Sections with names are presented in the character's POV. Not all of the sections are in specific POV. Most are narrative.

Semi Comedy, Semi Romance, Semi Angsty.....blah blah blah....has bits of other stuff...Lemon *cough* (Not until the later parts you hentais..)

Warnings - YAOI-YAOI-YAOI!!! Angst, Rape-not done by Seifer, Flashbacks, Mushiness, tiny amount of Laguna bashing- done by Seifer, Lots of lusting- done by Seifer, Rinoa bashing- done by everyone....

Most of the characters spend the entire story just wondering what the hell is going on.


Part Four

By Sodoshiin

"Eat my dust, Kinneas!!!!" Selphie howled as she jetted past the tiny blue "Pepsi" go-gart that the tall cowboy was strapped into. Her little green one was going full speed as she turned the corner, missing the guardrail by inches. "This is the best birthday present I ever HAD!!!!"

She felt herself swerving and growled as Seifer budged past her, taking her spot in third place behind Fujin and Squall, who was way ahead. She huffed as Irvine passed her again. "Hey! Have some pity, it's my birthday!"

Zell remained almost a lap behind everyone else. "This go-cart sucks! I want my money back!"

Seifer gripped the tight little steering wheel, just coming behind Fujin who was head to tearing after Squall like there was no tomorrow. He'd passed Zell again which put him almost one forth of the track ahead of Fujin, who was gaining on him.

Seifer bumped her from behind, causing her to look over the little seat and smirk at him. "NO!"

He bumped her again. "Come on! One side of the track or the other Fu!" He noted that Irvine was stuck behind him, trying to get around them both.

Irvine huffed and bumped at Fujin, who was closer. She eeped as the blows from both corners behind her thwarted her attempt to turn.

Seifer tore into second place, but second was losing and he wasn't about to lose. "I'm coming to GEEEET you Squall!"

He pulled up beside the red go-cart and bumped lightly. Squall grinned at him and bumped back.

Even at play they were rivals.

The man near the booth waved the white flag, signaling there was only one lap left.

"Get outta my way, Leonhart!" Seifer taunted playfully. "You don't really think you WIN do you?"

"Whatever!" Squall replied and sped forward.

"Hey! That's not fair! You got the fast one!" The blonde whined.

"You just have to know how to use it!" Squall shouted back before laughing. "Come on Seifer, I need some competition here!"

Seifer screeched over the next curve in the track and tried to go faster, pressing his foot against the gas as hard as he could. After a few seconds he noticed Squall wasn't breaking around turns.

"So, THAT'S how you do it!" He chided. "You're lucky you don't ram into the guard rails!"

Squall turned briefly and arched his eyebrows. "I'm talented! Come on Seifer," he winked. "you're not trying to LET me win are you?!"

No, Seifer thought, a feral smile crossing his lips, I'll beat you, Squall. I'll show you who's better....

He focused on the back of Squall's head and drove toward it, speeding around curve after curve until he was driving next to the other. Neither one dared a look off the road, both eyes were focused on the little white line only one curve ahead. Both feet pressed the pedal to the floor, hands gripping the steering wheel so hard it began to hurt. The little white line drew closer, and closer, and closer...Seifer's teeth gritted as the man at the edge brought the checkered flag up, ready to drop it. He was head to head with Squall. It was win or lose, if he lost this to Squall he'd be a loser and he was no loser. And then it was over-

"I can't believe Selphie beat us!" Seifer laughed, shaking his head as he straightened his blue silk long sleeve shirt, trying to decide how many buttons to leave undone from the neck.

"I didn't even realize she passed Irvine." Squall replied from his bedroom. Seifer heard the door open and bare footsteps come toward him. "Okay, black or white?"

Seifer turned, his breath choking as Squall held both shirts up to him, clad only in a pair of his leather pants. His eyes traveled down the leanly built chest and abdomen before he noticed the young man was waiting patiently.

God! Don't STARE at him when he's LOOKING!

