Notes: Ok the last chapter was the end but everyone keeps asking for a sequel or more chapters, donít you people know what complete means? Anyway hereís another chapter and now I have no idea how to finish this so Iím open for suggestions.

This starts with Zell in garden explaining what happened so far and it works up to the end of the last chapter when Seifer sees him again. Warning: Lemony end to the chapter. M/M sex. They havenít seen each other for months so what do you expect? Iím not too good at hot sex scenes so I went and read lots of Rain stories first, tell me what you think.

I Love To Hate You

Part 3

By Purple Penguin

The punch bag swung back away from him, a pair of hands stilled itís movement. He wiped his sweaty forehead on his arm and hurried over to where the phone rang franticly.


"Zell, seed practice exam tomorrow."

"Yeah I hadnít forgotten Fu."

Over the months after Seiferís death the posse had become friends with Zell and his mates, which was strange but the albino wasnít as scary as he thought she was. She missed Seifer that much was obvious and though she was never that keen on being a seed she did it for Seifer now as it was his dream. Zell still hung out with Selphie and Carrie and sometimes the five of them would go out together, which looked really odd. They had near seven foot tall Raijin with a muscled body but the intelligence of a dead fish, short Fujin with few muscles, grey/white hair, angry red eyes who could put you in a coma. Zell could probably also put you in a coma but he was damn friendly, Selphie and Carrie, both short bouncy, annoying and very loud. Zell had pictures of the five of them at the docks in Balamb, Raijin and Fujin were trying to teach them to fish. There was photo of the terrible twins as Zell called them hugging a scared looking Raijin and a picture of Fujin trying to smile, her lips only just turned up looking more pained than anything else.

"Selphie said we should have a group revision thing."

The blonde chuckled. "Is this how she said it?"

"No but Iím not going to repeat that itís painful."

He bit his lip. "Oh you know you want to join in."

"If I ever start skipping or hugging people promise me youíll put me out of my misery and shoot me."

He chuckled. "Okay are we doing this thing tonight?"

"Yeah in my dorm." She sighed, sounded defeated.

Zell was glad that Fujin could speak normally otherwise phone calls would take forever. "This exam will be easy, we have practice tomorrow, going to the back of Dollet where the farmers live." He groaned. "I donít see the point in that, we look around find nothing hear all these instructions about our mission that we could have heard here in the warm, dry garden."

She tsked him. "Youíre not even a Seed yet, quite your whining."

She hung up and he rolled his eyes. She still hadnít mastered the goodbye thing before hanging up. Working out made him hungry, the little blonde pulled on a shirt and hurried down the hall.

"Hotdogs, hotdogs, hotdogs." He chanted.

He tripped in the corridor an glared at the foot that had tripped him, a group of wannabe Seifers laughed at him and grinned. Zell rolled his eyes and jogged onto the cafeteria. It wasnít the same without Seifer suddenly everyone was trying their hand at the bad-ass bully thing, it was annoying. Most of them thought he looked like a nice target though at least he never got beaten up after the first time someone tried that and he put them in the infirmary, which had made him feel strangely proud.

He awoke with a groan, someone was hammering on the door.

"Zell! Come on! Farming mission today! Get your ass out of bed!" Selphie just barged straight on into his dorm.

He sat up quickly and pulled the sheets up to hold them over his crotch. "SELPHIE!"

"What? Come on! Half an hour!" She paused and looked at him . "Ooh are you naked? You sleep naked! Got a secret boyfriend I donít know about?"


She shook her head and patted his knee. "You need to get laid."

He just stared at her in shock for a second. "Selphie can you just leave so I can have a shower and get dressed and have breakfast?"

"Okay, 28 minutes though now." She skipped towards the door and he collapsed again into the sheets.

The instructors walked back and forth in front of 100 cadets who were all lined up on the docks of Balamb. Zell ran up quietly and snuck in the back to stand next to iceberg guy who looked at him blankly. The male instructor paused to glare at him before continuing. The instructors droned on about searching the farm land for secret Galbadian equipment or soldiers. The mission would take two days and one night, Zell groaned he knew what that meant sleeping on a hard ground in the freezing night, all the seeds, instructors and top cadets got the best places by the fires. The group were split into smaller groups and bundled into boats, as usually as if they did it on purpose Zell was split off from his friends and ended up in a small boat sitting next to iceberg guy and opposite Trepie 7 and 19. He was desperate to get out by the time that got there, the silence was too much to take someone like Zell and when he asked them to say something to fill the silence is was so much worse there was only so much you could say about Miss Trepe. He fell to the back of the group as they walked through boring dirt tracks, past boring trees, boring fields of cattle and sheep.

"Zell? Zell! Hello?"

