If Walls Could Talk

Chapter 3 - Who Else Is This Handsome?

By Redrum

Darkness smothers me. Consumes my vision, my thoughts. I can't feel the outside world, and I take pleasure in that. But like all things in life, my pleasure must come to an end.

When I manage to open my eyes I'm met with shadows and subdued lighting. A chocolate strand falls before my eyes, I reach to brush it away but I find my hand bound by heavy steel chains.

My chest tightens as I find myself in an X formation. I have no support behind or in front of me, but my arms feel as though they've been hanging for hours.

I try to move my feet, but am only met with the sound of chains rattling and restricting me. I can barely breath due to the large steel collar around my neck. This time it isn't chained to some unseen wall, but it doesn't need to be. The steel is so heavy and thick that I can't bow my head and if I move my head to the side blood begins to sheep out from underneath it.

"Ahhh, your awake." I shudder as the cold voice reaches my ears. A tall man, with long unnatural green hair, a duster that reflects the dim light of it's silver surface hangs loosely off his well built frame, but my throat catches at the sight of his eyes. A deep supernatural red that reveals nothing but cruel intentions.

"..Leonhart.. Leonhart.. Squall!" My body flings itself forward, no longer bound by chains. My eyes widen in fright and the sheets around me soak me to the bone. A large hand is placed on my trembling shoulder, my eyes finally rest on the figure sitting beside me. "Hey, good to see your awake." The large blonde takes his hand away as my eyes catch his. He sits there with his hands in his lap, looking uncomfortable.


The frown of concern is replaced by an arrogant smirk. "Who else is this handsome?"

I roll my eyes as I finally begin to absorb what's going on around me. If I had anything to go by, what with the white walls, the white floors, and the white bed sheets, I guessed that we were in the infirmary. "..Whatever.."

"Ahhh, back to your old self again. So why did you do it?" //Hmmm, he looks uncomfortable again// I stare at him for his troubles but decide to avoid the dreaded question, by taking the IV out of my arm and pulling back the drab bed sheets to get dressed. "Hey! What do you think your doing?" I merely turn to him and raise an eyebrow. "Fine.. Whatever." //That's a first. Him running away and all.// The door slams loudly as I bend over to pull on my discarded clothes.

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