"I'm Not Just a Sniper....."

Part Seven

By Domino


"Uhhh...? DAMMIT!! I'm late!" Irvine jumps out of bed and hastily gets dressed. He ignores everything that happened last night and runs to class. He catches his breath when he finally reaches his assigned seat. "Glad you could join us, Irvine," Quistis snaps.

"Hn...." Irvine yawns and does his best to stay awake during her class. After class he walks past Quistis despite the fact that she asked him to stay afterward. Irvine heads back to his dorm so he can get refreshed for lunch. A dozen red roses with an envelope sit at the foot of the door. "What..?" Is this the bonus Cambrige mentioned? "Flowers?! I let him fuck me...." Irvine snorts to himself and picks up the bouquet. He opens the letter,

My beloved Irvine,

I'm sorry about last night. Enclosed is the promised bonus: 5,000 gil plus the bouquet. I would like for you to meet me at the cafe outside the FH hotel. I look forward to seeing you.

-Mr. Adrian Cambrige

Irvine showers and gets dressed in his Garden uniform. He heads back out, not really noticing that the mechanics are almost done with repairs on the Garden. "(Damn... five thousand gil for a tip.. What does this guy want...? Even Forrester wouldn't pull something like this....)" Irvine spots the older man sipping some coffee.

"Irvine!" He smiles, beckoning him to join him.

Irvine walks over and sits down. "Hello."

The older man orders something for Irvine, "How are you?"

"I've been better. I was late for class. How'd I end up back at my dorm anyhow?"

"I had to have my assistants bring you back. If I was caught with you... Both of our lives could've been ruined."

"I see.... Since I'm a hooker..." Irvine frowns.

Adrian smiles warmly, "You're more special to me. Last night was incredible... But I have a confession... I... I love you." He takes something out of his pocket and opens it in front of Irvine. It's a handsome gold wedding band adorned with two simple diamonds, resting inside of a dark blue velvet box, "Will you marry me?"


"I know... It's hard to believe.. we just met. I know we messed around.. but after last night everything changed. Irvine, I want you to be with me. Let me take you away from this lifestyle."

Irvine can only stare, "But..." His brown eyes seem so sincere...

"I don't want you to be a prostitute... you're so beautiful... so smart... you can be so much more. I can give you the life you deserve." Adrian sniffles a bit, obviously on the verge of tears, "I love you Irvine.. please... I can pay for your schooling. I'll make you happy... Give me a chance. I know I'm much older, but I'm more mature than others your age. Let me take care of you forever..."

"(He's almost fifty... he wants a trophy... not a boyfriend... but what if he really wants me for me? This isn't right..) I'm.. I'm sorry..." Irvine gets up, breaking down into tears. He runs back to the Garden, not even looking back on Mr. Cambrige.

"Irvine..... I'm sorry you weren't ready..." The older man gets up, pays for his coffee and goes back to his mundane, everyday life.

Irvine spends over an hour crying into his pillow. He just rejected an offer to leave his profession. He looks at the roses.

"He tried to win me over...." Irvine sobs when there's a knock at his door, "WHAT?!" He snaps.

"It's me Irvine. Quistis."

"Oh, shit...." Irvine wipes his tears on his uniform sleeve. He opens the door, "Look, I overslept..."

"Who was he Irvine?" Quistis demands.

"Who was who?"

"That man in Deling. I haven't forgotten, not after this morning. Who was he?"

"He was that guy I told you about," Irvine shrugs.

"And that other one? The one who made the catcalls? He was after you..."


"You're a prostitute, aren't you Irvine?"

Irvine sits down on his bed, "So what if I am? It pays tuition."

Quistis blinks, "You're... not ashamed?"

"You'd better sit down."

"I've been doing this since I was fourteen. Started out with guys who wanted nothing more than dinner or conversation... It was easy money. But then I chose to sleep with one of my clients.... He was eighteen, I was fifteen.... I lost my virginity to him.... for a price. Ever since then I've been giving my clients what they really want... My body. The money's great, though.... Eight hundred gil an hour for letting rich older men pleasure me. Hell, with this last guy's payment I'll be able to pay off next month's tuition and get my shotgun upgraded. Don't tell me all that 'what about your self-respect' crap. This is what I want to do right now. I'm happy, I'm getting paid, the cash goes toward my classes, and I can finally join you guys in SeeD. Now you know, Quisty..... So don't try to stop me...."

"I don't believe this...." Quistis just sits there, astonished.

"What can I say...? I'm in demand. Now if you'll excuse me... I have to give my 'Auntie Darlene' her share of the payments, like a good little escort." Irvine smiles and walks out of his room, "Lock up, would ya?"

Quistis remains sitting, "Irvine's a hooker... for other men.... What if he finds out you sell your body...? He adores you...." She shakes her head in disgust and leaves Irvine's room, not sure what or how to tell Kramer of Irvine's "activities".


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