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Last Update 9.12.2005

Last warning for people who don't like yaoi/slash. If this is you, you can exit here.

Multi-chaptered fics galore! All the stories in this archive have at least one chapter; if you want more, email the author and get ready to grovel, 'kay? :) Of course, sometimes even that doesn't work...

Submissions: If you'd like to submit a fic for this archive (please? Pretty please please?), or know of a fic that falls into this category and isn't here (horror of horrors), drop us a line and we'll see about getting it here.

NOTE: These fanfics all have ratings and classifications for their content, so if you don't know them, go to the Glossary. If you have any other questions it doesn't clear up, please refer to the FAQ - your question just might be there, before contacting us.

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by Kuttner

[Summary] When the love of his life dies, how will Seifer cope?
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] R Deathfic | Angst
[Added] 5 April 2002
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 22 April 2002

Sacrifice - Chapter 1

Sacrifice - Chapter 2

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by Solaris

[Summary] After the final battle with Squall, Seifer thinks he's about to die, when he finds himself in an precarious situation. It seems that he's stuck in a world where he's stuck in Squall's shoes and Squall in his!
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] PG-13 AU POV | OOC
[Added] 3 October 2003
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 3 October 2003

Prologue - This Is My Fucked-up Story

Part 1 Ė Maybe I'm A Kitten

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by GlitterGirl

[Summary] Erstwhile rivals experience the pains of aftermath. Meeting on the roof one night, they find comfort in the common bond of suffering they share.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] R Lime Mild spoilers, angst, language, alcohol use
[Added] 17 April 2001

Scars: Seifer

Scars: Squall

Scars: Rooftops

Scars: Epilogue

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The Secret
by Kuttner

[Summary] Set shortly before the SeeD exam and featuring a stronger Zell discovering he has feelings for a very vulnerable Seifer...
[Pairing] Zell X Seifer
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Angst, mild spoilers, mild violence
[Added] 22 February 2002
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 22 February 2002

The Secret - Chapter 1

The Secret - Chapter 2

The Secret - Chapter 3

The Secret - Chapter 4

The Secret - Chapter 5

The Secret - Chapter 6

The Secret - Chapter 7

The Secret - Chapter 8

The Secret - Chapter 9

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Seifer's Little Secret
by fyre byrd

[Summary] What happens when Zell asks Squall a personal question which turns out to be even more personal than he could ever have imagined?
[Pairing] Seifer X Zell
[Warning] R Language, sexual suggestion, cross dressing
[Added] 10 August 2002

Seifer's Little Secret: Zell's Story

Seifer's Little Secret: Seifer's Story

Seifer's Little Secret: Zell and Seifer Collaborate

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Sentimental Brilliance
by Julie

[Summary] Enter a world where Seifer is an aloof workaholic in need of a maid. When all of his friends get the brilliant idea of getting him one, he flips out on whom they choose!
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] M15 AU | Mild language, mild angst
[Added] 18 May 2001
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 19 September 2001

Chapter 1 - Seifer needs a life, a maid, and an attitude change

Chapter 2 - Seifer STILL needs a life and an attitude change but now he has a maid

Chapter 3

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Shadows In Silence
by Rain

[Summary] Everyone wants the new boy, Seifer, in school - everyone except Squall...
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall, Irvine + Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon AU | Language, angst, OOC, drug use
[Added] 29 November 2004
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 29 November 2004

Shadows In Silence - Part 1

Shadows In Silence - Part 2

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by Mikata

[Summary] After the defeat of the Sorceress, things can't ever get back to the way they were. With new complications, Squall must rise to the challenge.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall, Rinoa + Zell, Selphie + Irvine
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Spoilers
[Added] 24 August 2003
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 9 December 2005

Shelter - Chapter 1

Shelter - Chapter 2

Shelter - Chapter 3 New

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Sins of the Living
by sexylyon

[Summary] When all you can see is the blood on your hands, what will it take it wash it away?
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] R Lemon Angst, language, violence
[Added] 2 December 2002
[Status] Work in Progress | Updated: 2 December 2002

