I Love To Hate You

Part 4

By Purple Penguin

"Welcome." The computer greeted as he switched it on and dropped into the high backed leather chair. The Seed uniform hung on the wardrobe door handle but he still could not believe it. One month had pasted since Zell had left Seifer in Dollet, they led separate lives now. He had pasted the Seed exam with Selphie, Carrie, Squall and Nida. All of them pasted first time with flying colours. He was sure Seifer was happy for him though the emails usually had some form of taunting and teasing in them. They had been emailing each other everyday since he got back but he hadnít breathed a word of it to anyone that Seifer was a live in Dollet, his lover had made it clear that he didnít want anyone to know, he was happy just being a farm hand and though Zell teased him over it he didnít want anyone to jeopardize his new life. Zell knew if he told Raijin and Fujin they would want their friend back at garden when that was impossible.

"You have email." The computer told him. He grinned, clicking on the little email icon that flashed up.

Zell grinned, clicking on it. 4 new emails. He flicked through them. Enlarge you penis advert, buy Viagra, see guys do horses? He wrinkled his nose and deleted them, clicking on the one from Seifer.

Hey again,

How are Raijin and Fujin?

Whatís happening here? Um- we got a new horse, I know what youíre thinking but itís a real big horse.

So anyway how the hell did you get to be a Seed before me? Whoíd you have to fuck to get that? Wasnít Cid was it? If it was donít tell me.

Zell made a face, some things never change though what else could Seifer talk about in emails? Besides this way he had plenty of time to think of a good comeback. Zell has told Seifer about Squall who he had pasted the exam with, he had talked to him some, or at least talked at him. Selphie felt sorry for him but Fujin didnít seemed to like the guy.

Awww, chickie making friends with Mr. Pretty boy, heís cute huh? Bet youíd love to hot and naked with him. Well donít bother guyís just a walking statue. Trust me Iíve tried to be nice but it wonít get you anywhere. Anyway Iíve-err-got to okay.


Zell clicked the reply button.

Yeah I know youíre idea of being nice, didnít he like you putting your hand down his pants? Oh shame. Youíre only nice if you want something and everybody knows it. Me and Squall? Eww!

We had our first Seed mission and it was so cool, little strange though. A simple mission helping these resistance parties in Timber but then the strangest thing happened there was this woman, like with old clothes and really bad hair and she came said a bunch of stuff and then left with Squall and no not in that way. Okay I have to go and-

There was a knock at the door, Zell stopped typing looking up at the door as someone started to knock continuously. "ZELL!" The knocking still went on.

"What?!" He yelled back.

"Come on the headmaster wants all of us Seeds in his office now!"

The little blonde jumped up to get the door. Selphie was forever saying Ďus Seedsí showing how proud she was that the three of them had made it. Zell shut down the pc and opened the door before Selphie self combusted from bouncing up and down too much.

"What is it?"

She beamed at him. "Dunno but miss tre- err- I mean Quisty-"

Zell rolled his eyes, Miss Trepe wasnít an instructor anymore she was a normal Seed just like them and Selphie had been hanging around with the ex-instructor he didnít know if the blonde had been willing or not sometimes it was hard to escape Selphie. So now it was Quisty and Selphie had started to call him Zelly much to his cringe. Carrie teased him too, she was glad her name already ended in a Ďeeí sound so she was safe.

"-told me there was an emergency call we got from-someone." She stopped and frowned. "I forget who it was from nowÖ Iím just so excited!"

He rolled his eyes. "Letís go then, before the emergency ends without us."

She grinned and run round in circle, the blonde gave her a shove in the right direction. They got to the lift to meet Carrie. "Zell isnít this great?" The petite girl stood next to Selphie both of them bobbing on their heels excitedly.

The blonde rolled his eyes pushing them both into the lift and pressed the button.

When the doors opened there were a few other Seeds standing outside the headmasterís room and Cid stood in the doorway waiting for them. Quistis, Xu and Nida were the familiar faces among the Seeds present.

"Weíve received a distress call from Dollet, Galbadian soldiers have broken down defences there and ransacked the town. The mayor is requesting assistance."

Dollet? Seifer. The little blonde thought he kept quiet though, no one was supposed to know.

"Where are Raijin and Fujin?"

Everyone looked blankly at each other.

"Okay theyíll have to catch up, theyíve just volunteered to deal with protecting and rescuing the public." He smiled and the others smirked, knowing they were in the clear of the boring job.

