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"I'm Not Just a Sniper....."

Part Three

By Domino

"Irvine, I'm getting such praise for your work. I'm so proud of you!" Madame Darlene kissed her youngest worker on the cheek, leaving a stain of raspberry chiffon on his soft skin. "You're learning so fast.... and you're growing up so quickly too....."

"I'm not that old, Ms. Darlene. I'm only fifteen," Irvine smiled as he tipped his black cowboy hat, a gift from a generous customer.

"But man.... I'm havin' fun!"

"I'm glad you do, Irvine..... because I have a special date planned for you," Darlene's tone became slightly somber, as if she knew she was about to lose something very precious within Irvine.

"Listen to me closely...... it's up to you whether or not to take the job....... I have a young man who wants a date..... his name's "Desmond".. and he's only eighteen....."

Irvine shrugged, "So? I've dated eighteen-year-old men."

Darlene began to sob slightly. "He wants a virgin........ I told him I couldn't promise anything, but....."

"I'm ready....."

"Irvine, I don't want you to throw something like this away this easily." Darlene hugged the young escort tight. "You're only fifteen...."

"Ms. Darlene, I know you're worried... but I'd like to take the job...," Irvine smiled sweetly.

"Irvine.... but I... Oh, why do I bother? When your mind's made up," Darlene hugged Irvine tight. "Be careful, Irvy...."

Irvine waited in front of the train station for the man named "Desmond". A lithe, almost beautiful young man placed his hand on Irvine's shoulder. His hair was dark brown, matching his chocolate brown eyes. He perused Irvine's frame, "You're... gorgeous... The agency didn't exaggerate your description one bit...."

"Wow.....," Irvine blushed, "th.. thanks...."

"You're welcome..... You want to... go to the hotel...?" Desmond asked politely.

"Sure...." Irvine walked next to the young man. They soon arrived at the Galbadia Hotel, the only five-star hotel in Deling City. "Damn...." Irvine gawked, I..... I've never been here...."

"It's really expensive.... But thanks to Mommy and Daddy's plastic I can afford it. Plus I wanted tonight to be perfect..."

Desmond smiled. He brought Irvine to his room and shut the door. He opened a bottle of wine, "Care for some, Irvine?"

"Er... no... thank you..." Irvine sat down on the bed, removing his outer coat.

Desmond poured himself some wine, "You look like a cowboy, Irvine. Is that your trademark?"

Irvine blushed as he sits up, "Um.... no.... I'm just Irvine."

"You make a sexy cowboy if you ask me....." Desmond drank the wine in one gulp before joining Irvine on the large bed. "A dreamy cowboy...." He kisses Irvine with wine-drunk lips. Slowly he lay the younger boy down on the soft mattress, popping the buttons on his dress shirt. Large hands slid into the shirt, fondling Irvine's boyish chest. Desmond's fingers pinched the boy's nipples, "You're.. so soft... and untouched....."

Irvine breathed heavily, "Feels... good...."

"Hmmm..... Just how old are you...?"


"Can't be. You look much younger."

"How old do you think I am?"

"Sixteen. Maybe seventeen. But it doesn't really matter."

"Your hands... Mmmmm.....," Irvine breathed while he attempted to change the subject.

"I'm glad you like it, Irvine....." Desmond began to work on Irvine's tight jeans.

The denim slid down the boy's legs, "Desmond.... please... be gentle....." Irvine whispered nervously.

"(Gods.... he is a virgin..... Heh.....)" Desmond smiled, "I will... And call me 'Des'. Only my snotty parents call me... Des-mond, ugh."

Irvine gulped hard when reality finally set in. He was about to lose his virginity to a total stranger. "Lie on your stomach, cowboy. And wait for the fun to begin...." Des taunted. Irvine plopped down on his stomach. He heard a zipper unfasten and something very hard began to caress the crack of his backside. "Does this feel good, my young whore....?"

"(Whore....?!)" Irvine began to sweat. He cried to himself, realizing that he was about to cross a serious line. "Yeah... Feels warm..." He responds with a waivering voice. "Good boy," Des expels his breath as he rams his length deep into Irvine's body. All Irvine felt was an incredible pain. He almost literally stuffed his mouth with a nearby pillow so he could silence his scream, "(Oh, gods... It hurts!)"

"Ooohh.... Poor Irvine... You're bleeding....." Des cooed sarcastically as he traced a finger around Irvine's now stretched entrance, coating it with blood. He brought it to his mouth, "So sweet.... The virgin's blood...."

"Do you..... like it....?"

"Yes......" Des then took out a small blade and knicked his escort on the neck. He leaned over and began to lick the small cut.

The pain almost overwhelmed Irvine, but the whole act only lasted about ten minutes. Des cleaned the escort up after disengaging, stuffing the boy's pay into his pocket, and literally tossing him out of the hotel room.

"Until we meet again, my delicious Galbadian savory...." those words haunted the boy as he walked out of the hotel. "(That guy was so sick......)" he thought while rubbing a small gash on the side of his neck. "(He liked to... drink blood.... Is this how all my other clients will treat me...?)" He pulled his overcoat tighter around him, "(But it felt.... painful.. but so... good....)"


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