Chapter 1 - walk in the garden

Chapter 2 - breakfast of champions

Chapter 3 - ice fishing

Chapter 4 - dreamscape

Chapter 5 - dinner at the OK Corral

Chapter 6 - reverend cowboy

Chapter 7 - soul train

Chapter 8 - auld lang syne

Chapter 9 - tea party

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Slipping Away
by Sniffles

[Summary] I haven't a clue...
[Pairing] Irvine X Squall
[Warning] M15 AU | Mild language
[Added] 14 November 2001
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 28 February 2003

Slipping Away - Prologue

Slipping Away - Chapter 1

Slipping Away - Chapter 2

Slipping Away - Chapter 3

Slipping Away - Chapter 4

Slipping Away - Chapter 5

Slipping Away - Chapter 6

Slipping Away - Chapter 7

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Soap Opera
by J. Marie

[Summary] Six months after the defeat of Ultimecia, Seifer rejoins SeeD, Squall takes his relationship further with Rinoa, despite his doubts and personal feelings, and Quistis learns to come out of her shell. Life has many twists and turns for these young heroes, and both love and hate face them at every turn... Features a straight pairing as well as yaoi!
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall, Kiros X Quistis
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Language, mild spoilers
[Added] 20 February 2001

Soap Opera - Chapter One

Soap Opera - Chapter Two

Soap Opera - Chapter Three

Soap Opera - Chapter Four

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Somewhat Damaged
by Scarlet Fever

[Summary] Seifer is mired in self doubts and insecurity, while life isn't exactly what Squall dreamt it would be.....
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall, Zell X Quistis
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Spoilers, angst, non-consensual, language, drug and alcohol use
[Added] 6 February 2001

Somewhat Damaged - Part 1

Somewhat Damaged - Part 2

Somewhat Damaged - Part 3

Somewhat Damaged - Part 4

Somewhat Damaged - Part 5

Somewhat Damaged - Part 6

Somewhat Damaged - Part 7

Somewhat Damaged - Part 8
Somewhat Damaged - Part 9

Somewhat Damaged - Part 10

Somewhat Damaged - Part 11

Somewhat Damaged - Part 12

Somewhat Damaged - Part 13

Somewhat Damaged - Part 14

Somewhat Damaged - Part 15

Somewhat Damaged - Part 16

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Soul of a Sinner
by Redrum

[Summary] Seifer arrives at his latest orphanage (having been kicked out of the last one for 'drawing undo attention to himself') shortly after Squall; a young man cursed to eternal loneliness. Squall would be perfectly content to remain alone in his curse, but Seifer has other ideas.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon AU | Supernatural themes
[Added] 29 November 2004

Chapter 1 - Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen

Chapter 2 - You are going to like me! You are going to like me!

Chapter 3 - Did it work?

Chapter 4 - It's a start

Chapter 5 - Something's lurking in the shadows

Chapter 6 - Judgement Day

Chapter 7 - I'm so confused

Chapter 8 - Happily ever after and a bit of kinky sex

story divider

by Sukunami

[Summary] Seifer returns to B Garden with vision issues.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Deathfic-ish | Mild language, mild violence, mild spoilers
[Added] 28 February 2003

Split - Part 1

Split - Part 2

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New Squall Almasy New
by Takira

[Summary] Set 6 years after the second Sorceress War, Squall has been promoted to headmaster of Balamb Garden and has allowed Seifer to return to his SeeD training on the condition that he behaves himself. Several of the original gang have gone their separate ways but still consider Garden to be their home. Feelings blossom between the two rivals and, paying no heed to reputation or what hearts may be broken along the way, sends both men around the world in search of each other.
[Pairing] Squall X Seifer
[Warning] M15+ Citrus Humour POV | Language, mild angst, alcohol use, mild spoilers
[Added] 9 December 2005
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 9 December 2005

Squall Almasy - Chapter 1

Squall Almasy - Chapter 2

Squall Almasy - Chapter 3

Squall Almasy - Chapter 4

Squall Almasy - Chapter 5

Squall Almasy - Chapter 6

Squall Almasy - Chapter 7

Squall Almasy - Chapter 8

Squall Almasy - Chapter 9

Squall Almasy - Chapter 10

Squall Almasy - Chapter 11

Squall Almasy - Chapter 12

Squall Almasy - Chapter 13

story divider

Starry Night
by Keishi

[Summary] Squall and Irvine spend some time together on a chilly starlit night.
[Pairing] Squall X Irvine
[Warning] PG Pre-Slash WAFF
[Added] 25 December 2003
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 22 May 2004