"With those pants?" The blonde asked, trying to put an excuse for his scan. "The white one. Or better yet. Do you still have that dark gray stone washed T? You know, the one that looks like it has those black compressed zebra stripes on it? That would look good too." He spoke quickly, blinking rapidly.

Squall looked at both shirts and shrugged. "That's a good idea." then he traveled back into his room to raid his closet.

Seifer let out an almost whimpery sigh and turned back toward the mirror, trying to control himself before his needs became physically apparent.

Man, I HAVE to get out of this house soon...

The club was on the same side of town as Squall's apartment. The Dragon's Den. Seifer looked at the crowded streets on this side of the city and immediately liked it. It was cleaner, and looked like more fun. He glanced over at Squall, eyes dancing over the shirt he'd help pick out and cursed himself. It accented everything from the waist up. And the pants did the same from the waist down. Seifer could feel saliva gathering under his tongue.

Down boy.

It had taken Seifer nearly ten minutes to decide that two buttons were efficient and fastened the rest. His necklace lay just under the collar, the silver medallion the only thing showing through just above the V of his collarbone. He tapped his finger against the material of his black pants and cast another look over at Squall.

"So, how old is she now?" Seifer asked, starting to light a cigarette.

"Twenty four." Squall replied, tossing him a disapproving look. "Scary huh?"

"Wow...Selphie...the big two-four..."

"We're getting old." Squall sighed. "Here we are." He searched for a parking space, finding one and began to get out. Seifer stopped him, pulling him back in. "What?" He looked back, sitting down in his seat.

Seifer rubbed the back of his neck. "I-I just wanted to say thanks...for everything..." Seifer said. "I really like staying at your place."

"I like having you around." Squall assured him. "It's no trouble at all."

"I'm probably gonna be moving out soon so I just wanted to tell you." the blonde told him.

"Where to?"

"I haven't decided yet."

"I could pull some strings and get you an apartment near mine." The brunet offered.

Seifer smiled. "That would be awesome."

"Well, we'd better go in. I told them we'd be there at nine and it's nine thirty." Squall eyed him. "You and your hair...."

They got out of the car and headed for the club.

I don't want to leave him, Seifer thought to himself. I want to stay with him forever but I don't think he'd appreciate it all the much.

God Seifer, you're getting too attached to him. I know you just found him again but come on already, it's not like you'll never see him again... He tilted his head as Squall led the way inside.

His eyes rolled up.

Damn he has a nice ass....

"There you two are!" Selphie huffed. "You're late!"

"Seifer had to do his hair. Blame him." Squall said, gesturing over his shoulder at the taller young man.

"Oh sue me..." Seifer replied.

"What do you want to drink?" Zell asked. "I'm going up to get something."

"Beer." Squall chirped.

"I'll steal some of his." Seifer added.

"Squall has to dance with me!" Selphie sang, pulling Squall onto his feet. "Right now!"

"I just got here." He laughed.

"That's not MY fault." She told him. "Come on, humor the birthday girl."

Squall tossed Seifer and exasperated look before he was pulled into the crowd.

Seifer smirked and shook his head.

"Okay, what's going on with you and Squall?" Quistis asked quietly so the others didn't hear.

Seifer glanced up at her. "What are you talking about?"

"Please, you're practically making googily eyes at him." She said.

His face quirked. "I am not."

"Are too." she folded her arms over her chest. "Come on Seifer. You're not falling for him are you?"

"Of course not!" he whispered loudly, feeling his face flush slightly. "We're just friends."

She sighed. "Look. Just don't intimidate him okay? He's been through a lot."

"I would never-" he blinked. "You know about that?"

She nodded. "For a while I was the only one who did...."

"Selphie, you're nuts." Squall shook his head as he came back.

"Oh come on!" Selphie stomped after him. "It's my birthday."

"What does she want?" Seifer asked as Squall sat down beside him.

