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Just best friends

Chapter 11

By Purple Penguin

The room was still dark when he opened his eyes.

Why had he woken up?

Where was he?

He turned over and rolled right in to something warm and hard.

He frowned, then he remembered.

Oh no, Seifer’s so-called matchmaking ‘Skills’ had actually worked; now they would have to put up with his gloating all day.

He had known the guy beside him for 2 days and already they were in bed together. 2 days was actually a record for him, most of his sex life was made up of one nightstands and flings with Kane.

He didn’t know what last night was, weather it was just sex; a combination of his attraction to Zell, the alcohol and that stupid game, or weather it meant something else. It all depended on Zell. He hoped they could be lovers, but if not he could live with it.

He leaned his head on the warm stomach beside him. He smiled as the other body inhaled deeply and stretched lazily.

Zell opened his eyes sleepily; he frowned at the empty space next to him.

Where is he?

He jumped slightly as he felt hair tickle him across his chest and stomach. He sleepily rubbed his eyes, looking down. Under the pile of blankets a pair of green eyes blinked back at him and he could just make out the shit-eating grin.

Zell frowned, he was too sleepily to think straight, and his brain wasn’t in gear yet.

He jerked when fingers brushed his crotch.

THAT woke him up.

The red head smiled, he had just realized how close he was to his lover’s groin. May as well have some fun while he was down there.

His hand went to cup Zell’s sex, carefully gauging the reactions he got. His fingers slowly encircled his lover’s sex and started to stroke him. He moved upwards in the bed, his hand staying put. He lay beside the blonde capturing his mouth in a kiss, muffling his moans. Kurt’s free hand caught Zell’s hair in a dead grip, which tightened as his hand stroked faster. Suddenly he released Zell’s sex and broke the kiss. The blonde frowned in disappointment. The red head grinned and disappeared under the covers again.

Zell moved so that he lay flat on his back. He arched backwards on the mattress when he felt a hot mouth completely engulf him. He opened his mouth in a silent cry.

Kurt’s hands moved to grip the blonde’s ass as he felt Zell near climax.

Zell tensed under Kurt’s hands. The red head eagerly swallowed all of it, before he surfaced from the blankets to kiss his lover.

Zell wrinkled his nose.

“You taste like me.”

Kurt grinned.

“I knew all that defenceless, innocent stuff was just an act.”

“It’s not an act. I am innocent!” He gave Zell the puppy dog eyes look.

“Yeah right.”

He opened his eyes and smiled faintly. Today would be eventful, filled with gloating and teasing Zell and Kurt. He wondered if Kurt would be as easy to wind up as Zell was. Two couples successfully together, three if he counted himself and Squall. He would have revenge for all the little comments the others made when he and Squall were just best friends. He knew Quistis was easy to embarrass, this was going to be fun.

Seifer lay naked under a sheet; his arms held Squall loosely around the waist. The brunette lay on his side, his back pressed against his lover, his face buried in the pillow and his arms stretched out across the bed hanging off the edge.

Seifer moved his arms and shuffled backwards away from his lover, giving himself room to sit up. He leaned back against the headboard, watching his brunette sleep.

Squall twitched in his sleep feeling suddenly cold. The heat against his back was missing, that meant he was alone. He turned over, his arms reaching out in search of his lover.

The blonde smiled as he watched Squall’s arms creep nearer and nearer to him. Eventually the hands touched Seifer’s stomach.

Seifer’s chuckled when Squall instantly shuffled after his hands, resting his head in his lover’s stomach, curling up into the heat. He shivered.

The blonde pulled the sheet up around his lover’s shoulders and stroked Squall’s hair. The brunette purred.

“What time is it?” He asked sleepily.

“It’s 7 o’clock.”

“WAAH!!!” The brunette leapt off Seifer and out of bed, grabbing his clothes, completely naked.

Seifer looked on, amused. He had a nice view of Squall’s backside and as much as he was enjoying this, he had to say something.


The brunette ignored him, hopping about, trying to pull on his boxers.


“What?!” He snapped.

Seifer smiled. “It’s Sunday.”

Squall stopped suddenly to think about it. Yesterday was Saturday, so today WAS Sunday.

The blonde chuckled when Squall dropped his boxers and dived back under the sheet and curled up beside Seifer once more.

Selphie bounced into the cafeteria. She spotted Irvine and Quistis sitting at a table.

Great, now everybody had someone except her, it didn’t bother her most of the time, she was too hyper for anyone else to keep up. But at breakfast all her friends would be fawning over each other, while she sat there like a 7th wheel. They deserved to be happy, so she would put up with it for the sake of her friends.

She got a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast; carefully she walked to a table so not to spill any. A blonde figure came sprinting into the cafeteria at top speed, bumping into Selphie so she spilt half her Cheerios on the floor.

The petite brunette glared at her ex-boyfriend for wasting half her breakfast.


“You’re in a good mood.”

“I’m always in a good mood!”

She smirked. “Did you get laid?”

She turned her gaze to the red head as he walked up.

“Yeah he did.”

Selphie giggled, while Zell blushed, quickly collecting his hotdogs and ran away from his former and current lover.

Quistis waved them over to their table.

“Hi, guys!” Selphie greeted. “Aww.” She spotted their joined hands.

Quistis looked a little embarrassed. She yawned.

“Tired? Do he keep you up all night?”

She blushed.

Irvine glared at Seifer who stand behind Zell’s chair, smirking.

Squall rolled his eyes and sat beside Quistis.

“Deja Vu.” Selphie shouted.

The whole table turned to look at her.

“This is where it all started.”


“Remember? We were all sitting here, minus Kurt. Everyone was single except Zell and me. Squall and Seifer were arguing over coffee, Squall was drooling over Seifer, Quistis was drooling over Irvine.... You must remember!”

She got a lot of confused expressions. “We went to the beach remember?”

“Oh yeah.” They all nodded.

“Is this the bit when we all get wistful and teary eyed?” Seifer asked.

The short girl frowned at him. “No, This is the part at the end of the movie, where the camera pans out and someone shouts ‘And they all lived happily ever after.”

They all looked at each other with worried expressions.

“Well go on then, shout it”

“And they all lived happily ever after!”



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