll see the later." He glared at Seifer as he left.

The girl watched him go, looking amused before turning to Seifer. "So?"

"So, what?"

"You and Zell?"


She sighed. "You know what I mean, are you two- you know- together?"

"I tell you he gives good head and you donít think weíre together?"

"Not in that way, I mean in a boyfriend sort of way."

The blonde shook his head.

"Oh, why not?"

"Chickieís good for a laugh, you can always rely on the Chickie to fuck up."

She rolled her eyes. "And you sleep together but thatís it?"

"We fuck, yeah but itís not really sleeping together."

She shook her head and sighed.

Seifer found the door to Zellís new Seed dorm open, he stuck his head round the door.

"Shit Chickie!"

Zell jumped from his position on the couch in front of the TV.

"Youíve got your own kitchen."

"Yeah, neat isnít it? Got a bathroom too!"

"I knew Cid was just trying to traumatize the cadets but getting them to shower together.2 He smirked. "Bet heís got one of them set-ups like from the movies."

Zell looked confused. "What are you talking about?"

"That Cid has one of them camera set-ups in the showers to watch the cadets get naked." He smirked.

"Yuck Seifer, Cid wouldnít do that." He watched his lover disappear into the bedroom and followed after him. "You are NOT sleeping in my bed!"

"Iíll share."

"NO, Seifer."

"Whatís the matter Chickie? Donít you trust me?"

"Trust you?" Zell folded his arms. "Why should I trust you?"

"Do you know how long itís been since I last got laid?" He made a grab for the little blonde who jumped back. "One month ago, the last time you were in Dollet."

"Poor you." The arms remained folded.

"Yeah." He eyed his lover. "So- who have you been practicing with while Iíve been away?"

The little blonde looked confused.

"Not that hard a question really." He got up quickly and pulled the smaller body against his own. "íCause Iíd really like to know-" He held the little blonde by the upper arms. "Who has been playing with my Chickie." It wasnít a gentle tone but not really a mean one either.

"Jealous?" He asked the taller man till all he got was a glare.

"No one." He admitted. "Iíve never been with anyone but you."

Zell frowned at how happy this seemed to make the blonde, not a good happy, a possessive type of smile. He didnít know whether he should encourage that or not. Deciding he shouldnít after picturing the many dead bodies of close friends that become too close. He gasped when a hand landed on his crotch and a hot mouth covered his, the other hand cupped the back of neck to prevent him from escaping.

Looked like he was sharing his bed after all.

Selphie pushed open Zellís door at 9:00 in the morning, the usually had breakfast at 8:30 so either something was wrong or something was very right. She smirked at the pillow and blanket on the un-slept-on couch and then turned to the jarred bedroom door. She pushed it open and silently stepped inside, light streamed in through the gaps in the curtains. She walked up to the bed, smiling at the pair of bodies lying in it. Zell lay farthest away from her near the wall and Seifer lay next to the edge of the bed on his back with one arm flung over his naked torso, the covers were pooled around their waists but she was sure they were naked judging by the trail of scattered clothing leading to the bed. She chuckled causing Seifer to stir, she went back to stand beside him as those green eyes blinked open. They opened slowly at first then widened when he saw Selphie leaning over him with a big grin.

"HELLO!" She chuckled.

"Ahh!" The blonde shuffled away from her till he bumped into Zell, causing him to stir too. He groaned at being disturbed.

Seifer started to prod his lover. "Chickie, chickie wake up your weird friend is here."

"W-what?" He groaned. "Selphie, what are you doing here?"

"Itís 9:05 you didnít show for breakfast."

"Oh, Iím sorry."

"Thought something might be wrong though I have my suspicions." She grinned at Seifer.

"Iíll get up now, guess I was tired or something."

She nodded, looking amused. "Yes, okay well Iíll see you down there." She turned and walked out again.

Seifer sighed in relief when the front door shut behind her.

Zell sat up and got out from under the covers, his nude body suddenly cold, he climbed over Seifer.

"Where are you going?"

"You heard her, Iím going to meet Selphie for breakfast."

"But chickie we havenít had a morning fuck yet."

Zell rolled his eyes. "Go find someone else to fuck!"

A large hand stopped him by the arm. "I donít want someone else."

"Really?" He paused. "Thanks, I think."

He was dragged back across the bed and under the covers. "Seifer I really have to go meet Selphie."

A hand landed on the back of his neck, pulling him closer and a pair of lips attached to his throat, despite his protects he arched his neck to give Seifer better access. "You donít want her to come back and walk in on us do you?"

Seifer suddenly sat up. "Good point, okay go and come backÖ at lunch."

"Lunch? Are you making up for lost time?"

"Yes, especially as I now have a personal walking fuck toy." He grinned as Zell rolled his eyes.

The little blonde got dressed in lightening speed. "Iíll see you at "lunch"

Selphie was waiting for him when Zell got there. "Hi." She beamed. "Howís your boyfriend?"

"He is not my boyfriend." He snapped at her.

"Touchy, touchy. Iím surprised you were allowed to leave there."

"I have to go back for lunch."

She nodded with a grin. "Are you sure heís not your boyfriend?"

"Iím very sure, you do realize that weíre not actually going to eat lunch donít you?"

"Well itís just you sleep with him, fuck him, hang out with him, traded emails and now you live together-" She trailed off. "What does that make you then?"

"I donít know."

"Oooh! Youíre lovers!"

"No, no weíre not or maybe in a non- loving non trusting sort of way."

"How do you know he doesnít trust you? I mean he didnít want anyone to know about Dollet but he emailed you all the time, trusting you not to say anything."

The blonde winced. "Donít say that, itís creepy."

"And he let you and only you meet his friend." She giggled. "He lurves you!"

"Shut up! Seifer doesnít see it that way!"

"He lurves you!" She repeated.


She giggled. "Why donít you ask him?"

"No, Iím not a woman!"

She giggled. "What timeís lunch?"

"Probably as soon as I get done doing things."

She got up from the table. "I have to go meet Raijin, have a nice lunch."

"Meet Raijin?"

"Yeah weíre going to train, think he wants a partner that doesnít beat him up constantly." She left him to it. "See you."

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