"You two have to dance." Selphie chirped, gesturing to the two former rivals. "And I don't mean just sway your hips until it's over. I want a serious bump and grind."

"You need to get laid." Squall sighed. "Isn't Irvine giving you any?"

Selphie slapped his chest.

Seifer arched his eyebrows. "What'll you give us if we do it?"

Selphie threw her hands on her hips. "It's my birthday! I don't need to give you anything!" She paused then sighed. "Twenty Gil each...."

"Make it thirty and we'll talk." Seifer told her.

Squall smirked and shook his head.

"Fine, thirty." she pulled them out of their seats and pushed them out on the dance floor just as Nine Inch Nails "Closer" came on. "Now go out and have fun. And nothing G rated!"

The two rolled their eyes and made their way onto the crowd.

Squall stopped Seifer as soon as they were in the midst of the people and smirked. "I've never done this with a guy before."

"You don't know how often I hear that." Seifer winked at him.

"Why did you agree to this anyway?" Squall tilted his head at him.

'Cause this is the only way I get to touch you and not get the shit beat out of me for it.... Seifer shrugged. "It's better just to humor her. Just pretend I'm Quistis."

Squall laughed, almost evilly. "Fine, but you're taller so you lead." He wrapped his arms around Seifer's neck, waiting for Seifer. And continued to wait.. "Come on."

"Are you really okay with this?" Seifer asked, unsure.

"You CAN dance right?" the brunet smiled.

"It's just been a while." Seifer told him.

Squall sighed, smiling. "Just put your hands on my hips and follow me."

"So, how long do you think it'll be before they decide to come back?" Quistis asked, looking to Fujin.

The gray haired girl sighed. "I give them thirty seconds, a minute at the most."

"I can't see dammit!" Selphie stomped her foot. "For all we know they could be at the bar waiting until the song's over!"

Zell sighed with relief. "I hope. I don't want to be the only straight guy in the group."

"Just because they dance together doesn't mean they're gay, Zell." Quistis assured him.

"Oh my GOD!!!" Selphie cooed excitedly, hopping up and down. "I just pictured them having sex!"

"Selphie!" Quistis made a sound of disgust then thought for a moment before a blush went over her face. "That would be kinda hot wouldn't it...."

Fujin flushed.

"Are Irvine and me the only one's who aren't thinking that?" Zell rolled his eyes.

"I wanna fuck you like an animal!" Irvine sang, headbanging violently. "I wanna feel you from the inside! You get me closer to GOD!"

Zell sweatdropped. "I hate bein' me sometimes..."

Fujin laughed, wrapping her arms around his waist. "Oh, don't say that. Then you wouldn't have such a beautiful girlfriend."

Zell laughed, planting a kiss on her cheek before groping her, grinning stupidly when she fwacked him over the head.

"Not in public." she scolded.

"Hey Selphie, you wanna know-" Quistis paused. "What's wrong."

"Huwawawa....." Selphie slurred, pointing out into the dance crowd.

Quistis gulped and Zell's jaw dropped.

The two young men were dancing so close together that it was hard to tell them apart.

Seifer's legs enclosed Squall's as he held the brunet around the waist, his hands traveling lower then back up. Squall kept his arms around Seifer's neck, pulling his face down so it was only breath away from his own. Their eyes stayed locked together, lips smirking as their hips continued to move.

"God, it looks like they're having SEX...." Quistis muttered, holding her hand over her nose to make sure it didn't start bleeding.

"Somebody help me..." Zell whined into Fujin's shoulder. "I need some new friends!"

Irvine tilted his head. "....they look like they're having fun...Hey Zell!"

Zell shook his head frantically, hiding behind Fujin. "No way in HELL Kinneas! You're not turning ME gay!"

Squall glanced over at the group and smirked. "I think they like it."

Seifer huffed. "Well I hope so or we might not get payed."

"Well," Squall grinned. "I have an idea to make sure there aren't any doubts....but you have to go along with it for it to work."

