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In the Name of Gods


By Sasha Petalinkar

The last Sorceress waited.

Soon he would come, drawn from the maelstom of time compression. Soon he would come to her. And soon she would be able to leave this doomed planet. But she had to wait for him first. She could not leave without her Knight.

She was pleased with one destined to be her Knight. He was young, but powerful.Beatyful and deadly. A legend in her time. Destroyer of Eshatar, Slayer of Accursed SeeDs.

She was grateful that at last her knight was to come. She was so agonisingly alone. Humans were scarce in this last days, and besides all feared her. Hyne's Gift mutated her flesh until she no longer resembled human. But that only showed that she was no longer weakling mortal, but the goddes. And goddes deserved legandary White Knight.

For moment she thought of the Legendary One. A knight of the Sorceress Ultimecia, who as tried to achive immortality by consuming all time. In the send she has only managed her own death and creation of Ultimate Knight. A young man tossed outside the stream of time, serving the worthy Sorceress of all ages, himself timeless and immortal. Existing both within and without the stream of time. And soon he will come to her.

There was no flash, no swirling of colours, no unleased magical enerigies. One moment there was empty space and next there was him, Eternal Knight, standing in his long white trechcoat, gunblade by his hand. His age appeared to be seventeen or eighteen years but his eyes were poverful and ancient. Skin of his face was pale, and his features were regal and yet in the same time soft and beatiful. His lips were parted in smirk of absute arogance and disdain to all living things. The Sorceress could feal his power burning like bonfire, potent and hungry.

"My Lady," Seifer said, his tone of voice both respectful and mocking in the same time. "When am I?"

"At the end of this world. Sun turns into nova, as it is the fate of all stars," she answered him, "Will you be my Knight?"

"But of course, My Lady," he replied, "I serve descendants of great Hyne. That is my destiny. My romantic dream." Sarcasam was barely hidden in his worlds. Then he continued in normal tone of voice, "But you have said the end of the world is near. Then perhaps it would be prudent to leave. I could survive the inferno this planet is to become. Fire and I are old friends, but you, My Lady, are bit more fragile."

She ignored his behavior. She knew that his arogance is well based, and while he had proven his worth thousand times under the services of her predecesors, she was to him only another child of Hyne. Perhaps someone powerful, or perhaps a weakling and a traitor.

"The ship is ready. And so are the crio chambers," she said, "I know that time means little to you, but beaing alone of the space ship for several centuries, as our trip would last, would be exstremly booring."

"You are right, my Lady," he calmly replied, "But we go, I have one question for you."

"Yes, my Knight."

"What is your name, my Lady?"


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