He shook his head, looking up at a pissed looking instructor Trepe. "Huh, oh sorry instructor."

The woman rolled her eyes. "Go check out that farm up there."

"Where?" He looked up and up and up. Why did he always get the shitty jobs? That farm was up the highest hill in the whole town. He sighed. "Yes Instructor Trepe."

He jogged up the hill, he swore those instructors were always just trying to wear him out so they didnít have to put up with him later. A middle aged man saw him approach the farm house and walked up to him. "You one of them Seed guys?"

"Err- Yeah."

He pointed behind him to a back field where two other figures stood hidden by the glare of the sun. "Iíll not have you lot snooping round here unsupervised, one of them will show you around." The man paused to give him an annoyed look before heading into the house.

Zell walked in the direction the man had pointed, wondering how much this guy would watch him, how was he supposed to do his job with some idiot looking over his shoulder. One of the two figures was right beside him now he was young with mousy hair that hung a couple of inches over the tops of his ears. "Hey there, Atoki will show you around." He pointed to the other tall figure who had now moved out of the glare of the sun and moving towards him.

Atoki? That name sounded familiar. He glanced up at the tall man and froze. The dying sun reflected off that golden familiar hair, he was shirtless and sweating, familiar smirk on his lips.

The other man stopped beside Zell and frowned. "Are you okay? You look like youíve seen a ghost."

The blonde glanced between the stranger and his ghost several times. "Err- Y-Yeah Iím fine."

The stranger walked away and only when he was gone did Zell step forward towards the taller blonde. He gritted his teeth and gave the asshole a hard shove. "You bastard! We thought you were dead! What are you doing here?! And why Atoki?!

Seifer grinned that familiar grin. "Sorry to disappoint you chickie, I told you I wanted to get out of garden, free of the rules and live my own life, well I did it, got a job, apartment and wages coming in. Itís Atoki now cos Seiferís dead, heís a Seed and Iím not."

"So youíre- What? A farmhand?"

"Yeah, itís okay pays the rent and itís hard work not just a cushy office job or something like that." He started to walk away. "Come on you can search the place while we talk, Mr. Abbison really doesnít like you lot being here and Iíll done for the day as soon as I escort you off his property."

"Wow he really donít like visitors does he?"

Seifer laughed.

The little blonde watched a drop of sweat drip down Seiferís hot glistening torso, it made his mind think of not so innocent things.

"Well? Zell? Hello?"

"Huh?" He snapped out of it, realizing that Seifer had said something to him.

"Hey I know Iím a sex god but canít you keep your eyes off me for five seconds."

The little blonde glared. "Shut up Seifer!"

"I said howís Raijin and Fujin? Anything changed since I left?"

"Err- theyíre good and mates with me now, the five of us hang out together. Fujin misses you, she doesnít say it but I know she does."

"Wait Fujin willing hangs out with you and your pixie friends?"

"Hey donít call them that! And yeah we get on well, though I think Raijinís a little scared of Selphie and Carrie. Oh and there are so many wannabe Seifers around now."

The taller man laughed. "Wannabe Seifers?"

"Yeah they try to the be the bad-ass bully but theyíre all rubbish."

"They bully you chickie."

Zell grinned with pride. "I beat one of them up so they donít bother me no more."

"Wow little Chickie all grown up." He ruffled Zellís hair.

"Get off you ass!"

"Anything else changed? Instructor wet cloth still fawning over the ice princess?"

"Yeah she should give up, heís so clearly gay."

The taller blonde raised an eyebrow. "And how would you know Chickie? Been busy without me?"

"I wish but no I donít know for sure but he just has to be, no one that hot can be straight."

Seifer laughed again.

One quick search of the farm later and the two blondes headed down the hill towards.

"So you have an apartment here?"

"Well itís more of a cottage really?"

"Cottage? You live in a cottage?" He chuckled.


"Does it have ivy round the door and dollies that sit in a rocking chair?"

"Shut up Chickie, Iíll show you if you want."

"Okay, Iím not dying to get back to the boring mission to look around boring farms."

"Hey I work on a boring farm!"

"Sorry." He mumbled.

Seifer pointed out a single cottage and they headed towards it. "Wow there is a little ivy around the door."

"That was there when I moved in."

"Yeah, yeah whatever Seifer."

The larger man snorted and let them in. Zell stared at the decent sized living room, a black leather sofa sat opposite a fire place, a leather armchair sat facing the TV, the furniture was darkly strained, the dark blue curtains were open to light up the room. Everything had itís place, there was no clutter on the floor or on the cabinets.

"Wow itís soÖ organized, tidy, clean."

Seifer chuckled. "Yeah well Iím Atoki now remember?"