Starry Night - Chapter 1

Starry Night - Chapter 2

Starry Night - Chapter 3

story divider

by Yuri Nigasa

[Summary] In the wake of the Ultimecia Incident, Seifer has been brought back to Garden forcibly. Squall must decide what to do with him, but discovers something he never expected in an encoded file.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Angst, language, spoilers
[Added] 18 June 2002 | Revised: 24 August 2003
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 24 August 2003

Stealth - Chapter 1

Stealth - Chapter 2

Stealth - Chapter 3

Stealth - Chapter 4

Stealth - Chapter 5

Stealth - Chapter 6

Stealth - Chapter 7

Stealth - Chapter 8

Stealth - Chapter 9

Stealth - Chapter 10

Stealth - Chapter 11

Stealth - Chapter 12
Stealth - Chapter 13

Stealth - Chapter 14

Stealth - Chapter 15

Stealth - Chapter 16

Stealth - Chapter 17

Stealth - Chapter 18

Stealth - Chapter 19

Stealth - Chapter 20

Stealth - Chapter 21

Stealth - Chapter 22

Stealth - Chapter 23

Stealth - Chapter 24

story divider

by The Wandering Englishman

[Summary] What is given, can also be taken away....
[Pairing] Laguna X Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon AU | Incest, OOCness, some violence, mild non-consensual
[Added] 22 May 2004 | Completed: 29 April 2005

Chapter 1 - The Cage

Chapter 2 - Lost

Chapter 3 - Fade to White

Chapter 4 - The Fallen

Chapter 5 - End to Innocence

Chapter 6 - Etched

Chapter 7 - Moment of Clarity

Chapter 8 - Scarred

Chapter 9 - The Enemy Within

Chapter 10 - Breathe

Chapter 11 - Pressure

Chapter 12 - Coming Up Roses

Chapter 13 - Second Comings

Chapter 14 - Now and Then

Chapter 15 - Dark Symphony

Chapter 16 - All in Wait

Chapter 17 - Already Dead

Chapter 18 - Conscience of the King

Chapter 19 - Dreams are made of this

Chapter 20 - Fire from Ice

Chapter 21 - The Ties That Bind

Chapter 22 - Fear of Falling

Chapter 23 - Angels Fall First

Chapter 24 - Where the Heart is

Chapter 25 - One Step Forward...

Chapter 26 - The Other

Chapter 27 - Prey

Chapter 28 - Father's Day

Chapter 29 - Past Mistakes

Chapter 30 - Eternity in Yesterday

Chapter 31 - Homecoming Dance

Chapter 32 - Epilogue: One Voice

story divider

The Stray
by Jeremy Chapter

[Summary] Squall forsakes garden, or, more appropriately, everyone else forsakes Squall.
[Pairing] Orthodox
[Warning] PG-13 Angst
[Added] 30 April 2001
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 30 April 2001

Part One - The Highway

story divider

by Sniffles

[Summary] Laguna tries to tell Kiros how he feels.
[Pairing] Kiros X Laguna, Seifer X Laguna
[Warning] M15 Language, mild spoilers
[Added] 9 March 2001

Stupify - Prologue

Stupify - Chapter 1

Stupify - Chapter 2

Stupify - Chapter 3

Stupify - Chapter 4

Stupify - Chapter 5

Stupify - Chapter 6
Stupify - Chapter 7

Stupify - Chapter 8

Stupify - Chapter 9

Stupify - Chapter 10

Stupify - Chapter 11

Stupify - Epilogue

story divider

Sugar High
by Hecate's Brat

[Summary] Squall gets sugar high. He sorta canít remember what happened that evening, and retraces his steps.
[Pairing] Squall X Zell, Nida X Squall, Seifer X Squall X Irvine, Squall X Laguna
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Humour POV PWP | Light alcohol use, light BDSM, incest, mild language, OOC
[Added] 29 April 2005

Sugar High - Part 1

Sugar High - Part 2

Sugar High - Part 3

Sugar High - Part 4

Sugar High - Part 5


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