"I need one more person to help them though." The room went silent.

Zell rolled his eyes. "Iíll do it."

Everyone looked at him, surprised and relieved that they were in the clear. The headmaster was a little surprised but he nodded.

It gave him a cover for when he went to find Seifer.

Dollet was a mess, Galbadian soldiers were everywhere and people ran in every direction hysterically. Fujin ran up the main street and Raijin headed up the docks. The little blonde followed the path up to where he remembered the farm was that Seifer worked at. A blue uniformed soldier ran down the hill, Zell easily took him off then ran up the hill to the farm. The gate was open. Not a good sign. He heard a whimper. The owner sat slumped against the wall, he held his stomach tightly to stop the flow of blood from a stab wound.

"Curaga." The little blonde whispered.

The man looked up confused but grateful as his wound healed enough to escape. The Seed knelt to help the man to his feet and he watched the man ran awkwardly down the hill.

Zell turned and ran through the farm gate and round to the back fields, the nearer he got the more he noticed the smell of burning. He turned into the main fields and thick, black smoke clouded his vision and he choked for a moment as it hit the back of his throat. A figure ran out of the smoke, a soldier. Zell ducked the blade that was aimed at his head and swiftly killed the other man. A couple figures fought in the smoke, Zell ran towards them as one of them fell to the ground and the other spun round and aimed a punch at Zellís head the little Seed grabbed the fist and threw the larger man to the ground, holding him by the throat. The manís face now close enough to see.


"Seifer!" He let the blonde up.

"What are you doing here?"

"I was looking for you, we got a distress call from the mayor." He stopped to cough. "Letís get out of here." He picked up a discarded blade from the ground and handed it to Seifer. "Here."

The other man took it and nodded.

The two blondes ran down the hill together taking several guards on the way. "Weíre got to get the civilians out!" Zell yelled to his lover. He started to head towards the main town when Seifer stopped him.


"What for? Thereís no time!"

"I live here remember? I know where theyíll go!" He grabbed the little blondeís arm and pulled him towards an old alley way and the back of a building. He kicked in the back door and marched inside, he kicked open the door to the basement.

"Seifer, what-?"

"Thereís an old shelter down here left over from the sorceressí war." He started followed but stopped when Zell went to follow him.

"Stay here!" He told Zell and took a few steps into the basement. "Mr- Emile?!" He called into the silence.

"Thereís no one here Seifer."

"Shh, and donĎt call me that in public." He told the little blonde and walked down to the end of the stairs, the turned the corner and a rifle was pointed at him.

Zell stood on his toes to try and see what was happening.

"Itís me!"


"Yeah, we have to get out of here, Balamb garden has come to help us. Come on there are ships at the dock."

Zell watched as a young girl at maybe 15 or 16 was placed into Seiferís arms. The seed frowned as she threw her arms around Seiferís neck and he smiled. The other people rounded the corner and stood on the stairs. There are at least 20 of them and the guy at the front who was about late 50s pointed the rifle at the little blonde.

He held his hands up. "Whoa, itís okay Iím a Seed here to help."

The man looked suspicious. "Arenít you a little short to be a Seed?"

Zell frowned and Seifer laughed. "Itís okay, I know the short-ass here and yeah he is a Seed believe it or not." The taller man still had the girl in his arms and walked up to Zell.

"Lead the way."

The group followed him all the way to the docks where they ran onto one of the ships, Seifer was going to follow with the girl when someone touched his arm. "SEIFER?!"

The red headed girl in Seiferís arms stared in fear at the one eyed albino that shouted at them.


"Youíre alive?" She whispered.

"He lives here in Dollet-or he used to." Zell put in.

The scary girl turned on Zell. "You knew?!"

"Err-Maybe." He held his arms over his head as she glared at him. "Please donít hurt me!" She started to bitch slap him.

Seifer laughed. "Fujin!"

She stopped, looking over at him.

"I told him not to tell anyone, Sorry." He shrugged.

That single red eye glared at the red headed girl. "Whoís that?"

The green- eyed girl clung tighter to Seifer under the gaze.

"This is Casey, Casey this is Fujin and Zell."

The little blonde smiled and nodded at her and she returned it then glanced warily at the albino.

Quistis and the other Seeds arrived and the blonde ex-instructor shooed everyone onto the ships. "Weíre getting out of here no-" She stared at the blonde ex-gunblader.


"Long story."

She nodded. "Right, you can explain later, but we left now!" She hurried everyone abroad the ship.

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