Seifer's Little Secret

Seifer's Story

By fyre byrd

I was more than shocked when Zell caught me at reading my romance novel. It was disarming to be finally discovered at my dirty secret little pleasure. I thought for sure that the little spikey haired guy would put two and two together now, but then, he never was very good at math. The teasing jabs about Zell having the hots for me, when added to the fact that I read romances would have seemed to clearly spell only one thing. It seemed fairly obvious to me and then Zell made me promise to dress up like a woman. I thought for sure that he's caught on then, but it seemed that it was for some end of his own, which was interesting. I almost thought for a moment that Zell had guessed somehow that I'd cross dressed before, but one look in those big pure innocent blue eyes told me that it wasn't so.

Yes, I, Seifer Almasy, have worn a skirt before. At first it had been a gag, Hallowe'en parties where I knew it'd be a laugh for me, the big tough guy to dress like a cute little chick. It was all the more funny because I could never really pull it off convincingly with my big shoulders and all. Later on, I'd found I was attracted to men and I actually enjoyed dressing up for some of my boyfriends. They seemed to get a real thrill out of it. For Zell though, it had to be special. I'd wanted that little runt for as long as I?d taunted and teased him. I didn't know it from the start, but it dawned on me fairly quickly that I only teased him because I liked him. Well, even if nothing came of this evening I was determined not to let him laugh at me too hard. After speaking to Zell that evening I sped over to Balamb and bought myself an outfit. I already had the shoes and make up from before, but I got some gold nail polish too. I hardly slept all night and I was on edge Friday morning until Zell came and went with his reports. Then my real preparations could begin.

I smiled now at Zell's discomfort as he ate the pasta primavera I'd carefully prepared between alterations to my appearance.

"There's a lot of things you don't know about me," I told Zell in response to his surprised remark about dinner.

"I'm beginning to see that," he replied and I wished that we were sitting across from each other so that I could see what expression he'd been wearing when he said it. Well, maybe there'd be time for that later. I contented myself for the time being with making Zell as uncomfortable as possible by brushing against him accidentally while I poured him some more wine.

"Have some, Better than Sex?" I asked casually, as I noted that Zell's plate was empty.

"Wh . . . what?" the blonde choked out, nearly spitting out wine. I stifled a laugh and explained.

"Better Than Sex, it's the name of the recipe for a type of pie, chocolate mostly." I slid off of my stool and opened the fridge, bending over to retrieve dessert from a low shelf. When I turned back Zell's mouth was hanging open again. It kept giving me ideas when he did that. I smiled and fixed us both a piece of pie, handing Zell's across the counter to him. I decided to eat standing up so I could watch Zell across the counter. The blue-eyed vixen was licking his fork in an entirely indecent way that was making my knees weak.

"So, do you think it's really better than sex?" Zell asked me suddenly. I blinked and paused mid-chew to consider.

"Mmm well, what do you think?"

Blue eyes grew mischievous. "Well, it's really good Seifer. I still can't believe you can can cook this well, but it's not as good as sex all the same."

"I agree completely," I said, smiling ferally. I started collecting plates, but was accosted by Zell halfway through.

"Let me," he said, grabbing my arm and guiding me back to my stool. "I'll do the dishes since you made dinner." It was nice of the guy, seeing as how he was supposed to be torturing me right now. As Zell placed the last dish in the drying rack he turned to me, "now for the fulfillment of our bargain," he said.

I frowned, hoping that Zell didn't intend to make a complete fool out of me now. I supposed that I deserved it for all of the times I'd teased him. Zell always took it personally, even if it was just my way of talking to people. I never even bothered to give the time of day to people I didn't care about. If I teased you, it meant you were worth my while. I guess I could have made it a little clearer by being courteous, but that just wasn't my style.

"Well, what do you want from me, Chicken Wuss?" I asked. "I've been trying to behave differently all evening."

"And I enjoyed it," Zell said, "although I kind of missed the old Seifer a little, but we agreed you'd act out a scene from your book." He produced it from a pocket of his jeans.

"Okay, I'll do what you say," I said resignedly. "Just give me the book back after and promise not to tell anyone."

"Exactly," Zell agreed still smiling warmly.

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