Seifer laughed lightly as Squall, trying not to laugh himself, began to pull Seifer's face down.

"Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me.." Selphie sang, hopping up and down happily. "Still not sixty Gil worth tho-"

Her voice stopped as she watched Seifer and Squall's lips meet, open mouthed, hips still moving together. She could barely make out the fine lines of tongue before her view was obscured by lip and cheek.

"Holy fuck!" Fujin's jaw dropped to the floor. "They're not-"

"They are!" Irvine blinked.

Selphie had fainted.

Fujin and Quistis tore onto the dance floor as soon as the song stopped, filling the already noisy room with hoots of appraisal and laughter.

"That was so hot!" Quistis sang pulling Squall away. Seifer's hands fell limply from the brunet's sides as the body was dragged away from him. Their shocked eyes remained locked until Quistis turned the young man and started to walk him to the bar.

Seifer followed, dimly aware that he was moving and less aware that Fujin was beside him.

Irvine had managed to get Selphie to come to as they walked up. "That was definitely with sixty Gil."

Squall just patted her on the head, smiling lightly. "Happy birthday Selphie."

She beamed.

"So are you happy now?" Quistis asked, nudging her.

"I'll give you a hundred gil a piece if I can watch you two make out. A thousand if I can watch you have sex and ten thousand if I can tape it." She spouted, hooking her arm around Squall's arm.

"You know, the sad thing is, you're probably serious." Quistis laughed.

Fujin saw the blank look on Seifer's face, the way Squall was trying not to look at him, and tugged on the blonde's arm. "I'm going for some air, come with me."

Seifer needed the cold air, it was too hot in his clothes. He looked up at the star filled sky and rubbed the back of his neck. What the hell's wrong with me?

"What happened in there?" Fujin asked, leaning against the wall beside him.

"We did that just to get Selphie to shut up for the night." Seifer shrugged. "No big deal."

"No, I mean after that." she folded her arms over her chest. "The way you two were looking at one another I could have sworn there was something else. You looked like deer caught in headlights." She looked a him. "Do you wanna talk about it?"

Seifer shrugged. "I don't know what there is to talk about....It's just weird because of all that happened....I mean, we just started being friends again....I don't want to hurt him or anything....I'm probably just trying too hard."

Fujin smiled. "Maybe you're in love with him...."

He eyed her, swalloing nervously at the same time. "And what brought you to THAT brilliant conclusion?"

"Little things." she shrugged. "I notice them more because I know you better." Her eyes turned serious. "The fact is Seifer, whatever you're feeling, you'd better be damn sure of it before you make the biggest mistake of your life. Either hurting him when you don't really want him or letting him go when you do. And remember, you're the one who's going back home with him tonight."

Seifer just looked at her, his eyes giving away everything. Her eyes smiled at him, understanding. "I don't want to hurt him Fu..."

"Well," she sighed, smiling. "It's up to you to decide what you're going to do..." She patted him on the shoulder. "I hope you make the right choice."

He looked up at the sky, at the bright moon that hung overhead.

So do I...

Seifer could help the antsiness he felt during the drive home. The ride was unnervingly quiet. He dared a few glances over at Squall who seemed to be concentrating fully on the road before him.

He thought about his words with Fujin and sighed. Trying to decide what exactly he was feeling was harder than he thought.

The silence began to get to Seifer to the point where he leaned forward and turned the radio on. He spent a few moments shuffling through stations before he landed on some Aerosmith and leaned back in his chair.

At the least the car wasn't quiet even though the two people in it remained so.


Things started to go like they had the first day I'd come to Squall's place. Things were uncomfortable, quiet. Both of us spent the whole day at work, came home, hardly said a word to one another and went to bed. Days went by like that. I hated the silent treatment, it was almost as uncomfortable as the fact that something had happened between us.

I knew he felt it or it wouldn't have been that big of a deal.

I went to bed thinking about it. It kept me up most of the night.

Maybe it reminded him of what had happened to him when he was little...

