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Knowing Innocence

Chapter 10

By Purple Penguin

I groaned as the sun shone right into my eyes waking me. I covered my face with my arms. I was just thinking how awful it was to be Monday again, back to annoying new cadet getting in my way. Then I remembered Zell... I couldn’t be an ass-hole anymore; I didn’t want him to see me like that. I was still hostile to people of course, no one can change over night but I was willing to try. Zell didn’t know the bitter bastard that everyone thought I was and that’s the way I wanted it to stay.

I’ve never loved someone before the whole thing’s new to me. One good thing about Monday is Zell is in all by one of my classes so I get to see him and drool over him all day. I had it bad for that boy.

After we kissed last night we went back to the dance floor and dance through almost every song, I liked holding him like that. He is such a chicken, when Selphie came looking for him he ran away dragging me with him. I spent the other half of the night hiding in the garden with Zell, I should I say making out in the garden with Zell.

We slept separately in our own beds. I wasn’t about to jump his bones even though I had done that with everyone else I’d been with. Zell was different he wasn’t just someone to fuck like Squall had been.

I threw back the covers and stood stretching my tired, stiff muscles. I needed a shower there was plenty of time before my first lesson. I paused at Zell’s door, I couldn’t hear any movement yet and I didn’t want him to be late. Gently I pushed open the door; the room was still door and the sun shone through the small gap in the curtains.

My eyes fell on the lump in the bed. I slowly walked closer; my eyes fixed on the blonde. He was wrapped in only a sheet; it had been hot last night. I sat on the edge of the bed, I could see his bare shoulders, I was just thinking of checking to see if he slept nude when he stirred slightly stretching his arms over his head. I expected him to wake but his body stilled again and he relaxed. I grinned, I could see his chest now, the sheet had fallen down to his stomach. I teasingly ran my fingers over the muscles in his arms and then his chest. I watched him twitch slightly, I did it again until he turned away from me, trying to ignore whatever it was that was disturbing his sleep. The clock read 7:30. As much as I didn’t want to wake him I knew I must.

“Zell.” I whispered in his ear. I kissed below his ear then worked a line across his cheek to his lips.

The blonde’s eyes fluttered open when my lips touched his. He smiled. “Hi.”

I grinned. “Morning.” I moved away slightly and lay down beside. “Sorry to wake you but it’s getting late.”

He glanced at the clock and groaned. He turned burrowing his head into my shoulder. “I don’t want to get up, I can’t we stay here?”

I raised an eyebrow. “We?”

“Yeah, you can’t just leave me here alone.” He wrapped his arms around my chest and his legs entwined with mine so it was hard to move.

I looked down at the clinging blonde and gingerly wrapped my arms around him. I did like, no I loved touching him but when all you think about is sex and there’s a cute little blonde clinging to you, what do you do? I know silly question but this was Zell, I didn’t want to do that yet, I didn’t want to ruin his innocence. I sighed; he doesn’t seem to realize what he does to me.

“I won’t be leaving you, cos you’re coming with me.” I pried him off me and stood up, holding a hand out to him. “Come on, get up.”

I sighed and decided to leave him there while I had a shower.

I shut the door behind me, testing the water with my fingers before I got in. I smirked, I bet by the time I get out Zell hasn’t moved. I’ll probably have to drag him out of bed. Interesting thought, usually I’m trying to drag people into bed. As soon as I’d washed the shampoo out of my hair I shut off the water and stepped out of the bathroom. I shivered as the cold air hit my skin.

Breakfast. I ran I hand through my hair slicking it back, ignoring the drips that ran down my body. Breakfast came before getting dry, I decided on proper food maybe it would encourage Zell to get out of bed. I was so into making the bacon, eggs and sausages that I didn’t hear the soft footsteps behind me and I jumped when arms slid around my waist. I could feel his naked chest against my back, his hands rubbed at the drips on my stomach.

“You’re all wet.”

“Yes, being in the shower does that.”

He playfully hit my side.

“Do you want some of this?”

I felt him nod against my back.

I handed his a plate. “After this get dressed.”

“Yes, mother.”

He yelped when I slapped him on the ass.

Mr. Mathers my maths teacher droned on and on about something. I wasn’t really listening. Zell was in my class making it hard to concrete. He sat in front and to the right of me. He didn’t seem to realize how sexy he was my eyes stayed fixed on him for the whole hour, someone must have noticed but that didn’t bother me they could all go to hell.

He glanced around a few times; maybe he could feel me watching him. My eyes scanned over his whole body, watching his every move. God, I wanted him badly. I wished it was my hands that were running over him and not my eyes, I mentally smacked myself for that comment. I needed self-control. I was always like this, first they were cute, then it changed to dead sexy, then I really wanted some of that. Except with Squall, but he was different, to me Squall was merely a walking, talking dildo. I wondered if that was all he was to Nida, somehow I doubted it.

I snapped out of it as Zell answered a question. He dithered over it for a few seconds trying the teacher patience but I thought it was cute. Mr. Mathers frowned at the blonde for thinking too much; I glared at the man. Call me over-protective but I never liked that weak, pathetic excuse for a human being. I yawned loudly and rested my head on the desk.

“Mr. Almasy, I’d appreciate it if you could try not to fall asleep in my lessons, although I understand that you’re an awfully busy during the night.”

I raised an eyebrow at him. Was he called me a slut?

“Sorry sir, but you’re soothing voice puts me to sleep.”

All eyes were on me, they liked a few jokes, anything to wake them from the comas that they had all lapsed into. Zell looked at me with amusement; the teacher was the only one that didn’t find it funny. He just glared at me and went back to his desk.

After our last class I walked down the hall with Zell, I waited until we were in the dorm section with few people around before I draped an arm around his shoulders. He didn’t shrug me off in fact he leaned into me. I liked him being affectionate but apart from that sex dream he told Quistis about he seemed to have any lust for me, he didn’t seem interested in going farther then making out which was VERY annoying.

When we got to our dorm, Zell stripped down to the waist and started to work out in our living room. I screamed and ran away into the bathroom for a very cold shower.

I could wait...right?

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