If Walls Could Talk

Chapter 2 - Never-Never Land

By Redrum

I was slowly losing my patience and hope. It had been five long weeks since I brought Squall into the infirmary, and things didn't look too good. He was still as pale as a ghost, but at least his lips had lost their blue tinge. He was still breathing, but it looked pained.

Making another trip to the infirmary (that would be a count of three now) I was surprised to see the activity that greeted me. Medical students were running around taking orders from an excited doctor. And the action appeared to involve Squall. //Oh god, please don't let him be dead.// Running past an angry doctor I raced into Squall's room, my breath coming fast and I was close to unwanted tears.

Entering the room I was met with the sound of pained moans, and a sight that almost made my heart lift at finally being able to see him awake. Though pained he was.

Squall was lying in the fetal position and he looked terribly hurt. He was convulsing as he tried to hold back the cries, but low moans of anguish still reached my ears. Kneeling by his bead I cradled him the best I could without actually going onto the bed, in fear of crushing him. His convulsing stopped, but the moans did not cease. I held him tighter as he began to cry. It pained me deeply to know I couldn't do anything but hold him. Oh, how I wish I could take his place and take away the pain he must be feeling right now.

A question still rested on the tip of my tongue, though I was too afraid to ask. In fear of knowing what caused him to do it? I can say I honestly don't know. But I figured the best time to ask him was when his defenses where done, and I'd say now would be my best bet to get a straight answer, and an honest one at that.

"Squall-" When I had finally got the nerve to ask him Doctor.K came in and demanded for me to leave her patient alone until she got a chance to check him over, and to wait until he was well rested. Normally I would have rebuked and stayed but I knew better then to cross Doctor.K, so I whispered a promise to be back in his ear, and I left the room. My body was taught to show that his awakening didn't affect me, just like nothing else should either. But when I got to my dorm room I was so exhausted from hiding my pain, that I had no time to think about Squall as my head hit the pillow and I was in Never-Never Land in no time.

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