This thought scared me shitless. I didn't want to be associated with that any more than I already was. It scared me because there really wasn't anything I could do about it.

It hurt because I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable around me. I wanted him as my friend again. I wanted to pal around with him. I wanted to touch him and hold him and watch him while he slept.

"God, I AM in love with him aren't I...." I muttered to myself one night almost a week and a half later...almost a month after I'd moved in.

I was completely, utterly, impossibly, horribly in love with Squall.

And he wasn't talking to me.


I noticed something was wrong with him as soon as he walked into the room. He'd been that way for the past few days. Kinda jumpy, trying to keep busy. Keep his mind off something.

I figured he and Michael had had a little spout or something. Two people living under the same roof can be difficult sometimes. I'm glad he finally got a roommate though, it's good for him to have someone around. I worry about him. Hell, I'm his father. I wish I could be there for him all the time, but I just can't.

I wonder what goes on inside his head sometimes. There's ALWAYS something going on. The gears are always turning. He's a bright kid. A hell of a lot smarter than I am. I know I'm not an idiot or anything (contrary to popular belief) but I know that some of the things I have to do are way out of my league. That's where my moral support group comes in. Fujin, Squall, Kiros, Ward and a few others keep me on my feet, preventing me from falling on my ass.

I can tell when something's wrong with them.

And something was definitely wrong with Squall.

I wanted to go over and talk to him, but that damn directive group kept talking to me.

I hated meetings.

I hated politicians.

I needed a vacation.

We all did.

Zell burst into my office and bounced around him, excitedly inviting him to a bash they were holding down at a club. Apparently no one else wanted to go or was too busy.

Squall agreed.

I was glad he was at least getting out.


I was sitting on the couch when the phone rang. I looked at the clock, wondering who the hell would be calling at midnight and picked up the receiver.



I blinked. "Squall.

"Yeah... Look, are you busy?"

I looked down at my old t-shirt and jeans, my bedclothes, and the tub of popcorn on my lap. The rented movie was still going. Some action thriller that had done horrible in the box office. I hadn't seen it before, and I was only about a half an hour into it, but I hated it already.

"Not really. Why?"

"Could you to pick me up...."

I pushed the mute button and sat up straight, setting the bowl of popcorn on the coffee table. My eyes turned to slits. "Is everything alright?"

His voice muffled, as if he was looking over his shoulder. "Someone laced Zell's beer with something. We're in the lounge of the Dragon's Den. We walked so the car's still at the apartment. Can you come and get us?"

"Yeah." I tried to hide my concern, knowing there was something he wasn't telling me from the strange tone in his voice. "I'll be there in a few minutes. Keep Zell conscious."

"Too late."

I let out a sigh, standing to pace. "Okay, then just stay at the bar, within sight of the bartender. I'll be there soon." When I hung up I knew I was being overprotective of him. But considering what had happened to me at the ot her club, and the fact that the ones responsible had seen Squall there helping me, unnerved me. I was scared.

I grabbed the car keys and my jacket and headed out the door.

The drive lasted a hell of a lot longer than I would have liked. Most likely because of the fact that I was trying to speed and everyone around me was going the stupid goddamned speed limit. My heart was going a mile a minute as I sped past a little gray station wagon. I was doing that thing again, the thing where I worry about Squall more than I probably should. I know he can take care of himself but it felt like that night all over again. The one where I remembered....When I heard him screaming.

The club came into view, and I growled a little, seeing Squall in the parking lot, waiting for me. Zell was leaning on him, unconscious. His face lightened in relief when he saw the black sportscar coming toward him. I stopped a few feet away and climbed out.

"I thought I told you to wait inside." I told him, partially angry with him.

He watched as I set Zell down in the backseat. "Thanks for coming to get us."

I glanced back at him. "Don't worry about it." We both got into the car and headed for Zell's place. "Do you think he'll he be okay there?"

Squall nodded. "Yeah, Fujin'll probably be there."