"So basically youíre the opposite of who you were before?"

"Yeah I guess."

"So does that mean youíre a lousy fuck now too?"

Seifer grinned. "Chickie are you saying you think Iím good in bed?"

Zell blushed. "What? No!"

He laughed again and shook his head.

"It was a joke you ass!"

Seifer continued to laugh.

"Oh shut up Seifer!"

"You want a beer?"

"Err- okay." Zell followed Seifer into the kitchen, which was just as neat with a kitchen table which sort of sat between the kitchen units and the living room.

"This is so not the sort of house I imagined you having."

"Maybe you donít know me so well then."

"I know you."

"Only physically." The blonde smirked.

Zell blushed all the way down his neck as well as his cheeks. Seifer grinned, taking a swig of his drink before setting it on the counter. "Did you miss me chickie? Cos I missed you, at least I missed that tight little ass of yours." He smirked, taking the bottle from Zellís hand and placing it beside his own and pulled the little blonde closer by the collar of his shirt. Zell placed his palm on the naked skin of his loverís chest.

Seifer grinned and caught his loverís lips in his own, the kiss was far from gentle, they ate at each otherís mouths. Seiferís hand moved up into Zellís hair gripping it in a fist, tugging his head up. Zellís fingers curled against Seiferís chest digging in, leaving little half moon shape shapes. The taller man fumbled with his loverís belt and Zell almost tripped over as his pants fell down his legs to pool at his ankles. Zell arched his neck as a hot mouth attacked his throat and hands disappeared under the waistband of his boxers, squeezing his ass and running over his tight hole. He moaned moving his hips to bring his hardness into contact with Seiferís. His lover growled slightly, pushing his shirt off Zellís shoulders as the little blonde stepped out of pants leaving him in only a pair of white boxers.

Seifer smirked. "Youíre so fucking hot!"

The tall blonde backed his lover up until his legs hit the wooden kitchen.

"Donít you eat at this thing?"

"Shut the fuck up Chickie!" He cupped the bulge at the front of Zellís boxers and attacked a nipple with his mouth, teeth nipping lightly, hard enough to sting but not hard enough to left any damage.

Zell frowned at Seifer still buckled jeans. "Youíre wearing too many clothes."

Seiferís hand ran down the front of his jeans undoing them, taking Zellís hands in his own, placing them on the waistband of his jeans. The little blonde pushed them down and went down with them so he was on his knees looking up as Seifer hard cock sprang free of its confines. His hands gripped his loverís thighs and he leaned up to licked the head of Seiferís erection, hands cupping heavy balls. The tall blonde hissed looking down and watching Zell kneel before him touching him with his hands, lips and tongue.

Zell slid his tongue up the length of Seiferís sex and he opened his mouth to take the thick length inside. Seifer moaned, hands moving into his loverís hair and he forced his eyes to stay open so he could watch that hot mouth slid up and down his hard cock. Chickie was so damn good at this. He felt briefly jealous when he thought of his Zelly practicing with someone else when he was back at garden. It made him angry to think that someone else got to fuck chickie. He gripped the blonde hair in his hand and thrust back into Zellís hot mouth, feeling himself get close to the edge, he pulled back at the last second, panting. He was going to go get some lube but fuck it he was too horny to care instead he offered his fingers to the little blonde to suck. Zell could take it. He pulled his fingers back from his lover, watching him brace himself on the wooden table with feet flat on the floor, legs spread, hands gripping the end, leaning on it heavily.

"Seifer hurry the fuck up!"

"Temper, temper chickie." He slid one wet finger into Zellís tight channel, then add another wet digit, scissoring them to stretch his little lover, stroking him from the inside and coating him in his own saliva. He quickly removed the fingers, not wanting to wait anymore, gripping the other manís hips and sliding his hard cock into his lover in one slow but firm thrust forwards he paused when he was buried to the hilt. The smaller man gripped the edges of the table in pleasure and pain. Seifer out half way carefully then thrust back in a little harder this thing Zell pushed back into him and moaned.

"Fuck me!" He groaned out.

Seifer was more than happy to obey, pulling out almost all the way to thrust in harshly, starting rough rhythm, his lover arched his back and thrust back into him. He angled his thrusts and hit Zellís sweet spot causing him to cry out. He reached round to stroke his lover in time to his own thrusts. Seifer came a second before Zell, coating Zellís insides with his cum. The little blonde came almost straight after, covered Seiferís fingers.

The two blondes sunk to the floor, leaning back on the table legs, panting to catch their breath.

"That was amazing." He mumbled.

Seifer smirked. "You werenít so bad yourself Chickie."



Notes: I did start to read this through and check the spelling and stuff but Itís new yearís so I have to go vacuum the stairs.

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