I looked over at him as he glanced out the window. We dropped Zell off with Fujin and headed back to the apartment.

The car didn't seem to like that idea.

Halfway through the city it decided to run out of gas.

I groaned. "Dammit. Don't you ever fill this thing up?"

"I was going to do it first thing in the morning." He opened the passenger door and looked around. "We're closer to my place. We can call a tow from there."

I smacked the steering wheel and then got out, making sure to put the car alarm on.

Squall had already begun to walk down the street, his arms folded over his chest. I jogged to catch up with him, handing him the car keys. "So...what happened?"

He looked at me funny. "We ran out of gas."

I stopped walking, giving him a look. "At the club."

His face darkened. "Oh." He looked at his feet. "Some chick asked me to dance with her and when I got back Zell was passed out at our table."

"Someone laced his drink?" I shook my head. "Why?"

"He was drinking my beer when I looked over to see if he was still around." Squall replied, much to my dislike. "Someone laced MY drink."

I felt my blood begin to boil. "Did you see anyone? Did Zell? Who gave you the beer?"

"No, no, and the bartender." he told me. "And yes, I feel fine, so don't worry." He glanced up as a drop of water bounced of his shoulder and sighed. "Great."

"Don't worry?!" I yelled, throwing my hands up, stopping him in midstep. "What do you MEAN don't worry?! Someone was trying to drug you! And what do you think would have happened then?! They would have dragged you off somewhere and-" I stopped, we both knew where the conversation was heading and I didn't want to bring that up. Besides, the people on the street were starting to look at us funny. I rubbed my forehead, feeling rain start to fall. He was biting the inside of his lip, refusing to look at me. I sighed. "I was worried as hell."

He looked at me, blinking. "You were?" A crack of thunder shook overhead and the rain turned into a downfall. He threw his arm over his eyes. People scattered to find someplace dry to go.

I stopped my scolding and scanned around frantically for some kind of shelter. Seeing a suitable answer I readied myself to run for it.

I looked back at Squall, surprised to see that he was just standing there, his face pointed up, his eyes closed, letting the rain fall on him. His clothes were starting to soak and his hair was already plastered to his face but he didn't move. In fact, he looked almost happy...

I watched him for a second more before he let out a deep, content sigh, the corners of his lips curving slightly upward.

Another thunderclap rang off and I threw an arm around him, leading him toward the awning of a closed department store. The rain pelted down on us mercilessly, drenching us before we made it.

Squall stood between me and the store entrance, completely soaked, water dripping from his nose. I looked over my shoulder at the emptying streets as another strike of lightning lit everything. I looked back at him, seeing he was shivering and pulled off my jacket, wrapping it around him.

"Thanks." he muttered. "God, where did THAT come from."

"That lovely Esthar weather." I muttered.

He laughed lightly, pulling the jacket around him tighter. "What about you?"

"My clothes are dry." I assured him. "You're the one who got soaked because you never wear a jacket."

"They cramp my style." he laughed lightly before shivering again.

I put an arm around him, feeling him move closer to me, to the warmth. Burying his head against my chest I put both arms around him, a crash of thunder sounding overhead. "What were you doing anyway? Were you just gonna stand there?" I chided lightly, letting him snuggle even closer.

I felt him shrug. "It felt good. We used to play in the rain all the time. We loved it."

I gave him a light squeeze and rested my chin on his head. "You're cold."

"I'll be okay." I heard him laugh quietly.

The rain continued as we stood in silence.

He moved slightly so the jacket covered my arms and shoulders as well and folded his arms between out chests to keep with warm before he buried his head against me.

"Thanks." I muttered.

I felt his eyelashes fluttered against the nape of my neck as he glanced up at me. The small brush against my damp skin sent shivers down my spine, clearly felt by him.

"Are you okay?" He asked, moving his head back so he could look up at me. His blue gray eyes were concerned as he scanned over my face.

I nodded, meeting his gaze, locking onto it. "Yeah, I'm...." I stared into the cloudy pools, which seemed so clear suddenly. And was I thought I saw there made me freeze with surprise. "....I'm..." My words were caught in my throat when I felt him move nearer, standing on his tiptoes to reach me because I was still so much taller than he was. My heart was beating a mile a minute when his lips brushed against mine.

It was a small, tentative movement. He was hesitant, hovering just a breathe away from my face, unsure of how I would react. I could feel his pulse racing everywhere my body rested against his and knew he was probably terrified. I was silent, still, not sure of how to react, not wanting to scare him away, and he grew bold again. He kept his arms at his sides as he locked his lips against mine, as if he was afraid any other contact would break the hold he had on me.

To be perfectly honest, I was a little scared too. But I was in my glory, and when he moved away again I was carefully pulling him back into yet another kiss, this time with my arms squeezing him slightly around the waist. This time HE seemed surprised, his arms still hanging loosely on either side of him as I moved on hand to his face, running it gently down one soft cheek, brushing my tongue against his rose petal lips, pleading for access.

Hesitantly, he allowed it. I explored carefully, holding the back of his head lightly, the tips of my fingers stroking the nape of his neck encouraging him without pushing. I didn't want to push. I'd take whatever he was willing to give.

I felt him sink slightly, his legs briefly unable to hold his weight and braced him with my other hand, pressing him against me for leverage as my tongue danced against his.

I was breathing deeply, inhaling the scent of the rain and him. Memorizing the textures of him, his mouth, his skin, his hair. I wanted to open my eyes to see him but it seemed as if they wouldn't allow it, as if it was some hazy dream that I would wake up from and find myself on the couch in my pajama's with a bowl of spilled popcorn on the floor and Squall in his room, still not talking to me.

In the midst of my thoughts I felt Squall's arms go around my neck and lost all brain function completely. He was responding just as I was, arching his neck as much as he could, or as much as I would allow him with my hand holding him, to press more completely against me. I didn't need him hurting himself, on the other hand the thought of giving him massages for an achy neck didn't turn me off at all.

He made a light sound in his throat and pulled himself closer with the hold he had around my neck. I lifted him slightly so he was on the very tips of his toes, surprised at how light he was. And feeling his soaked body under my arms and against me I realized how much smaller than me he was. He was physically strong and always had held an aura of strength and dominance, but now that I was touching him he just seemed so small and delicate.

It's not a word you usually associate with Squall and it didn't exactly describe him, but the only better word I could think of was beautiful. And that really won't tell you much.

"Hold on there boy, give the girl some air." a voice called. Squall's mouth jumped away from mine and he slid back to the ground. He sighed with relief, seeing no danger, his arms going around my waist as mine went over his shoulders. I looked over my shoulder to see a little old lady, smiling at us, shaking off her umbrella as the rain stopped. Squall looked around my arm and smiled, shaking his head.

The lady patted his cheek. "Now isn't that much better deary?"

I chuckled to myself, blushing a little and kissed the top of his head.

"I think you can go now. The rain's stopped." The old woman laughed, nodding her head. She pointed a finger at me. "You take that nice young lady home and get her all dried up and in bed so she doesn't catch cold."

I held back another laugh. "Will do."

She seemed happy with that and went back on her merry way, her shoes splashing against the damp sidewalk.

After she was gone Squall and I burst into laughter.

He folded his arms over his chest. "I don't look THAT much like a chick..."

I chuckled and planted a light kiss on his lips. "Come on, have a promise to keep. Let's get you home."

I started to move but he stopped me with a firm hug, resting his head against my chest and giving me a tight squeeze.

"What's this for?" I asked, running a hand up and down his back.

I felt him shrug but he still didn't let me go.

And that said more than any words he could have.

The couple left, walking down the street, the taller with his arm protectively around the smaller.

The figure in the car across the street watched with a wary eye.

Things weren't going according to plan.

The boss wasn't going to like this.

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